A message from Permatang Pauh voters


One of the PKR’s messages to the voters in KT is, don’t be taken in by promises of grants, aid and development. Anwar himself has been hammering home the message to voters here, citing what happened during the Permatang Pauh by-election last August.

During the Permatang Pauh by-election a number of promises were made especially pledges of aid to mosques. Folks there are now alleging that the promises remain unfulfilled. It’s the front page story in the latest Suara Keadilan this week. Check it out here.

A PKR source believes that this story has got Umno worried that it could influence Malay voters here.

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KT voters, like all other electorate in Malaysia should understand one thing. this government cannot be trusted.

The reason is simple. The government, through policies, has protected a few high powered and their cronies to a good share of the wealth of the country, by dubious means.

This is a reasonably wealthy country with a comparatively small population to spread the wealth and prosperty. But yet we are ridiculed by crime, corruption and disharmony.

It is time we got to elect a better government who can govern better.


ya, deliver & distribute the risalah to all the malay folks!!! they are the actual key makers!!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Let there be no dirty trick
Only to have conscience pricked
Let genuine voters honestly pick
Own choice without fear of any stick

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 160109
Fri. 16th Jan. 2009.


Its not like we don’t know BN has been up to this tricks for 52 years……..! Sigh…..

Don’t BN/UMNO feel any remorse that the rakyat don’t want them anymore….? Don’t they know why…..?

Better PKR equip themselves for the General Election. Counter all their tricks, slide of the hand, “Art Of Cheating”, hantu voters, & so forth……..!

Even our PM made a lot of promises which he NEVER kept..!
What now in KT…………….!


dear anil, keep em coming in! i personally got some family there in marang, terengganu…obviously they’ll not be voting this saturday (though marang is just next door to KT), but they are worried sick bout them dirty tactics used by AMENOO in this by election…some measly projects here, some freebies there, got free makan2 some more, not to mention the ‘money’ pouring heavily out of nowhere right into their pockets…they said, people in terengganu aren’t exactly like their brethren in kelantan (who no matter how much RM they get, they’ll only see ‘bulan purnama’ on the voting slip)…terengganu people tend… Read more »