An engagement proposal? (updated)


Our ‘favourite’ guy’s YouYube clip has unsurprisingly been classified as ‘private’ by the person who uploaded it in the first place (see earlier entry below). Not to worry, someone else has posted a copy on YouTube.

28 August 2012:

Our ‘favourite’ guy is back, doing what he does best – flaunting his wealth. Conclusive proof that you can’t buy good taste.

Talk about ‘over the top’. I was half expecting James Bond to parachute out of the helicopter with you-know-who.

Now, What could possibly top that? Well, who knows, one day we might see an engagement party like this one…

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Ah Beng

Elva Hsiao is afraid that if she accepts our favorite chubby guy’s proposal their offspring if a girl may turn out to look like FLOM! That is why she rejected him. Hahahahaha!

Batu Ferringhian

I think looking at Rosmah’s fashion sense speaks great volume about the (dis)tasteful fashion trends the filthy rich tend to follow.

So tacky and so gaudy.

K S Ong

It was tastefully done but leaves a bad after taste. If he made his millions elsewhere, nobody would bother complaining. But knowing that he depends on our First couple for special project approvals, special tax holiday and other incentives, how would we ordinary folks feel? We cannot even have a decent minimum wage policy and millions are expected to be grateful to Najib for hand-outs of a few hundred bucks here and there.

Meng Tuck

He may be rich but I do not think Elva Hsiao the singer would fall for him.

He should use the money instead to help the poor people in Malaysia. But I doubt he understand the plight of the poor people.


Elva Hsiao is a (believed to be) currently dating a Taiwanese teenage actor.

The rich malaysian fatso got no chance.



your idol great aint it? just like umoputras …
why so quiet lah

Andrew I

Gherkin is a (paid?) troll. He only comments when an article is deemed pro Pakatan or anti bn. Why bother to do more work than necessary? Track him. He’s as transparent as a see through nightie and this isn’t a compliment by the way, Gherks.


McDonald temporary crew salary rate is now RM6/hour.

Cybertroopers may be paid more per hour to surf ?

If such a trend goes on, many social bloggers who seek donations to survive may opt to become political cybertroopers ?

something to ponder……

Andrew I

I’m sure it’s more than RM6 an hour. Otherwise Gherkin kena … from his wife who he boasts earns 15k a month easily.


Wonder (if) how much those Umno cyber-bots are paid to generate those Merdeka55 tweets to syiok sendiri Rais and Najib?


Money can’t buy love
The Beatles song tells it so
Flauting his wealth
For a catch?

I guess he must be dreaming
Women aren’t that money digging
Money isn’t everything in life
Though it gives a way of joy

Come to love
Women know
Money isn’t the job
It goes deeper in a relationship

He just wants publicity
The craze to see his name in print
He thinks money can get everything
Now he knows money can’t buy love


Can’t mention his name but surely can mention 1MDB and is that our money?

Andrew I

Something wrong in the bedroom?

Andrew I

This is one of the greatest love songs ever written. It was never given the recognition it deserved.