As Fifa World Cup opens, a People’s Cup protest movement emerges in Brazil


As football fans around the world train their sights on the opening of the football World Cup opening, the real story is on the streets of Brazil, where hundreds of thousands of people are calling for affordable housing, better public hospitals and improved public schools.

Forget the World Cup and watch closely what is happening on the streets and witness the emergence of a real people’s movement for social justice. That spectacle is a thousand times more mesmerising than Lionel Messi’s mazy dribbling or Cristiano Ronaldo’s wizardry.

The protesters on the streets are alarmed at the billions of dollars spent on stadiums and other World Cup infrastructure at a time when other desperately needed public infrastructure has not received enough funding.

They are seething at the disconnect between government rhetoric about caring about the needs of the people and the reality on the ground of poverty and hopelessness. It tells you something that only a minority of Brazilians are interested in the World Cup in normally football-crazy Brazil.

This is what happens when a government forgets its promises to meet the real needs of the people for affordable food, housing, education, health care and public transport and instead squanders precious public funds on infrastructure and ‘development’ that do not benefit the teeming masses of humanity living with little hope.

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Don Anamalai

In India, people protest against the lack of punishment against gang rape.

New Delhi is now the capital of rape, a rape case every 22 minutes!
The police is (allegedly) not taking action if the rapists commit the crime against a lower caste victims!

eng hock

so MIC will tell the community this Bolehland is till safer than to migrate back to India ?
BUT what can MIC do if they (u know who) ask you all to balik ?


No different in Kelantan where a girl could be raped by 22 guys.
Do not forget tourists also got raped and killed in Terengganu.
Failure of Islam education in that state?
Or are the Malay youth too regulated in their thinking because of the oppressed Madrasah teaching?


Najib’s favourite World Cup team Spain was thrashed by Holland 5-1 this morning. Spain beat Holland to won the cup in 2010. So it is an omen to Najib that BN will lose in the next GE?


Muhyddin’s favourite’s is Englanf. Let’s see the result of England vs Italy tomorrow morning match.
If England also loses, then bad omen for PM & DPM ?


Both PM & DPM’s world cup team LOST.

Khairy’s Argentina won.

Don’t think you watch football after all the fuss on the street ?

Stylo Logan

Spain was knocked out after losing to Chile this morning.
Najib must be in bad mood now!
This is not a good sign for him, as he might be knocked out by Umno’s power grab?


England 0 Suarez 2 this morning. So the rumours that circulating iabout quiting DPM during cabinet reshuffle is bad omen as DPM may follow the fate of falling England ?


Meanwhile at the World Cup hockey, Malaysia lost all their games!


It is providing much needed jobs for various sectors .
And can Brazil still able to draw in the tourist after the World Cup.
The poor will remain poor if the govt is not creating jobs.
Also due to over population.


The govt of Brazil are not just interested in the poor and destitute. They are in the world cup just for prestige only. Like the CAT does he really care about affordable housing and care for the poor and destitute. Yes he will treat you senior citizen like beggar by giving you a pittance of RM100.00. He is more interested fast track development for the rich and powerful without concern for the environment and people otherwise … In the early stage, he said its ok if I have an old Merc and so belie your eye to change to a… Read more »


Every Anil’s posting will get such response from Yang whose motto in life is “eat, sleep, hentam CAT”…

Remember: Pain is inevitable, but misery is an option.

Sunny Ooi

Day in day out this Yang talk about CAT, regardless of topic. Really a difficult job.


He should have his own blog to vent his frustration. If your business model is clean, then there is no reason to fear or reject the CAT.


Based on the most recent transfer prices, the entire squad of players that are now in Brazil for the World Cup collectively worth £3.13 billion!

Brazilian kids dream to be top footballers to escape poverty.
While Malaysian kids dream to be BN cronies to get rich?


95% Brazilians rejoined with 3-1 victory over Crotia early this morning, while the 5% reaped the benefits of multi-billion crony business building stadiums, airports, hotels etc at the expense of education, healthcare etc of the 95% ???

Same in Penang many so carzy over the over-rated off Penang Road chendol making the boss the top 5% Penangites. Suggest to balance the Penang wealth distribution, locals for a start should patronise Lou Wong’s Chendol at Padang Brown. H’s in the 95% bracket and we should support him and his family in times of barang naik pressure.


The poor and rich divide in Brazil is apparent. Brazil is the nation with the most private jets, and some of our rich cronies will feel at home there. FIFA is full of financial scandal, the way Qatar bribed its way to host the 2022 World Cup.

Anyway, we should celebrate the joy of the World Cup. watch this excellent and creative World Cup art work by a Malaysian artist Red Hongyi: