180 gather for Beng Hock vigil in Penang


Some 180 people including onlookers gathered at Millennium Square near Speakers’ Square for a candle-light vigil to mark the first anniversary of the sudden death of Teoh Beng Hock.

They gathered from 8.30pm to 9.15pm today, according to a human rights activist. Several DAP reps addressed the crowd in turn.

When the event ended, those present laid their candles on the ground in memory of Beng Hock.

May his soul rest in peace. May the inquest into his death unearth the truth and produce a fair and just verdict.

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Oh! I was in Penang at the time. I guess it’s not the sort of even that could be publicised. We would certainly have gone if we’d known. People just looked blank when we asked about Speakers’ Square – could someone post a Google Earth link with its location marked, just in case I visit Penang again? Thanks.


Thanks – somewhere here then? I have very few landmarks memorised from my quick visit!


On a brighter note, I seem to have drawn a lucky passport: apparently it’s a better place than here – to die:



To MACC, what action have you taken on the rm24000 laptop. Evidence is with the PAC, go get (the culprits) – if you dare. Toyo Palace – (get to the bottom of it) if you dare. Altantuya/Scopene/Bala case-Go get the (culprits). State exco with rm300,000 in his home. Is that their normal pocket money and loose change kept in the house? Corrupt BN politicians are walking the street without any fear from MACC. To MACC Chief- …. Shame on you. Tell me, are you working for the public or against them. Tell us, who are your master?. The public or… Read more »


Truth does not just vanish into the thin air just because the Umno emperors were trying to put barriers on the suspected murder investigation. Truth will eventually surface, if the rakyat who are seeking justice for Teoh keep the candles burning….


No we will never forget Beng Hock……(found dead outside the) MACC (after being taken in for investigations into) a few thousand ringgit for posters !!
BUT MACC will NOT even look into or question (people) like Mahathir, Sarawak CM Taib Mahmud, Razak Baginda….
it really STINKS to high heaven !
Even if you are an Umno supporter ,you know this is Evil and wrong. Where is your conscience ?
We will never forget the millions in commission paid stolen for the submarine & jets deal…..yet MACC will not investigate !
The whole episode is rotten to the core.


Memang betul.

SPRM (belum habis siasat) orang yang sepatutnya disiasat, macam si Toyol yang bikin istana di shah alam.

Taib mamud (macam mana)?


It is a day of infamy that all Malaysian shall remember until justice is done.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Surely the dead cannot cry
For their eyes are already dry
But their souls will continue to try
At the door of natural justice to pry

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 170710
Sat. 17th July 2010.


Good for them.
Sad to say, majority of Rakyat Malaysia have very short memory and the Govt is playing the issue on extended play.
Keep the pressure on until true justice is served.
Power to the People.