A RM38 billion bridge from Malacca to Sumatra?


It’s the silly season again.

The takeover of IJN (thankfully aborted).

The proposed Sime Darby-Air Asia airport in Negri Sembilan.

Not to be left out, the Malacca government has suggested a fanciful RM38 billion 52km bridge from Malacca to Sumatra.

The bridge proposal is of course a resurrection of the old Mahathir administration’s ‘brainwave’ of a Malaysia-Sumatra bridge, which was fortunately scrapped with the onset of the East Asian financial crisis in 1997.

If I remember correctly, the estimated cost mentioned back then was RM60 billion?

These guys don’t know the meaning of sustainable transport and global warming, much less ‘opportunity cost’.  At least Najib is smart enough to say the ferry service is sufficient. He says a feasibility study is needed first to evaluate this “bright” idea.

Says blog reader Ganesh:

Look at this brilliant idea. Only BN can think of it. The people here are suffering … and we want to spend RM38 billion on a bridge? With RM38 billion, we can lift every poor person in Malaysia to middle-class level.

This report from the NST:

MALACCA: The government will conduct a feasibility study on the suggested 52km bridge linking Malacca to Dumai in Sumatra, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said.

He said the study would determine the viability of the bridge, taking into consideration the cost, expected revenue and present economic situation.

“It may become a reality in the near future. But for now, I think the ferry service is sufficient.”

The Malacca government had earlier suggested the construction of the bridge which was estimated to cost US$11 billion (RM38 billion).

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam had said that the bridge would have great economic potential, considering the population in Sumatra had reached 70 million compared with Singapore with only four million.

He said the idea of the bridge had been raised in 1995, but was put on hold a few years later due to the financial crisis then affecting both countries.

“There are numerous factors to consider before we can embark on such a huge project. We will decide after a feasibility study is done.”

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This is an utterly stupid idea. What benefit to the people that the people of Malaysia can get out of this? With that kind of money, the whole education system can be upgraded, more value added jobs can be created, and people’s livelihood can improve. Who the heck needs a bridge across an international maritime route??!


Moonrider January 8th, 2009 at 1.04pm · Reply wasting money! Why not used RM5 billion to build penang bridge .. Building this bridge will bring more and more Indonesians to our country .. sooner Melaka will be take over by foreigner .. Look at Kota raya now ….. RM38 billion why not used to build a bridge to link Kelantan to Sarawak .. top up little bit …. RM38 billion why not used to give free education to everyone .. from kindergarden to secondary school …. The idiots compare Sumatra and Singapore .. __________________________________________________ Moonrider,dont be an idiot.RM 38b wont… Read more »

nadzri m yusof (KL)

Please not to underestimate. 70 millions r huge populations compare to 4 millions sing. Indonesia economy estimate to grow 4-5%. Our sing negative 4-5% + pig flu shame to singapore. M.A.S should learn from indo this time. Shame on you.


“white elephant” mega projects are necessary to reward cronies before they abandon UMNO dominant BN . No logic or reason required in Bolehland.


Why not a bridge from Melaka to Mekah? Then no need for tabung Haji anymore. …


I don’t see the logic behind it except maybe creating more millionaires or should I say billionaires among their cronies. And where do we get that RM38billion? Steal from the tax-payers or EPF again?


Who’ll be using the bridge and paying the sky-high toll? (There are some beautiful bridges in Batam that nobody uses.) Will someone from Medan choose to drive to Melaka when they can take a 45 min flight to Penang or KLIA?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….I just can’t stop laughing. sorry. Build a brigde to sumatra??? Don’t we have better thing to spend with the money. Building driveable road in Sabah and Sarawak. O..let me tell you, 700meter bridge Crossing Rejang river in Durin sarawak toook about 20Years to complete (the politician use it as election MODAL for at least sarawak state election campaign. Another bridge in Lanang sibu also crossing Rejang River..also about 700m …took 2 years to finish but the toll they have to pay is almost the same penang people pay crossing 11km penang bridge. Even motorcycle have to pay toll to… Read more »

Angela Ooi

Exactly who’s idiotic idea was this? If we had this kind of money for such creative, non beneficial to rakyat kind of projects, I would say ‘buy up the North south hwy first and rid the taxpayers of the exhorbitant tolls Damn BN…!


