1MDB probe now touches on link to White House


In case you missed it. The plot thickens.

Meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio is also under pressure over his links with 1MDB with a protest held in London over the funding for the movie Wolf of Wall Street. The irony of it all.

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In the talk on 15 November 2016, at the London University, School of Oriental Studies (SOAS), Clare Rewcastle Brown gives the inside story, on how she wrote the 1MDB scandal, which has shocked the world:

gk ong

Former BSI wealth planner Yeo Jiawei accumulated some S$23.9 million (RM74 million) in 15 months through “secret profits” after he left the bank in June 2014. Black money from the 1MDB transactions?

gk ong

A Singapore court on Friday jailed a former banker who handled Swiss bank BSI’s relationship with Malaysia’s state-owned investment firm, 1MDB, for 18 weeks for forgery and failure to disclose suspicious transactions.

Yak Yew Chee, who worked as a senior vice-president at BSI Singapore, was also a private banker for Malaysian businessman Low Taek Jho, who was described by Singapore authorities as a key figure in the money laundering investigation linked to 1MDB. Low is more popularly known as Jho Low.


A Singapore court today was told that Penang-born businessman Jho Low was the “gatekeeper and adviser” to 1MDB.

According to The Edge Markets, Former BSI banker Yeo Jiawei testified that Jho Low brought “huge deals” to BSI Bank (Singapore) Ltd and that the deals were linked to 1MDB. One deal involved US$100 million from SRC International in 2011 while another involved US$2 billion from Brazen Sky Ltd in 2012.

Both companies were subsidiaries of 1MDB at the material time. Since 2012, Finance Ministry Inc has taken over SRC International.



Malaysia has become a … nation, stalling international investigations to protect MO1. What a sad end to a promising nation, all because of grand corruption and dedak-ingesting sycophants with no integrity to uphold the law.


Hard evidence is reported to show RM 2,600,000,000 was taken out from the Finance Ministry owned 1MDB bank account in a clandestine way and sent to a dummy offshore company. Then it was paid into No 1 ‘s personal bank account. An Ambank banking in slip has been published world wide. There is no hard evidence to show any “gift” to No 1 from a dead Saudi King. Under Islamic law the Saudi King cannot make a gift in contemplation of death to disinherit his royal Islamic next of kin. It would be contrary to Islam. There is no suit… Read more »

Samuel J

Philippine folks must be proud to have president Duterte who does not bow down to USA, unlike Najib.


But Duterte can “Shalala Lala” with Najib!


The US media mostly support Clinton. So most reporting are skewed to favor the Democrats.
Please read RT (Russian Times) on internet or YouTube for a more balanced reporting.

I must agree with Trump that Obama had promised a lot but did nothing.
In fact the Middle East got worse under Obama, resulting in refugee problems from Syria, Iraq and Libya.


I hope Trump wins US presidential election, so that the truth surrounding 1MDB can be exposed. The Democrats will hide the truth.

gk ong

Hilary can condemn Donald for being lecherous while continue to keep faith in husband Bill who has had many extramarital affairs? Strange?


The next time, don’t play golf with Obama!
Not even a selfie at the lawns of the White House!
Malaysia is too small for that special kind of treatment to be believed at golf ball level.


Democrats are liars.
We need Donald Trump to expose the truth surrounding 1MDB scandal.