Howard Zinn 1922-2010: American legend


The legendary American ‘people’s historian’ and anti-war activist Howard Zinn, author of the classic ‘A People’s History of the United States’, has passed away.

“You cannot depend on presidents; you cannot depend on elections and voting to solve your problems,” said Zinn.

One of his central themes was that ordinary people – through countless small acts of organising, struggling and clamouring for reforms – are the only ones who can turn the tide and push elected reps to make meaningful change. This a message that should resonate with many Malaysians disappointed with the antics of certain elected reps who are supposed to be furthering the reform agenda but instead end up betraying the people’s aspirations. Do not lose hope!

‘He was everybody’s favourite teacher, the teacher that changed your life,” observed writer Naomi Klein, “but he was that for millions and millions of people.”

He not only deconstructed the myths and illusions in the official version of history but also taught people to believe in themselves and to work for change – and to know that they are not alone. “Don’t believe in great men, believe in yourselves, history comes from the bottom-up. You make the change that you want,” was his constant message.

Howard believed there was no more meaningful action or fulfilling role in life than to struggle for justice. For an inspirational message from him on why we must not give up hope, go here.

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Angela Ooi
Angela Ooi
2 Feb 2010 3.02pm

Didnt Toyo’s ADUN spend $500,000 within ONE month just before the GE in March last year?

2 Feb 2010 12.08pm

Gerakan K.

Selcat is good.
In fact all Pakatan states performed admirably according to the Auditor General’s report.

It’s the BN states that need to emulate the high accountability standards set by PR.

Try extending the “CAT” to BN ruled states.
Personally, I don’t thing it’s possible because the patronage system will collapse if the “CAT” is allowed out and UMNO will not survival in clean governments.

It’s already a shame to remain in BN …

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
1 Feb 2010 5.13pm

—————– It is people themselves struggling for change who are the only ones who can push elected reps to make meaningful change —————– I agree with this statement. We need change from PR to BN in Selangor ASAP. Reason: 3 Selangor Pakatan reps hauled up over discrepancies, ie Ronnie Liu (DAP), Nik Nazmi (PKR) and Shuhaimi (PKR) ( Interesting points for Ronnie Liu (DAP): 1)Liu struggled to explain how he had spent 99 per cent of his RM600,000 annual allocation… [My comment: that is why MACC must step in to investigate and not SELCAT which headed by a DAP member]… Read more »

1 Feb 2010 6.24pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

You once again proved that you are a total and absolute … Gerakan, if you dont have anything intelligent to say, you should keep … your trap shut…

siew eng
siew eng
1 Feb 2010 7.04pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

Well, the list of wrongdoing by the previous BN government is so much longer with practically nothing done to bring the to justice that it’ll take Pakatan an equal number of years in power before I’d consider withdrawing my support for them. ABU.

On to more useful stuff, if you’re in KL, come to Howard Zinn’s tribute memorial.

Film Screening
Fri 5 Feb, 8pm
Presented by The Annexe Gallery & Friends
With the support of Central Market
Admission by RM2 donation

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
1 Feb 2010 10.44pm
Reply to  siew eng

Thanks for your support. The always innocent party finally proven guilty as well. Sweet dream busted!

1 Feb 2010 8.00pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

Gerakan K,

Think the Governemnt is doing a good job. It is Selcat who is doing the investigation you know? BN never did this, they just sapu.

Anyway, bro, do not trust any politician la.

1 Feb 2010 4.12pm

True! Cannot depend on DSAI or Najib, we need to struggle for change to make those elected reps to make meaningful change! All politicians cannot be trusted whether they are from the PR or BN!