Sound of freedom reaches Bahrain


Pro-democracy fervour is sweeping the North African and West Asian region. First Tunisia. Then Egypt. Now the people of Bahrain are rising.

This is the most popular song to emerge from the Egyptian pro-democracy uprising and vividly captures the mood of freedom and hope that is ripening in the region. (Click ‘cc’ on bottom right of the video box for English subtitles.)

People are also demanding freedom, justice and democracy in Libya, Yemen and Iran.

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Abang Adek

More like it’s also reaching University Malaya. Come on, let’s walk like Egyptians..!


It should start with Sarawak. Hopefully the people of Sarawak especially the rural and poor can wake up now and kick out BN and the Taib adminsitraion together with the PM…. We must now put a stop to 53 years of true lies and half truth by BN and the PM not forgeting the BN UMNO (sycophants) such as Gerakan, MCA and MIC etc

James Bond

When will it come to Malaysia…


Beautiful and inspiring song. Thanks.