100-storey mega-tower pop quiz


Now, here’s a multiple choice question on Najib’s plan to build a new mega-tower by 2015 that would dwarf the Petronas Twin Towers.

The floor of a classroom collapsed in Alor Setar on 13 Oct, injuring 11. The building had been renovated in 2007 but The Star reported sources as saying the contractor did not remove the original wooden flooring but only placed a layer of cement over it - Photo credit: The Star.

Why do we need the proposed RM5 billion 100-storey Warisan Merdeka Tower (to be built by Permodalan Nasional Berhad)?

A. We have a serious shortage of commercial space in the Klang Valley. Plus the boys could do with more contracts.

B. We have a healthy fiscal surplus and we don’t know what to do with all that spare cash. RM5 billion is petty cash-lah. Huh? Fiscal deficit? What fiscal deficit? Nah, cannot be.

C. No major earthquake will ever strike our country.

D. Najib’s tower has to be higher than Mahathir’s Twin Towers. And we have excellent public transport to ensure congestion is minimal. Besides, we could call it a super-duper ‘zero-carbon’ green tower.

E. Because Malaysia Boleh! “The most important thing is that we can do it. Why should we hold back?” as Ng Yen Yen puts it. A tower is more important for the rakyat. They will be so proud.

F. I don’t know. I give up. You tell me.

Share with us your thoughts on Najib’s budget.

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My dad need appointment at IJN and it takes 3 month for an appointment. How many are there still suffering? Why not build more IJN and health centres? Start producing quality children, we have enough idiots running the country.


awesome…google ‘100 storey megatower’ and this what i get, 1st rank meh….


BTW, NEM stands for N’s Erection Memorial.


What do you do when a ship is sinking? Let’s gasak all we can and I want it done express you hear me!


The issue has gone beyond about this 100-storey building. In reality its about Najib NOT doing his job. That he is failing at a time when we all know things have to be done or we will pay for it soon enough. We feel its his doing because he hired Apco, he and his wife talk so fancy and behave so fancy but largely not doing what we think its his job. Its about poor accountability that we are tired of from many corners of our lives be it the police, the courts, the education, religion-politicians the civil servants and… Read more »


RM100Million for Rosmama Permata NGO
Now RM5Billion for that tower….
who ever advising najib is ruining BN…
good for PR.


Taller building to prove that one’s erection is taller?

Sabah Poor

Native Sabahans living in Mengattal, KK have no running water today. They voted for BN who will now spend RM5billion on a tower in overcrowded KL city. Why?….


for God’s sake, do we need another White Elephant? especially when its location is surrounded by the perennially traffic jam areas of Jln. Pudu, Kuching-Loke Yew, Imbi, and mind you with no more space for new roads or transportation. Dear PM, if you need monuments, spend the money on something with more foresight, e.g. Facility for trad medicines for biomedical advancements = http://www.dddmag.com/article-Singapore-welcomes-Scientific-Talent-032210.aspx or a small synchrotron = http://www.synchrotron.org.au/ to kick start advancement in engineering and physics “”-_- Malaysia Half Past Six – what era are we in now? http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-308702.html


What era we are in now? Kita baru semalam merdeka la. Mahu bina lambang merdeka la. Takut orang tak tahu…
What we need is a better system of accountability and a strict law governing our government servants and politicians. Laws like seizure of all assets and properties of any politician/government servant found guilty of any corruption,( like the one we have for drug /human smuggling) high reward for reporting corruption ( like what Microsoft pays for illegal software ) and the list goes on. Good education and knowledge, including critical thinking, hopefully will let us get these crooks someday…


Mr Najib said that such projects exemplify the spirit of ‘Malaysia Boleh’ or ‘Malaysia Can!’. Here are the proofs: Petronas towers. Designed by American built by Japanese and Korean…. Malaysia boleh. Proton. Mitsubishi Engine later change to others except our own…Malaysia boleh. Malaysian’s Astronaut. Use Malaysian tax payer money to fly a Malaysian to space as space traveller whom BN politicians insist he is an astronaut…… Malaysia boleh. Football We were among the top in ASIA and now….we brag when we win ASEAN competition….Malaysia boleh. Submarine Others have so we must have. Except we got it at much higher price… Read more »

Chin Tsung Jern

Hurray!!!! More wasted of our citizen’s tax money. I wonder what is next? Maybe they’ll decide to build a UFO.

