Al Jazeera’s Fauziah grills James Masing with a smile


In case you missed it, this is an excerpt from last night’s Al Jazeera’s 101 East. Watch James adjusting his tie when the going gets hot…

Are you saying there’s no cronyism in Sarawak?

“I don’t think so…”

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you people just know how to comment. walk the talk la. what Dato’ Sri James said on the interviewed was correct. he has showed great integrity to his boss. that’s the right choice of leader we must have for the Dayak in the State. if you want development, you need to sacrifice. we really need hydro electric dams to develop our state. for record, bakun hydro electric dam is almost complete. it will pounding early next year. so, don’t just simply make a comment without know the facts. do you people know that we are leaving behind on the development.… Read more »

garaham abo

i am always an opposition until all the political scenario in our state come to it normal practise, whereby the government is not being controlled by one person. i strongly oppose what this DJJM is talking, how many industries ii sarawak right now is using that huge electricity to power there plant or whatsoever it is. like we people in Bakun Dam resettlement many issue is not yet resolved what the helll they are now looking forward to built 12 more dams. all behind this are between rich and its crony in the state cabinet. i m not proud of… Read more »


Hmm, then why don’t we all sarawakian just join him and become his ally (or cronnies rather…)? Then, everyone would’ve benefited more or less, frm projects gov had awarded to all the GLCs, muah huh huh huh…… (just a silly joke) I admire Fauziah’s courage and I too, hope there’s unity amongst dayak communities in the state (eventhough i’m a chinese), cuz they’re the largest population in the state. Relying on Chinese voters alone is not enough, cuz majority of state and parliamentary constituencies are non-chinese constituency. BUT…(yeah, there’s a BUT), I don’t think the opposition (at least at this… Read more »


wow.. fauziah’s english is excellent!!!!!! bravoooooooooooooooo


Im no expert on Hydropower but to my understanding to produce or production of energy always comes with a cost,and yes hydropower may clean per se but to trade for that kind of energy production,the surrounding ecology/habitat whichever you may call me must be destroyed,not to mention anyone living in that area must infact be relocated… an idiot like him. I am Iban and I am very ashamed of this,its no wodner the best of us often move to another country rather than deal with this kind of …. My heart always bleeds for Sarawak,its not about the money or… Read more »


What a load of bull James Masing! Negative impact on the environment, my a**! Where did they pick this guy from?


I hope the whole bunch of cronies end up in the Sarawak museum. Then James Ritchie can write another book – this time not about the Penans!


30 years of Corruption Sarawak..

The Taxpayers have been duped….

The cronies all bloated to the hilt with all the Cash & Money….

Our hearts bleed for Sarawak…


lizzie wong

James Masing insists that all those contracts are all legal… if they had been illegal, the law would get them. And who is the ‘law’ in Sarawak? And then he said, if the law don get them, the elctorates will get them. So the fact that the sarawak people continue to keep them in power, is testament to their innocence? Knowing the demographics, it is amazing he can say with a straight face, how the sarawak people are inteligent people… James Masing, as an indigenous person, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, for what you are doing to your… Read more »

HJ Angus

Great interview by Fauziah – if only our MSM reporters dare to ask such questions.
He gave a good answer about how to give the feed-back on any wrong-doing – “at the ballot box”. So let’s hope the Sarawak voters will send them into retirement and claim back their rights.


cronies means friends says James Masing’s cronypedia…

rakyat of Sarawak send the corrupt people to (prison) and confiscate all their ill gotten wealth come next election….dont fear…go for it….


Rules and legislations that are merely for show.

Crony = Friend

He’s digging his grave deeper with those kinds of responses.


Really good interview !! Cheers !

Pertinent to bring out the negative impact of Bakun dam on the environment and the natives! …

Just watch… (who) the contracts for these dams will be awarded to.. if Sarawakians continue to vote BN !!

I can almost visualise Masing saying “(They) have the expertise… no relation to the CM’s family.. all done legally and above board” (sic!)


Another CM’s d….


James Masing started out as a nice guy who got contaminated by proximity to BN and chief … Taib Mahmud. Painful to watch him squirm in his seat … just to save his own skin.

Who is this beautiful and brainy Fauziah? She’s sensational. Really does her job brilliantly. Fauziah, I’d give you a free foot massage anytime!


After Bakun dam is built, it is a good chance for Sarawak to develope further with it’s surplus of electricity, not to mention Sabah will benefit as well. No. They want to reroute the power to peninsulars with subsea cables which cost additional billions of ringgit. Brilliant (sarcasm). We have the resources in Sarawak and even Sabah and they want to move it to their side of the land. And they are proposing a nuclear plant as well. What a joke.

Uchu Labi

hahahha…Dr JJM. …what kind of social science research doc? At which journal your research outcome has been published doc? any of your journals publication that perhaps you can quote? hey, btw, 12 dams? Bakun is not even yet on operation. why not build your house on one of those? what about the people’s lives? … owh, gosh..and it seems that you really like to make ‘assumptions’..and hey, don’t insult us by saying that Swakian voters are bunch of intelligent people and that we find no wrong in your doings, which is obviously insulting us..!!!! Hope you get ‘grilled’ again next… Read more »


Tongue sticking out and touching his tie (could) indicate lying.

There is a new hydro-power technology that has very low impact on the environment and does not involve flooding and damming. But you need to have quite a few even along the same river. Perhaps this is the technology they are using.


One more thing….wow Fauziah, you really grill him though and it’s so sweet.


Wow…, this … is talking about future 20 years. Bull s***, it’s a (waste) of tax payer money.


“to me crony is friend”.. **** ***


12 dams???!!! what do we need 12 dams for??? do they want to sink the whole sarawak?? bakun is not even progressing – now they wanna talk about 12 new dams??? we swakinan should get FREE electricity supply by then, really!!!


How insulting to his indigenous group whose interests and rights he is suppposed to protect but instead he became a crony to join his masters…

Intelligent Sarawak electorates, time to hold them accountable! Exercise your rights, use the ballot box!


They should interview Taib Mahmud itself… I heard AJE do target him for the interview but he refuse. Coward!! Is this a pre-launch of the beginning of the falling of Taib’s power???

Kok Keong

It is commendable of Al Jazeera’s Fauziah for not simply accepting Masing’s statements at face value but presenting follow-up questions to challenge them. For in the process, it shows how Masing had to resort to making brow beating remarks that have the impact of suggesting to Fauziah to watch it. Remarks such as the law has not proven anyone involved in the Sarawak government of croynism and the electorate has repeatedly supported the current government over and over again. But while one can see through all that, one cannot help but be frustrated as well. As much as Fauziah did… Read more »