Action against Suaram smacks of victimisation


1147: Suaram staff report that police and Registrar of Society officers are now at the Suaram office.

What is happening to human rights group Suaram is disturbing.

It smacks of victimisation after Suaram sensationally revealed that it had initiated a judicial investigation in France over the Scorpene submarines deal.

Now we hear that action will be taken against Suaram by a string of government agencies for reporting allegedly “misleading” accounts.

Going after the whistle-blowers once again. This time it is Suaram, which has an admirable record of championing human rights issues. Dr Kua Kia Soong and Dr Yeoh Seng Guan have contributed much to civil society in Malaysia.

Now, I am not privy to Suaram’s accounts, so I can’t say if the investigations have any basis.

But even if there is basis, do we see the same level of scrutiny of all the BN component parties’ accounts and annual reports – at the state, division and branch levels – by these same government agencies? You tell me.

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Be warned. BN may soon prosecute those bloggers who receive donation from external parties. Minister Sabri is giving us the warning as those bloggers not supporting BN are likely to be harassed.