3,000 at Beng Hock gathering in Malacca


2345: Some 3,000 people turned up at the Pay Fong High School in Malacca tonight to express solidarity with the late Teoh Beng Hock, according to an eye-witness at the scene.

Among the speakers were Nizar, Kit Siang and Tian Chua.

The speakers expressed dissatisfaction with the move to set up a commission of inquiry to investigate MACC interrogation procedures. According to a Twitter update from Kit Siang, the crowd at the event “unanimously rejected cabinet decision n demanded full RCI into causes of n culprits 4TBH death”.

The government, however, has said that that an inquest would also be held.

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It is so disheartening for innocent to die. Who is next? Will it be our family or friends or someone that we know personnally. What are we going to do about this? This is where we all have to stand together and show this culprits “WHAT IS PEOPLE’S POWER AND WHAT WE CAN DO TO TEACH THEM A LESSON’ and let us send them a strong message that we reject arragonts leadership. it is not just 3,000 people but millions must show that people will never tolerate anymore of such matter. so lets say together TAK NAK UMNO!


For Evil to suceed, Good Men do and say Nothing .
We Must not let Khugan,Teoh,Altantuya,Yogeswaran,and many many more die in vain.
Why MACC not investigate the millions /billions stolen by (certain BN leaders)?
MACC & Police as seen in Anwar case are (allegedly) political tools used by those in power -remember how Mahathir used… methods to extract confession fr Muniwar & others that Anwar is Homo.
Mahathir has destroyed the trust the Rakyat had in our Institutions…
Hidup Keadilan-Pas-Dap for a NEW MALAYSIA !


I can tell you with 99% certainty that nobody will be charged for Beng Hock’s death. Another crime without criminals. The culprits will not pay bu BN will pay at the next election.

Remember Perak! Remember PKFZ! Remember Beng Hock!


,Whether it is RCI or Inquest, d most important thing is tat d culprit/s in MACC must be taken to task & charge in open court. Wat happen to VK Linggam case? Till today nothing comes out from it. D justice system remains d same eventhough a lot of hanky panky was revealed by big boaster MR.VK LINGGAM. By rite d chief of MACC shud b suspended immediately till d investigation is over. But here, nobody including PM Najib who have just celebrated his 100days in office with so many huh,haa,haa, possess d real sense of responsiblity to suspend d… Read more »


Half-hearted response from the cabinet just to quell the public anger. There will be no follow-up thereafter. All soon, all will be forgotten. PM Najib will never regain the trust of the people as long as he does not show sincerity but just rhetorics, more form than substance, a master of repackaging. Another sad day for Malaysia.

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang

RCI??? hahaha
Who sits in the RCI? Datuk this, Datuk that, Tan Sri this, Tan Sri that…..Chairman/Director of this board and that board……hahaha

You think these folks … will uphold the truth? Or they are there because they are BN’s…???

I am in the Corporate world long enough to know these things.

Leong Yook Kong

We want a full Royal Commission of Inquiry into the causes of and culprits for TBH’s death. Other than that, don’t waste time and the taxpayers’ money. Najib, your “PEOPLE FIRST” is meaningless and noises only.


… PKR & DAP mempunyai kolaksi ahli dan penyokong yang sangat terok.


U think there will be justice for us, Malaysians…??????


RCI will be chaired by senior retired judge or other professional. Inquest by a jr Magistrate. Which is better?

Dr. Pang HC

Three thousand is still not enough to strike fear into the minds of those in the corrupted corridors of power.

Basic fact is, Malaysians are still not angry or outraged enough with the current state of the nation.

Over here in East Malaysia, the death of Sdr. Teoh is hardly talked about.


Well, this piece from Malaysian Mirror is interesting. Check it out at:


We are all of one Race, the Human Race.
That is all that really matters.


Verdict: Umno/BN under Najib has gone past the point of redeemability. They only appear to concede to loud public outcries… but the response is NEVER wholehearted, sincere or genuine. Najib’s “1Malaysia” – indeed, his entire prime ministership – is all about APPEARANCES. Shallow, hollow, valueless appearances.