Open letter to Guan Eng, Tsu Koon ahead of ‘live’ debate


300 acres in Batu Kawan unpaid: Why hasn’t PDC taken back the land?

Address the controversial PGCC/Batu Kawan land deals in your debate

We hope you will address the issues arising from the “mother and father of all questionable land deals” in your debate.

We note with interest your ‘live’ debate tomorrow which will probably touch on several questionable and controversial land deals in the state over the last few years.

There are no other deals that are more controversial and questionable than those involving the sale (and conversion) of 260 acres of land belonging to the Penang Turf Club and as well as the sale of 1,000 acres of Batu Kawan land belonging to the PDC. Both deals were entered into in 2004.

On 16 Jan 2004, the Penang Development Corporation entered into a ‘master agreement’ to sell about eight parcels of land on the mainland in Batu Kawan, totalling over 1,000 acres, to one very “fortunate” company, Abad Naluri. One of these parcels, measuring 300 acres, was for a new racecourse site.

On what basis was 1,000 acres of potential prime land, now located close to the proposed second Penang bridge, allotted to one firm? How was Abad Naluri able to tell the Turf Club in its bid two years earlier, in 2002, that it had a “letter of approval” to support its claim that it had a land bank in Batu Kawan?

Under this agreement, we understand Abad Naluri was given four years to settle the purchase consideration for the racecourse. But until now, the actual sale and purchase agreement for the Batu Kawan racecourse parcel of 300 acres apparently has not yet even been signed, and the land has not been paid for – even though, we understand, payment should have been made by January 2008.

If payment has still not yet been made, could you clarify why the PDC has not terminated the agreement and confiscated the land, which is now worth a lot more, bearing in mind its location next to the site of the proposed second Penang bridge?

On 12 May 2004, the Turf Club entered into an agreement with Abad Naluri for the sale of its land in Batu Gantung on the island at a low “recreational land” price of RM43 per sq ft. Why would the Turf Club sell to a property developer at such a low “recreational land” price when it knows the latter is going to develop the land and it would then be worth RM250 per sq ft? It doesn’t make sense to us.

And on what basis did the state administration then decide to rezone the land to new or mixed development – thereby potentially handing the developer an instant RM1.5 billion revaluation profit? Couldn’t this money have gone to the state government had it acquired the land for itself and then sold it to others?

We hope you will address these issues arising from the “mother and father of all questionable land deals” in your debate.

Ahmad Chik and Anil Netto

on behalf of the Anti-PGCC Campaign Group

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Probably KSK start blaming ACA probing is not profesional … in this scam.

Jeffrey Chew

Great stuff. Mail printed and given. Hope you catch it live tonite.


I believe Koh would get a thrashing like Ahmad Shabbery against Anwar. As far asI see. Lim Guan Eng must have made thorough studies of all tghe land scam which only Koh does not want to admit. Koh, you still have time to call it off. Get a doctor to certify that you are not feeling well tonight and cancel the debate. I pity you la, koh. you are definitely going to be trounced!!! Ha!Ha! Dr Toh has seen the light and you should follow Dr Toh’s footstep. Dr Toh is a very clean person and honest one too. ask… Read more »

black crow

Its time to come clean Mr. Koh. With the bestowed title of Tan Sri and as a former CM surely you are a man of integrity? The question posed above are reasonable and you owed it to the people of Penang as they gave your party the mandate to govern them up until March 8 this year. As for our present Pakatan state goverment I say practice what you are preaching or walk the talk on your C.A.T policy. Reveal all the wrongdoings and not just bits and pieces. Above all look seriously into the queries posed by this blogger… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil and Friends

If you have not read Haris Ibrahim’s “Letter to Anwar”
(and especially the comments from others on the Letter),
please do so:

Please send it to all your friends who are overseas too:
Malaysians, ex-Malaysians, foreign friends of Malaysia.


u can open all the letters abouts the warlords corruption.
i will keep learning how big the Corruption Industries in Malaysia.

rajraman.The next day MSM will give a their side of stories.Case close in their mind and their sidekick.


Well, the Hadharist Imam who helped Saiful… is an UMNO Youth member, so there is nothing strange here my dear. Dirty Hadharist “imams” … while they pose as Islam’s exegetes. The UMNO Youth “Imam” reminds me of the Kiswahili proverb: “Kilembe cheupe si kumcha Mwenyezi” (Wearing white turbans is not a sign of God’s fear). See the links below which show that the Hadharist … is UMNO Youth member.


Tsu Koon,
Just inform Guan Eng you were not involved in all these scandals as your authority is limited.You couldn’t even stop a small temple from demolition so how could you be involved in such a huge scandals such as sale of lands.

We Penangites knew you had no power and we do not blame you.That’s the reason why we slaughtered Gerakan on your behalf to save you from further embarrassment.


mr koh

still want another debate?

can understand your hands are tied. but be a man and admit that land matters are outside your jurisdiction while you were the CM. We all know who calls the shots.
If only people like you can stand up for principles, the country will not be in such dire straits. Mr Koh, Gerakan will be like PPP in the not too distnat future under your rudderless leadership.


People, you’d better catch it live. By the time the msm gets a hold of it, it’ll be a totally “different” take altogether. Don’t just take my word for it. Try comparing yourself.

The press coverage of the last debate, if you could call it that, could be best described as being not too far off from a spoilt brat’s perspective on life.