An Umno MP reflects on the police


Video footage of Padang Serai MP Gobala’s arrest yesterday here.

And the two-term Umno MP for Pulai, Nur Jazlan, expresses his thoughts on the police in the Malaysian Insider here.

That’s interesting, coming from an Umno MP.

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Are you sure RHB car-park? I have checked with a officer who has been there since 1997 and she says there is no such incident.

I know crime rates are thru the roof but pls do not goreng la.


My sympathies to the Datuk’s wife. Hope she’s ok. It must have been a terrifying experience for her and for the Datuk as well. Just like it was for my neighbour in the opposite house whose house was robbed – twice – over the last one year. And for the old lady and her husband who lives in the next street who was robbed at knifepoint last month. And for my sister who had her bag snatched and dragged along the street in JB until her scars are still visible today. And for my previous neighbour (several houses away) whose… Read more »


I moved to Subang Jaya some 20 years back and at that time Wangsa Baiduri in Subang Jaya was about the only gated community here. These days as one drive around PJ, Damansara and SJ one will come across many boom gates and road blocks often manned by smartly dressed security guards. All these have been set up by the residents to combat rising crime rates. Personally over the past 10 years, my house has been broken into twice in the middle of the night. My daughter had her hand phone snatched while walking to college. Her car side window… Read more »


tq anil now i saw how the prdm arrest anyone (heard one calling for cid???? lol)
my blood pressure went up again…
i am from singapore and i dont give a damm from anyone who is a coward.


When Tun Razak catapulted a 35-year old Tun Haniff Omar to be the new IGP thus infusing new blood into the police force, the PDRM then was not the same as now.

…Just look at how they dealt with the ex-CCID director who broke ranks….


… Is only when the influential, rich and famous personalities become victims of crime that some messages will be driven home to the authorities.