An Umno angel wears Prada but the devil is in the details


Umno has been trying to save its body – but what has happened to its soul, wonders Maznah Mohamad as she reflects on the exit of Shahrizat Jalil.

The exit of Shahrizat Jalil was a divine performance equal to the best in sandiwara.

In court accompanying her husband for his CBT charge, she was in white. From baju kurung to head veil (not her usual diaphanous shawl loosely draped around a coiffured hairdo) to designer handbag, the leader of Umno’s women was awash in angelic hues. Was all this orchestrated to subliminally convey the air of virginal innocence?

Yes, she was toting a Prada handbag. So even the angel wears Prada.

Like Shahrizat, Umno is projecting a purity of mission, such as its latest fight to ‘save’ Muslims from ‘proselytising’ Christians and from an ‘evil’ Chinese DAP contaminating the Islamic Pas. It is a mission which belies the decadent giveaways of party leaders’ penchant for the extravagant, from Hermes bags to Wagyu beef. Through thick and thin, even unforgiveable sins, Umno will be counting on the Malays to support them.

Full article on the Aliran website.

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Not sure if she is a leader or the wanita folks are having herd mentality to blindly follow her.


🙂 Hi Anil 🙂

will there be a live feed on 428 event ?

esplanade or dataran merdeka ?

thks in advance.


Need more Bruce Lee gentleman-style private security sifus on 428.
Still got time to call Wing Chun Kopitiam.
LGE needs Yip Man look-alike with 1-inch punch Kopi-O kau x 9.
Tunglang can give out “Good Morning” mini China towels if it gets really “too-sweaty-hot” to handle.

Richie Hee


any chance for Yennie to qualify your Wing Chun kopitiam is one of the top 100 kopitiam in the country?


only prada? no hermes or birkin? she has a long way to go.


That’s only what you can see. What you can’t see, imagine the number of blue diamond studded bras and panties our RM250million can buy! 😀


AMMO, Barang Naik and Nacheat are beyond redemption. The more we continue with this tainted shirt the more we will go the way of Zimbabwe and Myanmar. We need to change into a new shirt for a new hope and that is PR.

Spencer Gan

ROTTEN truly beyond redemption and corrupted virus also spread to ‘brother’ component mca. in true words below so pls no more denying :- Quote from local mainstram media Malay Mail Former Port Klang Authority (PKA) chairman Datuk Lee Hwa Beng : My party has become rotten. When I tell this to MCA leaders they get angry. We the Chinese are not stupid. You go down to the ground and ask them. According to MCA, 70 per cent of Chinese people don’t like the party. I believe its 90 per cent in the Klang Valley. So am I on the… Read more »

Spencer Gan

watch out for more amno cybertroopers after the chief yesterday declared to make Penang a vibrant hub for more barang naik activities like more mafia rempit-style gathering disruption at all cost (beware but don’t be afraid of them 428 @Esplanade).

Gelakan given another chance this time hock is none. Beware of them like GRK (acronym) so Gopal Raj Kumar becomes clear and not so innocent after all ????????!