A death at the MACC


2128: A candlelight vigil attended by 200 people is now in progress outside the MACC building.  My contact at the scene tells me that police have just arrived and apparently, the FRU are said to be on the way.

I am still trying to digest the horrible news of the death of Teoh Beng Hock, who was the political secretary to a Selangor exco member from the DAP.

A few simple questions keep bugging me: if he was just a witness, as the MACC claims, why the need to question him overnight until 4.00am?

Couldn’t it have waited until the next day? Why the urgency?

Why was he denied access to his lawyer during questioning?

Who is the MACC accountable to?

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The MACC (appears to be) always under a lot of pressure to get the guys from the opposition state. This has been the strategy of BN. They could pull it off in Perak and now MACC has to do their job of getting the Selangor state executives behind bars and BN can just walk in. Once Selangor is down, Penang will follow. That pressure from the top must have made the MACC interrogators lose their cool… I think the thruth will never be known. Nobody can save Malaysia now. … Another thing , we can forget about holding an inquiry.… Read more »

Ong Eu Sooon

MACC claimed that Beng Hock has been released. If so, why still keep his personal belonging including his handphone. BN is treating us like the world greatest stupid people. Beng Hock should had been hold on to the window’s latch …. We must ensure (those responsible) pay for his dead.


Its too early to tell what actual happened to the incident whether its foul play.We cant say who is responsible.But to be fair to the decease family,independent board need to be set up.This must bring in to overseas medical doctor to give us a fair & true results.


its time to stand up for all malaysians,we are fed up being treat like donkey with no brain.says what you like in news or paper.i luv to see dr.gigi in jail for corruption


REad and see more image of the disgusting MACC at malaysiafree2008.blospot and support the people power to (vote out) UMNO and their cronies!

anna brella

On that photo splashed across the media of Teo’s body lying dead on the pavement: It is generally unacceptable in a civilised press to publish such photos so graphically as they are considered both disrespectful of the dead person (as it is always without his/her or even their family’s consent) and because it is also distressing to, and disrespectful of, the families of that dead person. How would you and your family feel if it was your dead body that was spawled across the nation’s newspapers and PC screens of the world for everyone to gawk at and comment on?… Read more »


It is terrible, how could this happened? Just couldn’t explain to myself how could a human can be treated like this way if all of these had happened against the law. I have totally lost confidence of where I am living now, where is the human right?

Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

Justice Harun Hashim (Allahyarrham) once told me
that the Judges need not wait for a particular
crime to be brought to their notice. They can
on their volition take action when they hear
or see in the Press that a crime has taken place.
In this case the death of Teoh the Journalist.

Therefore, I wonder whether our Present Judges
should take action on their own, without waiting
for the Police to bring the matter up.

The Judges should call immediately for the Death
Report of Teoh should be brought to them for

Hamid Ibrahim


Let the authority to investigate the truth..


Its now proving to the world as how Najib’s reign is shaping into Shah Iran. MACC = palace of Shah iran = you walk in = out dead.


Very anger! we are living in shameful country.


Adding to the many conspiracies on this board: By publishing photo of his body, the media in this case Malaysiakini and MalaysianInsider are saying ‘ look this is what happens if you’re close to a politician and you talk to MACC’. Thanks Malaysiakini and MalaysianINsider news portal. On a side note, this represents how low supposedly ‘new’ or veteran news portals in Malaysia have stooped to. The photog in question should be ashamed of his or herself, as well as the editors of these portals and any other media outlets that prefer to seek sensationalism for their media ratings this… Read more »


The death is tragic and pressure to investigate the truth should be raised not only on the MACC but also on the highest government leaders. The fact that Teoh was an ex-journalist should be emphasised by the media and blogs. Journalists who have entered opposition politics are often the target of assasinations/murders. Russia is the most prominent example. If these things can happen to an ex-Sin Chew reporter, then the guys at MACC must be very careful of the repercussions. Najib’s popularity ratings may plunge. Or is this an internal sabotage by UMNO warlords trying to reverse the PM’s ratings?… Read more »


The printed photo of the deceased was not consistent to a condition of a person falling down from such heights!!!Ask around from anyone who had the experience of seeing such cases.Ask the CSI teams from USA,you know what I am saying!!

Peter Jude

Malaysian are crazy for power. No money no meat somebody have to scarfice a meat. Looks like a human! Cow not enough Goat not enough what Else U HUMAN BEING WANT? MIC MCA UMNO PKR DAP Bunch of liars thats all u are.Malaysia BOLEH! …

you care?

cctv everywhere. not difficult to investigate. also get his h/p memory card to look for stuff.

I think...

Just wonder what happened to his mobile phone? If MACC has released him, it would have included releasing his mobile phone too. Common reaction for any one, especially a political secretary, was to call your love one or your boss to tell them you’ve been released and etc. Also, look at how his pants was torn. It looks like someone was trying to grab his pockets when he fell. My conclusion is that he was not released as per MACC claimed. (My theory is that) he was brought to a balcony / window around morning. They tried to scare him… Read more »


Yes, Where is Hindraf’s voice? Is it because Teo was not an Indian or because Hindraf is now pro-BN? Is Waytha still finding the courage to come back from London? The big rip on Teo’s trousers cannot be caused by the fall. This (could be) evidence of foul play. Was someone(s) holding him until his trousers ripped? Here’s a disturbing thought. Did Teo die immediately after the fall? Could he have been saved if those (responsible) had cared about a human life rather than protecting their backsides? Forensics must determine what time he died. The MACC’s story (sounds like) pure… Read more »


You know why MACC start questioning only after 5pm? …(my guess is that) so that they can intimidate and threaten the witness into giving in to their demands with no witness around except for the interogation team?

Pak Ali

“Who is the MACC accountable to?”

the (man) named Najiib…


Why is this Doubtful Death so rampant this days?
There isnt any CCTV in such large building?
Why would security allows him to loiter around the building?
Why would one prefer to sleep overnight at the building instead of going home?
Why is the interogation lasted till next early morning?


Time to revamp PDRM so that unbiased investigations can get started on a host of mishaps happening from Perlis to Johore to Sabah.
Time Malaysia gets a top clean cop from overseas as (few) in the country are untainted.
Time to regurgitate Najib’s 1Malaysia c*** and spew it back to Putrajaya.


Guys. Campaign to get the govt fire the DG of MACC. He is retiring soon. Fire him before his retirement so he do not get his pension. He do not deserve the pension.


I was so sick in my stomach as i watched the news last night and hearing the stupid comments made by MACC and the police.Even before any investigations were made, they concluded ,no foul play but sudden death. And making us fools into thinking he comited suicide. I couldn’t even eat my breakfast today at the thought of this youngster who loved this country so much and as the next young generation of upcoming leaders of the nation decided to serve the people. I have some friends too in DAP and i am worried for their lives too! From today… Read more »


When a person fell from such height, the body is still intact? Something is fishy? My condolence to the late’s family.