Massive turnout at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests


Tens of thousands of people have converged at the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ encampment in New York in the largest protest against corporate greed since the movement began.

They have now been joined by a coalition of labour groups and students, and the protests are already spreading to other cities in the United States.

Police have reacted by whacking people with batons, spraying mace and arresting people.

We are in for a long American Autumn. Wake up, this is a resounding message against corporate greed – against the political-business barons who try to swindle the public with their subsidies to the corporate sector, financial bailouts, and back-room deals.

What lessons do they hold for us in Malaysia?

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Gerakan K

What lessons do they hold for us in Malaysia?



The days when convenient stores are ripped open by mobs, that will be expensive lessons too late!
Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah!

Andrew I

You know what, you should be in stand up comedy.

Now, there’s a compliment for you. The kings and queens of comedy will be in town soon. Or maybe Russell Peters might be looking for someone to open his show for him if he comes here. He was complaining he couldn’t find a Hongkong comedian to open his show there.

I’m sure you’ll bring the house down.


Why not?
Gelakan mah!
On another high note, Gerakan planning to take back Penang this coming GE. December will be a laughing stock month!


Talking about swindles and corporate greed… Najib is on TV right now, deliveringhis Budget speech. And on his … red baju melayu, is a badge with his beloved 1Malaysia logo. a badge which is decidedly senget. Fitting, I’d say. It reminds me strongly of how lopsided his policies, decisions and leadership (if that word can be used at all where Najib is concerned!) have been. Cronies, friendly newspapers, pro-UMNO demonstrators and assorted bodek-bodek loud-mouths are given kids-glove threatment; those on the other side are hammered and have their lives made difficult as far as possible, even to the extent of… Read more »

Andrew I

There’s no such thing as a free lunch…well, there is. Just ask any investment banker, fund manager or Roger the Dodger.


Trillionaries control the finance world today – Rothschild.


So what? Arab Springs are in the minds, in the air.


Speaking of protest, our DPM (as Education Minister) should protest that none of the Malaysian university made it into the recently released Times Higher Education (THE) 400 Top World Universities Ranking for 2011/12. The top Asian universities in the THE 400 World University Ranking 2011/12 are: 30 – University of Tokyo (Japan) 34 – University of Hong Kong (HK) 40 – National University of Singapore (Singapore) 49 – Peking University (China) 52 – Kyoto University (Japan) 53 – Pohang University of Science and Technology (S.Korea) 62 – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong) 71 – Tsinghua University… Read more »

Richie Hee

Malaysian universities claimed that the ranking is not fair as it gives high weightage on R&D activities which is not a priority in malaysian universities even the apex one.


I agree with the protest. I say … the bankers … They are the curse of humanity.

Super Senior

About time for us to ask the local fund managers why they are charging hefty 4-5% of commission for the unit trusts, on top of the annual management fees, whether or not the fund is profitable or not?

Investors takes the risks but fund managers are guaranteed of their profits!

Aunties Generation

commission here commision there no wonder boleh-land folks of all sectors are learning from the gomen for quick-rich activities.

time to have a more effective and corrupt-free administrator !

this aunty very saddened by events unfold and just can’t wait to see a turn for better for the sake of boys n girls generation of malaysia !!!!


This is what I called irresponsible non-performing trust fund management.
A Kia Su type of O-Bladies’ “you risk, I profit any how, any way, any time from your misery.”
It is high time to divert investment…
BTW, most ‘bloody’ fund managements are under the purview of O-Blady banks.

Richie Hee

Those buying Dana Johor also lost half of their investment, assuming they could recoup it!