Anwar: Why is MH370 cargo manifest a national secret?


Why is the MH370 cargo manifest a secret, even to search-and-rescue partners? That is the question on the minds of many Malaysians. And that non-disclosure has fuelled all kinds of theories.

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The cargo manifest is a secret – (were) they … transporting illegal funds out of the country(?) This is talks among (certain) pilots. The secrecy sure lends credibility to the theory.


yuk lo, they said the submarines for wartime but when najib purchased the submarines it was sais
for search n rescue.

during war time they will tell you the submarines are for rescue and search.

the 53% are very familiar with their antics but it is very sad the 47% are brain dead.

Yuk Lo

Hishammuddin should also give further explanation why our two Scorpene submarines could not participate in the multi-national Search and Rescue/Recovery (SAR) for the missing MAS Boeing 777.


Rich Daddy has already explained crystal clear in earlier comment


We want ‘further’ explanation, jus like the Chinese families in China, as we realise that there are too much cover-ups as contradicting statements have confused us.


MH 370 = Missing & Hidden for 370 days .

najib manaukau

This is a typical example of what the Malaysian authority is very good at, concealing the truth. Like right now they are trying to fight for the possession of the black box, after more than three weeks since MH370 disappeared when the Australian PM indicated a good chance of it being located. Until then Malaysian authority did not bother or being proactive to find the black box. As soon as it seems the discovery is quite possible they even sent the AG to London just to determine who the ownership of it is. (Is this) so that the real informations… Read more »


Mr Karpal Singh has passed away. Very, very, sad.


My take is that MAS does not have a manifest of the cargo which if confirmed would be a great embarrassment.


Instead of trying to find solutions, the opposition leaders from Pakatan DAP, PKR and PAS are just trying to find faults without any regards for the feelings of the griefing families

Awang Selamat Ori

Yes, just some old political turncoats! Always making lots of noise here in Mr. Anilnetto’s blog. Podah! ABCD! Empty vessel makes the most noise!


Hmmm…..Yang, then what the hell you are with your comment on the opposition……Wasting bandwidth…….

Like it or not, it’s BN-UMNO because they refused to involve the oppositions from the first place. This is called padan muka

Awang Selamat Ori

Orang tua, just tell us why the cargo manifest is national secret? Just a cargo manifest, just why is it considered a national secret?

Is there something fishy about it?


Yes very fishy indeed.. . ikan kering. , blachang and budu.


If the cargo manifest is revealed, it may affect international relations esp. with Big Brother US. It is more than mangosteen or lithium batteries.
China Panda may learn to shoot down US drones without being tracked from Diego Garcia!
Wonder why we still have to go on the big ticket purchase of military & surveillance hardware (after a crisis of national security?).


That is why parliamentary select commitee is so important. In fcat Najib should have involved the opposition from the very beginning


Too many cooks spoil the soup


Hahahahaha! Like as if it’s not spoiled already……..Don’t talk c.. …………BN-UMNO handling of the case is hopeless that they should commit sepupu