Anwar released on personal bond; mention on 10 Sept


Reports of massive traffic jams around the court area this morning. Hundreds of police in the vicinity of the court. Two hundred reformasi supporters also present.

Anwar pleaded not guilty to a charge of consensual sodomy at the Sessions Court and the Judge – to her credit – has agreed to release him on a RM20,000 personal bond without surety.

The mention has been fixed for 10 Sept – a week before the 16 Sept deadline!

Meanwhile, check out these documents on Malaysia Today, a report and statutory declaration purportedly written by Dr Osman of Hospital Pusrawi. The plot thickens – or should I say unravels.

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Old Timer

Where is the evidence for a prima facie case? All I see is just an allegation by Saiful. Is the the basis for the charge? Where’s the proof?

Damn! Anyone can now slander anyone and cause them unjustified and unnecessary problems. Even when there is a solid and credible alibi. Is this the concept of Abdullah’s “justice”?

Reforms? Excuse me if I am a cynic now. Excuse me if my opinion or perception have changed now, Mr Abdullah.

Anak Malaysia

This is a very emotional moment for me when I read the above. The last time I felt like this was on the night of 8 March 2008. I find today another historic moment in motion towards a new Malaysia for all Malaysians. Another positive exciting period to relive in the name of democracy.


Dr M first came out with this great idea of destroying his political opponent by charging him with sodomy. Now his successors are doing the same thing. If we don’t put a stop to it immediately, every dirty politician from now until eternity will be using this trick to put down his competitor.

Then Malaysia will really be stuck in s***!

Phua Kai Lit

Hi Anil I have some bright ideas to promote government efficiency in Malaysia: Set up a “BN University” with the following departments and schools: a. Medical school with a “Department of Anal Anatomy and Anal Pathology” (the aim is to train Malaysian experts in detection of sexual assault/nonconsensual sodomy since its prevalence seems to be so high in this country) b. Law school to train legal staff who can achieve high conviction rates quickly (the aim is to have legal staff who will not drag things out and waste tax payer money) c. Journalism school to train reporters and mass… Read more »


The chances of Anwar probably winning in PP is 60%. Although now chinese community said the previous candidate did not make any developments in PP. I wonder if he wins will the PP be developed or just be abandon which the place is only used as an platform for him to pursue to become the PM after influencing the MP’s in the parliament?

Burung Tiong

What I cannot understand is Saiful’s complaint is of forcible sodomy by another. Yet the charge against DSAI is one of consensual sodomy. As both offenders were not caught committing the act red handed by the police and only Saiful a*** has been probe and further, that there is no self confession by the offenders,how on earth can the AG prefer a charge under 377(b) of the penal code? It would have been logical if the charge under 377(c) is preferred and when the evidence shows that there was consensual sex againsat the order of nature, then an amendment be… Read more »


As we see the first sodomy victim to give that many press statements…


Saiful is not charged and is under police protection. Now, this sounds less ominous to be protecting a fellow ‘law breaker’.

I think Anwar will win being in PP this time.

And my sympathy to those caught in the traffic jam. seemed that our police have one answer to all situations. They even block the road to the airport. Even after the court proceeding, the police still maintain the curfew. Is Klang valley a police state now?


Where’s the f*** is this … saiful??? Why wasnt he charge??


Thanks for the link, Anil.

Notice that the charge is made under 377B, which is sodomy with consent, and it is a single charge, as opposed to the multiple “throw a stone at a crowd” charges before.

This raises questions as to the character and motives of the accuser, does it not?


Q1. Altantuya was killed and blown to bits. (Fact or Fiction) Altantuya dibunuh dan diletupkan berkecai. (Fakta atau Rekaan) Q2. Sodomy is as evil as murder. (True or False) Sodomi sejahat Membunuh. (Betul atau Salah) Q3. Anyone accused are innocent until proven guilty. (True or False) Si tertuduh adalah tidak bersalah/berdosa sahingga dibuktikan. (Betul atau Salah) Q4. Statutory Declarations and Police reports can be made to fool people. (True or False) Pengakuan “Statutory” dan Laporan Polis boleh dibuat oleh untuk mengelirukan orang. (Betul atau Salah) Q5. Anyman or woman will swear on his religion or beliefs to save his/her own… Read more »


The charge is under Penal code that covers “consenual sex”. One wonders why Saiful wasn’t charged if that was the case? And it was only yesterday when Dollah said Sinful was raped. As you said, the plot unravels rather than thickening because there was no thick line to cover their shenanigans in the first place.


I did not expect that the case allow bailout. Totally unexpected. Now the government is playing fair games with DSAI. Thats so kind of the authorities. Maybe the government is showing to the public that they are dealing with the case in a professional and a fair to DSAI.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil

If the two documents are genuine (especially the SD),
all of us should salute this brave doctor.
He upheld the honour of the medical profession and all
health professionals in Malaysia!

Ah Singh

at least the magistrate got some otak lah. how the prosecution is going to convince the court that anwar did sodomise saifool is going to be very interesting.
this umno jokers just dont get it. heh heh heh