Zimbabwe opposition leader calls polls “fraudulent and stolen”


Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has claimed that the country’s recent presidential election was “fraudulent and stolen”.

A ruling party spokesman conceded there were problems with voter registrations and the electoral roll, but that was not sufficient to justify fresh elections, reports Aljazeera.

The official result showed the 89-year-old Mugabe won 64 per cent of the vote to Tsvangirai’s 34 per cent, with Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party winning 158 out of the 210 parliamentary seats.

Tsvangira has until Wednesday to present evidence of fraud to the high court.

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don anamalai

Mugabe can learn from BN on how to have an effective EC, SPRM, PDRM, ROS, AG, … to ward off Tsvangirai.

don anamalai

Meanwhile the ‘next-in-line’ MCA chief Liow went to China (6-day holiday?) to benchmark communist party practices to turn setbacks as comebacks? Wonder why Perkasa or Umno Youth never make noise since they are so komunisphobia like they react on New Village movie? …

J Peters

Awang “M” Selamat says the movie New Village has komunis Malaya doctrines which surprisingly not an issue with Leow’s MCA lawat sambil belajar fahaman politik komunis China ? No wonder Namewee said it’s double standard !


Double Standard is a practice of Umno.
glad to have people like Namewee who dare to speak up!