70-96% want Gobind referred to Privileges Committee


A huge majority of Malaysians feel that Gobind should have been referred to the parliamentary Rights and Privileges Committee instead of being summarily suspended from Parliament over his point-blank remarks aimed at Najib.

The results of an SMS poll over ntv7 last night revealed:

Over the Malay news: An overwhelming 70 per cent felt Gobind should have been referred to the Committee.

Over the English news: A whopping 96 per cent felt he should have been referred to the Committee.

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I don’t think similar poll will be conducted after April. Brace yourself because Mahathirism is back. Shut your mouth, keep quiet or you’re going to jail or ISA. Simple as that.


‘Refer to Privileges Committee’ also waste of time since the end result will be the same. why not he sue the speaker….just for the record. It can be done in Perak while not try it out here. Sue the parliament speaker and let’s see what happens


….Really, I do not see how certain corrupted leaders are able to defend themselves when they face God one day.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? (Mark 8:36-37)

Do we need to teach them money and power isn’t everything? They better change now or the punishment is for sure waiting for them.”

It seems this article is published in Malaysiakini but edited to certain extent. Can read the original unedited version over here



The Rakyat are getting so frustrated. We are not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel.


Dei Singh, why you cari pasal. member of parliament already relaxs la. play hockey, drink beer and enjoy la; focus on public service la like fixing roads and drains. you are a lawyer you should know you cant go around calling a person a murderer whether in parliament or not. just common sense la. Whether Najib is a murderer or not is for the courts and the police to consider. Not for you and me. Injustice done eventually does get caught out, so brother lets be a little more civil in parliament. Anyway cheers see you in the pub on… Read more »

thepplway 求真

yes totally agree,dan siasat apa yang dia menuduh dengan poffesional dan adil!


It shows on thing. The people are not happy with the way Bee-End handling things in the Parliament.

Still want to have hope and expect any reform in Bee-End despite the defeat in 2008?

anna brella

PR MPs must keep on highlighting this, and other serious issues of concern to the Rakyat, in the very place where they have been granted absolute privilege to discuss ANY such matter without fear or favour. No Act must restrict/gag the legislators unreasonably there in that open democratic space provided by the People for civilised open discourse and heated debate by their elected representatives. So ignore the risk of suspension and if need be, be prepared for every single PR MP to be suspended from Parliament for bringing up this serious matter of deep concern to many in the nation.… Read more »

Anak Kuching

If RPK who is so well connected has no chance (ISA, Sedition Act, etc) what do we simple Malaysians have? The King and Raja Azlan (Perak) who is well educated decide otherwise, what do we simple Malaysians have? Politics is beyond many, we all just want to live peacefully and if we can all prosper why not? We in Sabah and Sarawak may not be aware of the King’s powers (for we have Governors) and politics that determine our future. We all pray that he puts whatever is bestowed upon him to good use for the subjects and that he… Read more »

Anak Kuching

You don’t get it do you? With PDRM, EC, the media, etc (apparently) all on BN’s side what justice can one get? At least that is how things are perceived. Look at the confusion on Limbang’s case. Who to believe? The Brunei side or the Malaysian side? Hey with the matural resources and wealth we have, we could have been a ‘Norway’ or ‘Denmark’, very advanced indeed. Look at our roads! Our so call public listed companies don’t or can’t even tar sealed it properly even with millions (maybe even billions) in works order. The experiences I have had and… Read more »


When the hell do these autocrats worry about what ordinary Malaysians think?

I welcome what they have done for in their stupidity, they have made the job of ordinary Malaysians easier!

Andrew I

I think they’re going to put a stop to all these polls quite soon.

NTV7 reminds me of the old Star. In the new and improved Star, VK Chin became a pseudonym. Let’s hope the time doesn’t come when the newsreaders at NTV7 will have to lip sync the news, which, at the rate they’re going, might just make this a possibility.

I kid you not.


Even if 100% of the rakyat endorsed Gobind’s right to ask questions in parliament and defend himself against censure, Najib’s minions wouldn’t give a s***. They’re only concerned about saving their own faces, their own jobs & their own degenerate party. The only man with SOME vision left in Umno is Tengku Razaleigh. I hope he quits!


Absolutely no surprise at all. What can one expect from arrogant numskulls!
If these blithers, have no respect for the Constitution of the land, what respect do they have for human rights?
I thought, if Gobind was out of line, Najib should have asked him to repeat what he said outside Parliament. Why did he shy away to take up the challenge in court…no b… lah. Good only in hiding behind the curtain ….


I don’t think UMNO cared. That’s arrogance of power and tyranny of the majority all rolled into one.


What about the countless of sexist remarks made in parliament towards women? How come no action taken?

There were even remarks about period, sex etc. How come no action taken?

What a disgrace and double standard.