Unhealthy politicians


Some light relief. Does this sound familiar though?

Unhealthy politics

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21 Aug 2010 10.07am

A nice one but I think the humour is lost on them. I belive some would not even recognise the disgraced congressman or the issue at hand.

WKS has something in common with this clown – they both cried on national tv feigning innocence or being treated unjustly. Many of our politicians today are prime candidates for natural de-selection!

21 Aug 2010 2.23am

r u talking about most umno top brass?
and most umno akar umbi?
or do u mean all umno fellas?

are rocky’s bru and outsyedthebox politicians? they seem to fit the bill though…


20 Aug 2010 6.50pm

On the contrary sam sung, I think they (BN) should feast more on mutton, durians and brandy – all consumed at the same time – so that we can have more buy-elections! Think about all the money pouring in for instant developments that would otherwise never materialise! Roads are paved and schools are repaired, without having us going to the municipal council & education ministry to beg for money!! I’m already salivating… BTW, the Pakatan people got no money to organise these kind of feasts la, just having durian buffet also gotta go to SELCAT, so don bother la, unless… Read more »

20 Aug 2010 3.21pm

Unhealthy politicians and unhealthy civil servants go hand in Hand!…look at our judiciary, it has gone from bad to worst
and genuine clowns were employed as Prosecuting Officers…. AG is busily (doing you-know-what)!…other matters can take a back seat….
Well, Bung represents the politicians and AG Gani the civil servants…

sam sung
sam sung
20 Aug 2010 1.51pm

I am very concerned with the health of our beloved politicians. Therefore, I want them to cut down on free mutton, durians and brandy – all consumed at the same time.

20 Aug 2010 12.30pm

Just nak peringatkan..War-warkan kepada rakyat dengan segera..

Kalau kita tgk, perancangan … untuk melagakan MElayu / India dengan Cina semuanya gagal. Bermula dengan isu kepala lembu, kepada isu Kg Buah Pala, kepada isu tanah di penang, isu penjaja di Penang, isu pasir, isu gereja dibakar (kita tahu ini (siapa) punya kerja)..semuanya gagal.

Terbaru isu Lim Guan Eng kununnya nama beliau disebut dalam khutbah jumaat. Mungkin akan gagal….