Jubilant scenes as PPS members released; Rayer arrested; Azmi Sharom to face sedition charge tomorrow


Updates from 31 August to 1 September can be found below:

Penang state exco member Phee Boon Poh has been arrested along with 156 other Penang Voluntary Patrol Unit (PPS) members in mass arrests after unit members had marched at a Merdeka Day parade in from of city hall.

They were first taken to the Beach Street Police Station at around 10.00am before being moved to the Patani Road Police Station, where they are expected to be detained overnight.

What a sorry way to celebrate Merdeka Day. Some reactions below:

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Ong ewe soon, i quote what you said, “Anyone tak boleh tahan my attitude want to fight me? ”

Look at yourself, how samseng you are !!!

You think you are great but i will say you are behaving like a nut, a narcissist !!!

Coward supporter of OES

@ong eu soon

you may have silent support even though I am not brave enough to voice out the truth regarding to the mess created by dap in Penang. If I did I’m not sure whether I would survive like you.

@ong eu soon

please be strong and stay focus on what you are going against, may the force with you.


Supporter of OES, At least you are sincere. Unlike one Batu Lancang (self-proclaimed) silent majority representative voice. Say one thing to gain weeping sensationalism & then gratified to name calling frenzies like a pure + innocent Hokkien illiterate with laughing Hyenas antic. Anyway, in life is to fight against what you believe in principles is not right or deceitful. Eg: the dirty Kajang Move. It depends on individuals whether it’s worth the cause like losing one’s life or getting bashed up by cultist gangsters or herd-mentally-sick political supporters. Yours is a genuine silent support (there could be many) that need… Read more »

ong eu soon

i fought with over 20 guys. Lim guan eng is just lucky that I be able to ward off the old people. If I die on the spot what will be the political impact. Today I am still alive you can see that I have successfully turn the tide against the state government. The Chinese press that boycotted my writing finally is at my side. The poor show up for the detained pps people when you have 9002 members foes not worry you about the fading support from the people? If you can mobilise like 505 blackout to demonstrate it… Read more »


You will survive. You are truly an activist, Mr captain pinang. Who can really fight off 20 abled body men and only sustain blue eye like Anwar beaten just one cop as shown in the fb. ?Go and sue the … pps who beat you. You will be very confident more press men and people will present at your court hearing and less for pps. When will be the court hearing.

ong eu soon

Anyone who tak boleh tahan with my attitude want to fight me? Is it legal to do so, just because you hate me for what I am doing?


Such behaviour is unruly and is courting trouble.

Learn to rilek sikit brother!


I support you in this case. If ANYONE wants to fight with you, let him bear the. consequences. Did the whole pps 9000 member want to physically want to have a physical fight or you LOVE to fight against the organisation?

ong eu soon

How can I get a black eye if I am the one started the fight. Regardless whether I start a fight or not, should pps get involved in a fight with helmets flying? Why no pps people want to testify on what is happening? Kee only like to twist and spin like always. Shame on you. I promise you one thing I will use all legitimate means to (defeat) this tokong government.


The issue and raid by the police is not about who has more abuse or not. Every organization has its bad hat. The issue with PPS is it is an illegal entity just like the police enforcement that raid illegal bar and nightclub.


Please don`t come into this blog and start talking amah yi poh (amah aunties) sob story and fairy tales. We are here to debate on the subject and opinion of the commentators and to rebut or agree for the truth and benefit of the bloggers here and in Penang

Silent Minority But Not Stupid

Don’t you see any similarity between Kassim and kee?
Both are still crying from the same set of eyes!!!
That is a classic 2-in-1 troll.


Anil, some good samaritans sent my mom to the general hospital. The good Lord shall bless them. My mom is now with me after the incident. Tq! Cavin, ong ewe soon may have points and correct in what he said about penang’s issues. However, i tell you, no any sane person can accept his attitude… again that does not mean that we can simply flex our arms. If you read the news in malaysiakini, you will note that ong ewe soon is not a saint, he raised his arms against the volunteers first… My very dear tunglang, … one minute… Read more »

Saya Bukan Perempuan

… lu lagi kena kuat, kuat.
Jangan menangis selepas ini!!!

Snake Hunter

If you are sooooo sincere about goodness of Ong Eu Soon, go all the way to praise him.
Don’t be like a … and U-turn to strike sheok, sheok untuk Tokong.
Cakap Tak Serupa “Bikini”!!!!


Tak faham apa lu cakap… so sincere about goodness of ong eu soon???


How about your grandmother story?
But wait a minute. I heard the CAT Deity has no repeat for grandmothers.
Better not anger your …!!!


Correction: I heard the CAT Deity has no respect for grandmothers.


Dear kee, I was not poked, neither would I want to poke you…

Poking others is not my nature. Btw, have you seen Garfield poking with its naughty claw?


Gerakan’s Youth wing deputy chief Andy Yong said although he was not in favour of the Act, especially with it being so “easy” to charge law lecturer Azmi Sharom, he did not see why the same could not be applied to Zahid for accusing non-Malays of being arrogant.



