Anwar Ibrahim on government’s handling of MH370 crisis

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Anil, UMNO is valid during Pax Britannica until Pax Americana. PKR from ending Pax Americana until today. Under Pax Israel after collapsed of Pax Americana, don’t know what new political party will be created in Msia. All are the same, under ONE MASTER. Its our stupid rakyat squabbling with each other. Pity.


Najib brought cheer to Malaysians with his RM1 Ayam 1malaysia?


Why Jakim never take swift action against the Bomoh and that minister who brought him to KLIA?

Sejoli Harimau Selatan

that is supposed to be 1BomohMsia inspired by P Ramlee movie which we hope Shahidan Kassim can explain if there is any funding for such program as spin off from Jakim ?

Stylo Logan

If you read foreign reports, many felt that our Air Force is concealing something given their reactive response. Already there have been many contradicting statements from the different Malaysian authorities.


I don’t know why people are surprised. This situation is unprecedented – from the set-up where our survelillance system and airline is mediocre to the incident itself with not even a fragment for miles in shallow waters. Our Mahathir inspired mediocrity for decades set it up for something like this for a long time.

what you have is basically national system in denial about excellence for decades meeting the demand of global standards – and it failed.

Rich Daddy

This is not the time to score political points.


Opposition rep’s move put country to shame, says MCA youth chief. DAP only know how to distort and spread rumour


The opposition only know one thing. Complain, complain complain and cakap cakap cakap banyak sahaja.

Nance Peters

Need to have better coordination among the various agencies to give coherent statements.

We should be relieved that Leow Tong Lai not happened to be the Transporting Minister. He has problems convincing the audience with the “Asphard” matter and likely to confuse the foreign media as he appears not able to hide the facts convincingly especially when bombarded by probing foreign media.

Nance Peters

I watched the press conferences. Noticed the military chiefs speak good English unlike some local Ministers who have poor command of the language and resort to “rojak” type mixing English with Bahasa.

Also some local reporters reluctant to use English for fear of being ridiculed by the likes of CNN/CNBC/BBC ?