We “tumpang” a seat and blasted off into space. Now we want to build a long bridge over “troubled waters”. Next, we will invent a rocket-speed super-lift that can take us to the moon. I REALLY LOVE MALAYSIA!


After this, the next bright UMNOputra idea will be to built a bridge from Putrajaya to the moon.

Cost RM10 trillion. Malaysia Boleh!


If the original figure for the bridge was RM60 bil, then, it must be the most expensive bridge in the world as it would be RM1 billion per KM. Already, our highways are the most expensive in the world, up to RM100 million per KM. How can 1KM of road cost RM100 mil is a big wonder especially when virtually all the workers are Bangladeshi or Indonesian. First world countires with very high wages also don’t spend millions on per KM of road. And now, RM1 billion per KM of bridge? It would also be easier for illegal immigrants to… Read more »


Hey, its a damn good idea! Lets build the bridge & screw up the world of international shipping. Kill off Port Klang & Tanjung Pelepas and subsequently our economy.

What bright ideas will come next from those politikus in Malacca?


If you want spend RM 38 billion to build a bridge, why don’t government buy back all the TOLLS and set the RAKYAT free from the burden of paying tolls.

If BN big fellers wanted to see Sumatra Rhinos please use plane lah.

Advice to Indonesia government,
Take good care of your Sumatra Rhinos otherwise they will all be extincted by no time. You knowlah our beloved politician “sapu” everythings.

Sang Seong

What is the rationale to spend RM 38 billion on a bridge ? The govt had so many problems with the second Penang bridge whuch costs only RM 3-4 billion and yet talk of RM 38 billion.

Who is going to benefit ? The approving authority ? ; the Medan residents ? the returning indonesian workers ?

This does not benefit any tax paying Malaysian at all !
The Federal govt spends many nights and days opposing the second Penang bridge commencement and yet talk about the Melaka-Medan connection !

Really nuts talking.


what if the indonesia doesn’t agree?

Then we build a half-bridge! Cars can then drive down to ferries waiting at the other end of the half-bridge in the middle of the straits.

Speak Up Malaysia

How many schools and hospitals can be built and operated with RM38 billion? Why is the Malaysian government so in love with bridges? Do Malaysians need more schools and hospitals or another bloody bridge? And what’s the purpose of this bridge? So we can make it easier for illegal immigrants to cross over into Melaka? Damn these bird-brained politicians.

artic turban

Reminds me of the old legend from melaka, THE BRIDGE TO GUNUNG LEDANG. …Look at this person (Rastam), under his stewerdship the state has become bangkrupt and cannot meet its daily running costs and he wants a bridge, what a moron.


Wat a total crap…..please shut the … off if there is no other best ideas. we M’sian who outside M’sia already feel humilated by all those stupid ideas given by all the stupid goons and feel embrassed to say we are M’sian. We had enough…..

A true Malaysian

A most stupid idea to me.

Next, they will build toll to collect toll charges for the passing ships. I wonder are these people dumb or genius?


Aiyah! They all jealous of Penang, cos Penang gonna get a second bridge. Melaka none but they wanna one because they already got Eye of Melaka. No need to make any survey or research. Just do it lah!

Making researches also cost money, and maybe more than RM38B. Better still link one bridge to Brunei as well! Not very far at all lah!

nick chan

a fast train from KL to Singapore is very much needed and beneficial for both countries, and will be profitable.

Dalbinder Singh Gill




The bridge is for Ali Rustam, Khir Toyo, Muhammad Muhammad Taib & their gang to flee across the Straits of Melaka … when BN gets booted from power. Or perhaps Umno intends to invite hordes of Sumatrans to relocate to Peninsular Malaysia to improve the demographics in favor of Ketuanan Melayu? 🙂


4 million Singaporean’s purchasing power is many time over that 70 millions in Sumatra lah. This CM of Malacca is living in caves!
Most of these Sumatra Indonesian come over here to take up citizenship/cari makan, not to spend money as tourist like the Singaporeans. In fact, in has become a social burden to Malaysia already.