25 bungalows on Penang Turf Club site


The Penang Turf Club is to build 25 bungalows in a RM30 million project which it hopes will generate close to RM2 million annually in rental income.

The bungalows will be built on 5.6 acres of land on the fringe of the racecourse.

Presumably this is on the same land which the Koh administration scandalously rezoned from recreational land to new or mixed development land – which was eventually slated for Patrick Lim’s outrageous Penang Global City Centre project.

I just wonder what was stopping the Penang local government from re-zoning it back to recreational land use after the PGCC project failed to take off.

The Penang government sold the Batu Gantong site to the Turf Club for a small (token?) sum for recreational use by the people of Penang back in the early 20th century.

It seems strange to me that part of the land that was allotted to the Turf Club at a low price for public recreational purposes can now be converted to expensive bungalows for the rich. What about the quota for low-cost housing?

The other question is, why is the Penang Turf Club going into property development? Is horse-racing now a fading activity? Will the Club one day convert the whole area into high-end property development?

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At first, I thought of makng sarcastic remarks on this. Then again, let me go straight to the points. There are thousand & one issues the Penang government should at. Most importantly, it’s the economy
I would support the idea of rezoning back to original state for Penang Turf Club provided that it carries out within the provision of law. Rule of law must prevail. Anyway, LGE is no Mao Zedong. He doesn’t have his army to push things. Apparently, Najib has learnt it too well


It is now clear that the DAP govt is pursuing the same old policies that it once accused Gerakan of. In fact this Development Above People govt is far more pro-Big Business than Gerakan/BN ever was. At this rate, we have the whole of Penang re-zoned as high-density in a matter of years. What is even more worrying is the loud and intense cheerleading of the DAP Cybertroopers in standing firm with LGE and his band… I remember the same people who now lauding this “development” were loudly protesting the various projects of KTK on the ground of environment, quality… Read more »


Anil … where are you? If you want to speak so much then engage us in this discussion. Stop being a coward ok. No one is here to hammer you, only want to see how smart you are since you talk so much.

So he says … “Let’s justice flow like a mighty river” Hah! Jesus never acted like this ok. He was humble, knowledgeable, had stature, commanded the people’s respect …


From a comment in one of yr earlier posts,

“Under S.37 Town & Country Planning Act (TCPA); a landowner can issue a purchase notice demanding
the State to buy the land at its value under the current zoning status [as new development] if the zoning is changed [to open ground & recreation]”.

So how now Anil? U want the Penang rate-payers to repurchase the PTC land at its development value now, is it?


these guys are very smart. they know they’ll come up against public hue & cry (and possibly by the gov bodies) if they propose massive developments for the whole site, like what happened to PGCC. only 25 units bungalows now ….. what traffic issues? what ecological concerns? what flood problems? jesselton residents also cannot complain cos these are homes for the rich & famous. so no need to submit any traffic impact studies, nor EIA reports, nor flood mitigation measures etc etc….. so they submit this ‘small’ scheme, and if it gets through, then the mixed-development status for PTC land… Read more »


Everywhere is the same.If you have more sons and want them to live with you or just next door, what do you do? Still in the same size room? You extend your house for them, cars and pets!!!! Or if your sons grow up and have family you want them to live in Siberia. Or course somewhere maybe close neighbourhoodLook at Sinkapore or even New York. As there is demand, you have to expand. As I said, there need to have management plans to take care of such issues.


So we want more parks, the Penang population is growing, what do we do? People need jobs, there is a need to create wealth. Maybe Anil can teach us what to do. Let’s listen. I am not being sarcastic but want to hear what Anil proposes when Penang has a population of 2.5M.

uncle buck

It is too naive to think that the PTC can be re-zoned back to original status, for one do u think the board members will allow it when there’s a chance to make big bug for them and the club. My hope is that the CM should stay out of this( another) mess created by BN.
Anyways 25 bunglows are better that high rise building and certainly with such high end development sure there must be some kind off nice landscaping (hopefully).

Angela Ooi

I think buliding these 25 bungalows could be a good thing – this is low density and in keeping with the ‘green’ belt versus those multiple towers of concrete buildings originally planned. Also $2 million annual return for a $30 million investment is much higher than the current interest rates and meantime, the value of these houses appreciate too.


Problem with Greenies is that they love to shout. In certain way, they good as they remind us how fragile the environment,but due to demand and needs, we cannot do anything but to manage them properly just like Sinkapore manages the transportation. Problem we have people like Gerakan & K start to lelong them and UMNO loves FOC or Chow Kit road prices and then spend lavishly.


Once a land is re-zoned to mix development land by previous BN Koh Tsu Koon govt, it’s current status is mix development. So for the PR LGE govt to change back is not easy. Why?? Due to huge compensation issue. The owner of the land, being a businessman will have alternative contract(s) signed with developers to develop the land… Once the PGCC project is called off. A businessman will not just sit idle when they see a money making opportunity.