In pps, they ask ros. Here they ask the ag polis


Anil, wow such huge coverage for PPS, an illegal organization known for beating up people and bullying activists ! Strange, this time you didn’t think to wait for the investigations to be completed before providing the massive, live coverage. So much for impartiality !

BTW, (in my opinion) Tokong is lying when he said those caught for testing positive for drugs as seniors on medications. This is an outright lie !


BTW, (in my opinion) Tokong is lying when he said those caught for testing positive for drugs as seniors on medications. This is an outright lie.

I was also think the same way. An outright lie


Previously we have reports of policemen who were on drugs, commit rape etc.


If there report of policeman who are on drugs, report them. They will have to be dealt with in accordance with the law. The police are now just rounding up these people committing an illegal offence and will dealt with in accordance with the law. The 11 people who have criminal records and those found to be positive on drugs will also be dealt in accorance with the law. Its all so simple. Why shifting your words and blame all over. On another note, the police just said that 4 were tested postive but did not divulge any names whaysoever.… Read more »


What about those custom officers got caught by MACC recently?
Not all PPS volunteers are bad as claimed by PDRM.
There are black sheep everywhere, right?


Report them? Main guli guli. Lu tolong saya, saya tolong lu. Not emough , 4 sekawan.

Ed G

Other than the recent Ong Eu Soon saga and the 2013 assault on some journalist, are there any other cases of beating/bullying? It is understood that the personnel from the latter case have been dismissed. As for the former, fingers are being pointed in both directions while police investigation is still ongoing. Notwithstanding the argument on its legality, is the PPS statistics on power abuse worse than that of the PDRM or RELA?


Going by what is happening now, Anil may soon have to register with the BN Authority to legally operate this blog with a license?

Don Anamalai


You have attached too many videos and links to this posting – it is running ‘long scripts’ and hang my computer after the screen moved up and down.

I am not using broadband that is fast enough to handle this. So I have difficulty accessing this blog page.

Please take note.


These are all just muscle flexing of bullies, why be jubilant just because the bullies did not actually start the fight? I am even more dissapointed with PAS jumping the gun of warning Hamidi and Khalid not to touch the unit Amal – it would have been explosive if they did – should have challenged Hamidi to do it.

Now its up to PPS to challenge Hamidi to compare themselves to PAS Unit Amal and why Hamidi has not arrest anyone from PAS’s unit.. It will get racial and harder to prove their stupidity and cowardice.

What opportunties lost..


Why do we encourage such silos? At some point they need to join the rest of Malaysia and try to work with people not necessarily like them in existing bodies like Rela and Rukun Tetangga.


Has the IGP the right to use the police force to the personal insults he received from the people and also does he own the police force himself ? What is the AG, the home minister and the PM go to say or they are saying nothing because they need his services to enforce their dissatisfactions ?


A good sandiwara. Continue


Anil, do you provide free Kleenex tissues?
Pls be a gentleman with weeping kindness. And I plead to you, pls don’t wipe off the CAT oil of mass euphoria with Kleenex as it’s intended for weeping sandiwaras & crocodile tears.


Kasim, i am most touched by your sharing… my eyes welled up with tears…

You are a gentleman with kindness and wisdom, your writing tells.

Please Sir, dont fade away, we need you here. TQ !


I am flattered that someone appreciate my insignificant sharing and opinions. Do keep in mind kee – I am just a frustrated person behind a keyboard. Unlike Anilnetto who is actively taking action in what he believes in, I am more of a coward : Talk (Or type in this case), but no action. After so many years following Anilnetto, I only just signup and register a WordPress account to comment here due to the PPS events. Perhaps it is my blood boiling at reading about the over-reaction of the Federal authorities, and the vocal comments here. No worries. you… Read more »

Kok Jing

We need meaningful comments from the likes of Kassim to counter the non sensible talk with corrupted hookien from tunglang.

By the way, tunglang in Mandarin means retarded guy. How appropriate!

Original Hokkien Lang

Can’t even spell the word hokkien, want to talk like …?


Hello Anil Netto. I didn’t know you replied to my comments. Thanks for the feedback : kinda too late though – I already went and done the registration. Oh boy. Kok Jing, thank you for the feedback. I would have been a silent reader on anilnetto.com , but the comments on the PPS issue really got my blood boiling. Well. Here I am. Not sure if it is a good thing. Thanks for the translation of ‘tunglang’ : I didn’t really know that. On ‘hokkien’ spelling, I stand corrected – Thank you. Kinda embarrassed at that – been relying on… Read more »


Someone try too hard to talk Cocky Hokkien like his venerable Cocky Tookong!
Hookien? My Gosh!
Also, Jinn in Malay means entities destined to the eternal lake of fire.
Cocky Jinn, what an unsavoury combination with little time left on earth!


Need not go and hit below the belt. No need to be like uncle sam against Iraq or one day encounter vc


“No worries. you won’t see me often (I prefer reading instead of typing), I will still lurking around.”

Really? Must be getting more brave by the hours pulling ‘belakang’ punches.
Learn a thing or two from kee?

