1MDB dragnet draws even closer with seizure of Jho Low’s superyacht

Not exactly party time now, is it?

So the Equanimity has finally been seized by of all people, the Indonesian authorities, working together with the FBI since 21 February 2018, within sniffing distance of Malaysia.

It is quite the irony given that many have been tracking it all around the world in Macao, Hong Kong, New Zealand among other places using ship-tracking websites.

Many questions arise: why come to Bali and near the highly monitored Straits of Malacca? Surely that must have been testing luck. How did the Indonesians get involved when the yacht was essentially under a US Department of Justice/FBI probe?

It was not long ago that Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi said the government had received no information about the yacht after it reportedly docked in Aceh on 23 October 2017. “No information on this has reached me,” he said then.

Full article on Aliran website

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Anil should update the photo with Jho frolicking with actress Miranda Kerr (who spurned the fatty’s love despite diamond offering) on that infamous yacht.

The seizing of Equanimity is not reported on the printed edition of NST and BH today, so as not to steal the thunder from MO1’s TN50 story telling broadcast live on TV1 and TV3 last night?


Najib, Jho Low sekapal dengan bos PetroSaudi di Equanimity?


The 1MDB scandal has made to the front page of leading Indonesian current affairs magazine Tempo.

It features an illustration of the superyacht Equanimity with what appeared to be a caricature of Malaysian businessperson Jho Low.



The Wall Street Journal journalists, who broke news of 1MDB troubles in 2015, are releasing a book on Penang-born businessman Low Taek Jhow and the intrigue surrounding Malaysia’s largest financial scandal. “Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood”, authored by Pulitzer-finalists Bradley Hope and Tom Wright, will be released on September 18. Publisher Hachette Books, describes it as “an epic true-tale of hubris and greed on how a young social climber pulled off one of the biggest financial heists in history – right under the nose of the global financial industry – exposing the shocking secret nexus… Read more »


The FBI should really speed up their investigation .
With the luxury US$250million boat seizure , the accused will have slim chance of escaping into international water.
A big congratulations to the FBI and the Indonesian law enforcement agencies.
Hopefully the FBI is tracking the accused SATCOM and sees how many calls were made to MO1.

Tua Pui Kia Chit Pai Jia Lat Liao

Tomorrow Chap Goh Mei (15th nite of CNY) Big Fat Kho may spring a surprise (provide he is not being detained with Equanimity) to do do Gangnam Style dance as prelude to GE14 at Esplanade Fort, while waiting to catch mandarin oranges thrown towards him from his Penang ladies ?

If USA eventually returns Equanimity, Penang may get it to dock at Port as museum to showcase Penang Boy Boleh with displays of painting, Oscar statue and that elusive Pink Diamond, sure become the mother of all museums combined !!!


Of all the allegedly 1MDB-linked assets sought by the US Department of Justice (DOJ), nothing stands out more than Jho Low’s mega yacht, The Equanimity.

The Equanimity is huge. It is about 300 feet in length and weighs 3,000 tonnes.

Court filings by the DOJ alleged that the ship had been built and maintained using over US$250 million misappropriated from 1MDB.


Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak said yesterday there was no proof that The Equanimity belonged to Jho Low or money from 1MDB was used to purchase the vessel.

Then why would Jho Low issue a statement about it after the vessel was seized by Indonesian authorities?


Yes. That is a valid point. Why would Jho Low issues a statement like that. If he does not own the yacht, why not just say “It’s no my yacht” or something like that.

Mah HS

What happened to 1MDB’s money?
CNBC Explains

Mah HS

I was having tea with a friend and neighbour, a Bachelor of Jurisprudence, who said that an arrest order is out on Jho Low. I’ve just got home and did a Google search and found articles about Jho Low’s immanent arrest, which dates back to 23/03/2017 – nearly one year ago. https://malaysia-bodoh.com/2017/03/23/about-to-be-arrested-jho-low-sends-najib-a-chilling-warning-disguised-as-praise-jhos-message-leaves-no-doubt-najib-is-the-captain-of-the-1mdb-pirate-ship/ A Channel New Asia report of 22 March 2017 says the “US to charge Malaysia businessman Jho Low in 1MDB scandal” Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/us-to-charge-malaysia-businessman-jho-low-in-1mdb-scandal-report-8581536 Perhaps he’s refering to the Malaysian Insight article “Will Malaysia follow up yacht seizure with Jho Low’s arrest, says Muhyiddin” of 1 March… Read more »

Ma jiji

Very surprising that this guy really has … to swagger around without giving a damn to all the ” flooding attentions”.
I am dead sure he is not a “Pondan” even compare to a man who had once controlled 1/3 of the world’s sugar volume !?


Yoursay: Ahoy Apandi, the yacht belongs to the rakyat

It may not belong to the gov’t, but US says the money for it came from 1MDB.


Ah pek, howl more and louder. Who started 1MDB? …


Many going after ‘evidence-backed’ stolen Malaysian assets: 1) RM400 million in 1MDB-related funds seized by the Swiss government. 2) Indonesian police in a joint operation with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seized a superyacht, the Equanimity off Teluk Benoa, Bali 3) Singapore authorities seized assets worth S$240 million ($176.82 million) in an investigation of 1MDB-related fund flows for possible money laundering Next could be the Pinky Diamond. Anyone who can give a lead to US investigators? With more & more of our lost + seized national assets denied by national caretakers, what will happen when we finally default… Read more »


Let this be a lesson: No one can escape The Law of Karma.
Not even a super yacht.
Never mind that local authorities claimed no awareness of its whereabout as it is seized by outsiders who truly go after the crooks.
Seize more. Where is that big diamond?


Jho Low or MO1 can kau tim with Jokovo to release the yatch. Cash is King here.


Hopefully the Indonesian govt. will NOT “kautim” this case with MO1.
An honest govt. will not and shall not be seen dealing with thieves and pirates.
It is too big a risk for their reputation.
The boat is now under the direct custody of the FBI and Indonesian police.
Unless , Jho Low is able to hire the help of David Copperfield.


Karma: The esoteric accounting and resolution of virtue and vice entails auditing, write-offs and certified professionals. Hope restrains the exploited from taking drastic action. The system soothes the consciences of persistent exploiters who violate the basic laws of society and nature. The rituals include providing helping the needlessly needy, e.g. monks, orphans, strays and vermin.


Ah pek is like yankee cops movies. After all the action and the villian appended, ah pek is like the police cars come screaming and there is karma. Ah pek can really spin when the result is released.


The Thief thinks he could get away from his sins by repeat pilgrimage since he does not believe in karma.


Forget the media reports. Want to know for sure who owns Equanimity, go ask the builders. The website Boat Pro describes the vessel:- “EQUANIMITY is a 91.5m luxury yacht, built in Netherlands by Oceanco and delivered in 2014. Her top speed is 19.5kn and her power comes from two 4828.0hp MTU 20V4000M73 diesel engines. She can accommodate up to 26 people with 28 crew members.” “Azure Naval Architects developed the naval architecture, and the interior design was created by Winch Design.” https://www.boatinternational.com/yachts/the-superyacht-directory/equanimity–57683 The YachtCharterFleet website lists the Equanimity as “Not for charter” but does not name the owner. https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/luxury-charter-yacht-35195/equanimity.htm Free… Read more »