Anil sorry but let’s be frank about this article. Are you being stupid or what? You want law to prevail but do you understand the law? The NLC assures rights to the landowner. If they want to build 25 bungalows its their prerogative. Is that your land or our land? Sometimes if you want to be a social activist then fire the proper neurons and not talk using what you feel. Want me to rezone your house are to industrial so people can start having a foundry as your neighbour? Want to be a greeny? Go plant more trees along… Read more »

Gerakan K

Based on comments from this blog, it is very clear that LGE administration is fully aware for many contentious issues in Penang, eg: Kg Buah Pala and this land issue. But what stop LGE and team to do something correct and responsible? Is it that this LGE administration is too green/less capable? Or any foul play involved?


So the government of the day only has to reimburse the amount of conversion fee paid to the landowner and not the market value or loss of opportunity for economic gain?

Will the courts rule in favour of the state government (our state government) if this goes to court?

Will the local authorities be held responsible for any loss suffered (bearing in mind the Highland Towers case that rendered local authorities immune!)


And Gerakan K, I hope you go thru the AGs report again before throwing wild accusations. The best consolidated financial standings was not due to/thru’ development, but by reducing wastage and leaks caused by the Gerakan/BN Govt. get your facts right!


Lets be objective about it. There are so many issues, and I am sure the current PR govt would not even have realized the status of the land until it was raised. Now it has come up, then give them the chance to re-zone it if possible. Lets do it with the transparency as promised. The question now for LGE & team is “What would prevent the Govt from re-zoning the land into Recreational Land?” Unfair to accuse at this time.

Kah Seng

Is the Penang government too closely aligned with certain developers? Though I don’t agree with the whole comment, it’s still worth reading the reasoning at another article comment here: http://anilnetto.com/environmentclimate-change/yet-another-hill-slope-protest-in-tg-bungah/?cid=33670


As a Government, you have to create jobs. What is wrong friendly with developers who are going to throw their money? If NGOs wishes the Government Good morning, does meants the Goverment must not reply back? Gerakan bloggers complain that Penang has nothing to offer. Without good housing, Gerakan’s taiwan and sinkapore investors would not come. Whether developer makes money or loss that is his business. If you wants to char kuey teow, bakar sotong go head and invest. If no body buys and you brankrupt don’t ask the Government for money which Gerakan/UMNO gives assurance and pleage.


Anil, I think is just a simple logic. Some stupid people gave a land to you for free, later a third person want to get the land from you. Can the third person insist you gave him free because you get it free also? I think you are not so stupid. Now the land is under you, it is your right to decide what you are going to do with it and how much you are going to sell.


Kindly give DAP led Penang Govt some breathing space in term of experience in finally able to show their mettle in running a state govt. They might stumble and get themselves bruise, hurt,etc along this arduous journey. This is ONLY the 1ST Time in their long political battle of over 40+ years. I know you mean well to keep LGE on his promises that they adhere to their core value of CAT. Just give them some breathing space. What not instead focus your energy on the current hot topic, or shall I say yearly recurring subject of misuse of taxpayers… Read more »


Since the land belongs to the Turf Club, isn’t it private land.
Since it was ALREADY re-zoned by Gerakan to development land, don’t the owners have a right to develop it?
Can the state Govt step in and re-zone(downgrade) a piece of property as they like without paying compensation?
Any idea how much the compensation would come too?


With all the hanky panky that went on before, I would not be suprised if PTC paid pittance to acquire development status for their land .
However, I doubt if PTC would accept the same pittance to re-zone it back. Not without a fight.
The deed has been done. PTC land is now legally development land. And PTC is under no compulsion no re-zone their land.
By law, when the State downgrades a piece of property, it has to pay compensation.
The only option the State govt has is to deny them permits to build the houses.


See U in Court and this is what those Gerakan/UMNO supporters who get cheap land will do.
It seems that people wants Ministers to spent ther time to undone deals SIGNED and SEALED by Gerakan/UMNO. Why not Hindraf and other smart NGOs go and pursue them?


This is shocking indeed. The PGCC is one of the key issues that people of Penang kicked Gerakan/BN out. The project was opposed by people as it would create numerous issues. The re-zoning, traffic congestion, loss of public space, environmental issues,etc were the key concerns and DAP were at the fore front to protest it. But now PTC (and DAP?) are blatantly using … tactics to justify yet another hijack of public land for “development” for the benefit of Big Business. The Cheap Minister seems to be determined to “develop” the state and make the Island into a Concrete Hell.… Read more »

Gerakan K

Recent auditor-general’s report shows that LGE administration scores the greatest point in consolidated financial standing. Thus LGE wish to retain this position by pursuing whatever revenue generating projects without any concern for the environment.

Development Above People.


Gerakan k,

A least you have generated half good karma.


That’s why I couldn’t see much different of Umar Abdel Aziz’s version in LGE government. Thus, defeat in Bagan Pinang due to Malaysians of Indian origin mostly Tamils lost their appetite to Pakatan candidate.

DAP led government should share the blame and READJUST their policies or otherwise, GE13 will give bigger mandate for 1Malaysia proponent.

For me, Kg Buah Pala aka High Chapparal and 25 bungalows project just made the LGE same as his predecessor if not worse.

bla bla bla

A project that costs RM 30 million but yield only RM 2 million rental (suppose this has yet to deduct operating expenses) does not seem attractive.