Man forgives soldier who blinded him


If you are finding it difficult to forgive someone, then this tale of reconciliation might be helpful.

Richard Moore has forgiven a British soldier who fired a rubber bullet and blinded him when he was just a child aged 10 in Northern Ireland. Now, they are friends.

Check out the story in the Scotsman here.

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A true Malaysian

This is Buddha’s teachings. There are many more.

You can learn more from

Gerakan K

This is a fairytale story that rarely happens in real life.

Even a very very minor traffic accident (may) cause a brutal fatal fight.

Andrew I

Yeah, and you might die crossing the road tomorrow, God forbid.


In the last days, men’s hearts will harden like stone, will corrupt sky high and will worship money as idol day and night. The Mighty One will still show His Love through examplary lives of good men like this man who forgave the one who blinded him. Unless men accept God’s Love and change, men with hardened hearts are doomed. Haughtiness, pride, love of self, love of paper money/financial wealth and altered egos will not secure one’s safe passage in this life, much less in the hereafter. The meek, the honest and the humble will indeed inherit the heaven and… Read more »

Gerakan K

Aiya Andrew I,

why so extreme one ??? I wish you in good health now and forever, OK ???


Whether TBH’s family will forgive the uncaught (suspected) murderers is a personal matter. The depth of grieve and loss is beyond our understanding or empathy. The more serious concern for the ‘suspected’ murderers is God has seen every detail of what has transpired, hatched, committed and denied / lied to hide a Devil’s sin only God himself can forgive or condemn to eternal damnation with Lucifer and his cohorts in brimstones and fire. So there is NO ESCAPE GOD’S WRATH. Either repent publicly (confess in the court of law) and receive spiritual salvation or be mentally tormented here and spiritually… Read more »


The victim must be able to see the genuine remorse written all over his face! otherwise, it will be, “An eye for an eye”
In Bolehland, I could not say truly from my heart, with intentional, unsolved murders, I have no such nobility!

Andrew I

Thanks for the heads up, Anil.

An eye for an eye? This is Jesus in action. People who preach should open their eyes. It’s not literal translations people are looking for, the quibbling over form of worship.

I’ve stopped going to church because when I come out, I don’t find peace. It’s about turning around more heathens, doing more fund-raising for the church and running down other denominations.

Well, this goes to show He didn’t die in vain.