Amazing what election season can do


It’s amazing what a series of upcoming elections can do.

Already the government, perhaps with one eye on the Tenang by-election, has back-tracked. Now, the Royal Commission of Inquiry will look into the cause of Teoh Beng Hock’s death.

Now Hishammuddin also says the government is not yet ready to amend the Printing Presses and Publications Act to suppress Internet freedom. That’s a day after Home Ministry secretary-general Mahmood Adam reportedly said the government plans to table amendments to the PPPA to include online news sites when Parliament convenes in March.

What a major climbdown.

Let it be known that any plan to restrict freedom for Internet news websites and blogs to operate will become a major issue in the next general election.

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Even citizenhip approvals are hand delivered by Deputy Home Minister due to the election.

Phua Kai Lit

In Tenang, take the RM100 and wear the BN
T-shirt. But make sure to wear it inside out!

UMNO/MCA/Gerakan/BN does not keep many of its promises
but the ordinary rakyat do (in our own way!).


we should have by-elections every week…..then we will get a government that really puts the interests of people first…..he he he


The PPPA “U turn”, like all others are just bn good cop bad cop routine.

Cheng Poh Heng

It has been said often that one has to be a no-brainer to vote for BN/UMNO. 308 has shown what the voters can do to BN/UMNO despite the overwhelming resources of our Nation been used to pummel PR into submission. Arise Malaysians, the power is in our hands. This is not to say that PR will be a paragon of good governance but we have to give ourselves an alternative. PR has been in power in Selangor, Penang and Kedah for less than 3 years. Impatient Malaysians are complaining that the PR-led State Goverments have not done enough. They fail… Read more »

Gerakan K

Your stupid and insulting statement:
It has been said often that one has to be a no-brainer to vote for BN/UMNO

Did you know that MILLIONs of voters has picked BN as their federal government ???

What a poor machai speaking nonsense here !!!

Andrew I

Oooh, hit a raw nerve there, Poh Heng. Let’s make Gerakan K happy. BN is da greatest, da biggest and da best. No coalition can match this political giant. We are all in awe.

I wonder why he’s so worried, though.


BN is amazingly efficient and ‘dahulukan rakyat’ during the by-election or election time.

So do not be tempted by the instant gift and promises. Ask yourself why do yu ever need that lousy pasar-malam-quality t-shirt with 1malaysia logo? Do not be a cheapskate to trade in the future of your children to suffer under BN rule.

Tak Tahan

These are all threats from Umno i.e. things they would do if they lose at Tenang.


The insincerities of an insincere and incompetent ‘government’.


Wear the free t-shirt in Tenang for a few hours – and you will be rewarded with RM100(?)

Who said there is no easy money.

I wish my MP (leaves). Cannot wait for the RM100 and that free t-shirt. Don’t worry, I only take free things, but I will never vote for them.


Too late, it has already become one. Just think of the list of things that will come to pass should BN win the GE convincingly: GST, Internet censorship, end-of-life vehicle policy for cars 10 yrs and older, reducing subsidies, increases in water and electricity tariffs, consumption tax for petrol and a hundred other ways to milk us dry and keep us under their heel. We have this bleak future to look forward to if BN pulls off a win. Vote smart, people and make sure you tell those thinking about not exercising their vote what they have to look forward… Read more »

Gerakan K

On the other hand, if PR wins, we can imagine hudud, segregation, etc.


Gerakan K, Anil is not … like you, who has to survive on the hand outs from your political masters. Fortunately, there are more “Anils” in the Malaysian community than UMNO…!

“The PKR man took the chance to highlight PR’s pledge to amend the PPPA”
What happened to repealing the PPPA? Perhaps it’s a sign of how confident PR is of winning at the next GE.

Gerakan K

It is pretty obvious because your rice bowl will be affected.

Andrew I

Yeah, but more importantly, you won’t be able to contribute to his rice bowl anymore and all of us here would miss your gravity-defying idiocy. Now, wouldn’t that be a shame, Anil?

Gerakan K

If PPPA be able to include online news sites then Anil, you have to close shop.

So, do whatever you can do now to beg BN to spare you !!!

See, who is in greater power ??? PR or BN ???

Andrew I

See, who is in greater power ???

Er, the people. That’s why BN is doing all this bodeking. Never when they had 2/3. So don’t worry, we know what to do.


I think it better reflects the posting if the title be “The BN’s way, Amazing what election season can do in MALAYSIA, “


That back-tracking means if we want a less repressive government, we must have a strong opposition or put an alternative party to rule from Putra Jaya.