Ricky Eu

The submarines cost $2 billion and Abd Razak Baginda (Najib’s ex-political advisor thru Peri Mekar)earns $500 million in commission. Now it’s $5 billion…. who’s the next millionaire?


hmmm… maybe at that time, … I can eksyen that i “pang sai” at the highest jamban in Malaysia.


You pop quiz no answer… none of the above

The reason is NO project, no way to masuk….. so have big poject to masuk big!! the bigger the better lah.

now say 5b, when completed 10b plus… just look at all their projects like the new istana now. another PKFZ in the making…


This propsed 100 storey tower remainds me of the Tower of Babel. I hope it will not end up like the original tower, when God got fed up with us.


Why do we need the proposed RM5 billion 100-storey Warisan Merdeka Tower (to be built by Permodalan Nasional Berhad)?
Simply because of 2 reason :
1.We need a mega project (allegedly) to raise fund for UMNO for spending in next general election.
2. If UMNO loose in next general election, the fund (could) help the UMNO top gun to migrate to other country & need not to work for the entire life. The best thing is the debt to build the 100 storey white elephent will be borne by Pakatan Government & the rakyat.

Gerakan K

RM5 billion is a big amount for individual people like you and me. But for a country like Malaysia, it is a small ticket item.


Balance out unhealthy competition in the property development in the golden triangle. Someone paid RM7,000 a square foot that other day for a mere half an acre site. If he had waited for this announcement, would he pay for that? The said amount could be used to purchase a five-acre land near merdeka stadium, or purchase the whole block of 4 storey shop fronting jln loke yew.


Very disappointing budget. Everything seems like half measures and some to placate someones own ego. Reducing duty on imported items? How the heck is that going to help most Malaysians? Another half measure.


I dont give a flying … if the merdeka tower comes tumbling down .
The current govt insist on building a nuke plant.
This will be the most dangerous venture ever.


Gerakan K, you are such a nuisance to have occupied up most of the comment pages in this blogsite.

I don’t think you are really from Gerakan, as Gerakan ppl, albeit unpopular at this juncture, still behave very gentlemanly.

You are out to create havoc and intentionally put a shame name on Gerakan. What is your motive anyway?

Butt off!!


ColourBlind, you know what is an Internet Troll?
It tends to thrive in active blogs.
check it out for the answer:http://www.flayme.com/troll/


Gerakan K is resident court jester. Just ignore him.


Despite all its bombast and pyrotechnics, Najib’s 2011 budget is not a child of the New Economic Model but bears all the marks of old discredited policies which have landed Malaysia in the middle-income trap for more than a decade, setting the country towards a failed and bankrupt nation come 2019.

Former PM Mahathir’s obsession with mega projects like the proposed RM5 billion 100-storey Warisan Merdeka tower is back with a vengeance.

Is Najib secretly trying to out-Mahathir Mahathir to build a tower higher than Mahathir’s Petronas Twin Towers?

Reuben How

We need a tower because the the only leaders left in this country all have frontal lobotomies


Another BIGGEST of the ‘ BIGGEREST ‘ project to bleed the Rakyat dry.
Lets put the resource to improve living conditions of the poor, more ambulances,hospitals and focus on catching and wiping out the daring day and night robbers,snatch thiefs,rapists,and provision of facilities & treatment for the homeless pets, handicapped and mentally ill people of Malaysia.
The priorities are all wrong.Wealth of a Nation is not judged by how many tall/grand buildings you have but the way the nation treats its people and animals.


It wasting the poor rakyats money and also it going to be another white elephant.


Actually many kids are migrating to greener pastures elsewhere.
I bet all of you here have at least one close family member migrating to foreign land in the past 5 years.

If we still can’t rid this country of corruption and racism by sending UMNO/BN to the opposition at the federal level for the next 2 terms, we might as well go with them and surrender this country to those who would close an eye to those evils.