Anyway, I detest lurking & weeping. Not a manly type to show support for a CAT Deity!


I cant believe it, they even target azmi sharom ???

They have gone crazy !!!

Years ago i put an ad for my missing mom, and the first call i received was from the volunteer people, they said they would help to look for my mom. It truly warmed up my heart. Are these people dangerous ???

No wonder crimes are rampant in this land !!!

Cry for malaysia !!!


Found in SP?

Old Folks Home

kee, lu old mommy at old folks home ka?


Why cry? Be like the rest. Unless your status is lower than them. You should think highly of them. See how they shoot and ask later at those gangsters in penang.


If the number of members in PPS is 900 to 1,000 doing voluntary task in Penang it should be fine but with the 9,000 and above members is indeed scary.


It is scary to see many lawyers waiting outside to help pps snd many vote in favour in anil’s blog. More scary to hear lecturer has been call up by polis.

Kiki Suriabati

Pakatan guna samseng? Patutlah mereka suka buat kacau buat demonstrasi di sana sini. Pakatan bodoh bangang.


Samseng hooligan merusuh di Stadium Kucing bila Sarawak gagal dalam Piala Malaysia.

Polis patut tumpu perhatian di sana!


At the end of this shamble the action of this IGP is only going to secure the opposition’s hold on Penang !


They will confirm themselves to be pathetic cowardly bullies and WILL NOT arrest any Unit Amal of PAS..Just you see..


The legal entity has to be challenge in the court. Why did igp did not fillow the law and court order in ipoh to look for the absconded man who take his youngster….


Please talk some sense. Zahid has said that they have received a letter from ROS that say that PPS is not in anyway registered registered with it. This is enough for the police and authorities to act as they are not registered. The CAT said they are legal. Since they have been arrested, its now up to the CAT and PPS to fight and prove in the court of law that they are a registered entity. He cannot simply said it is an agency of the state govt. Even an agency of the state govt must go to the proper… Read more »


MmTalk sense lah, that is where the state government differs. Talk justice and fairness. You do not what a third party and the court to make decision. Wants to be gungu ho like the polis did not heed the law and ipoh high court judge to execute order to look for the accused and one of the children with him.


31 August 2014 @ Copenhagen:
Di sini lahirmya seorang juara – Chen Long!


Some are just too dumb to distinguish between legal and illegal entity. Its just like saying since the illegal prostitude den is well managed and there is no trouble that the police should not take any action.


And like Kasin said, with due respect to those who feel that PPS is an “illegal” organization, before you make that judgement, have you thought about the benefits that it has (allegedly) provided to the few like the illegal prostitude den that cause no trouble but provide good services. … my goodness


I am giving as an example of bars and prostiude den that is illegal but provides the good service that their client need and did not cause any trouble, Should the police raid them. If by going by Kasim definition even if they are illegal, they should not be raided and prosecuted because they provide good services such as PPS in patrolling and these den in another type of good services. By his definition and view we can all bypass illegality during enforcement and only to make sure they do not cause trouble and provide good services. Do you think… Read more »

Silent Reader

Yang, Agree with you.
Been silent for a long time enough quietly reading anilnetto.com
Yes, illegal can be justified depending on how twisted is the brain.
Now, I go back to being silent reader again. No need to cry or weep for Penang.


Hooray. Yang is to tell police and ros to register prositution so that they can be a legal society in the society.well said and do


during Karpal Singh’s funeral this voluntary people helped so much and it was a smooth one .

TW Ong said it right if it were formed under gelakan then all would be fine but…

v v sad indeed with each day passing we only see darkness befalling this once lovely country.

cry for Malaysia !!!


Agreed kee. The PPS also helped out in previous years Merdeka celebrations after it was setup. So why, why did the federal government take action now, and why so “fast” and “efficient” just because of a police report filed against PPS (And ignoring the two other police reports by PPS against the individual), while ignoring all the other police reports filed against the police for lockup or police brutality? As for the rest, I would cry kee. But I am afraid I am getting a bit apathetic at how federal action is taken on state matters now – it won’t… Read more »


PPS’ job is not traffic coordinators or funeral directors but supposedly crime-fighting. We all know we can as RELA to do the same job. So why do we need PPS ? Police just confirmed among those arrested had drugs and also with criminal records. So is PPS helping to reduce crime and protect the rakyat or serve as guardians of the DAP’s regime and bully the political opponents ? For me, PPS are mere thugs in purple vest.

k suresh

Out of 10,000 PPS members, 11 had criminal records. Big deal! There are more crooks in UMNO. And many of these crooks are influential figures in the party.

So, why is the polis not doing its job but spending so much time digging into the affairs of PPS members?

If the polis were successful in doing its job in Penang, there would be no need for the PPS.


Home Ministry said it knew of 40,313 gangsters (from 49 gangs) in August 2013.
Now it knows of 10,000 PPS gangsters.
Great efficiency.
Perhaps the Home Ministry should also check on the 2.9 million illegal foreign workers based on information provided by Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot (2 September 2014)?