Yet another hill-slope protest in Tg Bunga


Yet another “tea party” in Tanjung Bunga, Penang. This time residents gathered over Diwali near the Pearl Hill town houses to protest against property development projects on steep hill-slopes.

Photos by a Tg Bunga resident.

In this instance, they wanted to draw particular attention to the Dynamic HomePro town house project located right below the Pearl Hill town houses and in front of the homes of residents of Solok Tan Jit Seng.

Among those present at the “tea party” was the Penang state assembly member for Tanjung Bunga, Teh Yee Cheu (in denim jeans and white T-shirt), who also addressed the crowd.

The gathering called on the state government to:

  • To put an IMMEDIATE and PERMANENT stop to all projects which have not been started on Class III and IV hill slope gradients;
  • To rehabilitate the presently denuded steep slopes which potentially threaten the lives and property of all residents living above and below such slopes;
  • To END any further approvals of development projects on Class III and Class IV Hill Slopes, as stipulated in the guidelines issued by the Housing and Local Government Minister, dated 12 August 2009;
  • To realise that it has a very important role to play to safeguard the lives and property of the citizens of Penang, and to demonstrate its commitment in writing and take above firm & drastic actions.
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Gerakan K

Well said lineclear. LGE will turn Penang into tokyo concrete city! But what can we do now?


Thank goodness.., it’s about time Pg Gomen get goin with developing the island. It’s been in stand still for tenths of years. So much land laid barren. I welcome this changes. Go DAP…


Bros The Auditors report indicated that the LGE Govt is actively converting land status and issuing mineral extraction licence much more than the previous BN government. During BN Govt, the Developers were unhappy about the snail pace the projects being approved because they are answerable and have to take care of UMNO,MCA, GERAKAN, MIC n PPP,,, Projects like Kg Buah Pala Oasis, Tanjong Bungah,Penang Hill, Botanical Garden , Seasides, PORR, PGCC were on snail paces.. because not all BN component parties are willing to sleep with Developers. Now with LGE Govt… the Developer need only meet ONE and the ONLY… Read more »

Kah Seng

Pearl Hill hill slope is still delicate and dangerous. The 2 recent rock falls may be closely related. I observe that the higher rock fall’s landing point is less than 100 meters from the starting point of the lower fallen rock. The first one may have shaken the second one loose! Home some engineers and surveyors can check that out. You won’t realize the 2 rocks are related by walking on the winding path. But seen from the satellite, they is a nearly straight alignment of the 2 rocks. Let me try to include the image here, From Penang or… Read more »


Yo resident, don’t you have the slightest idea that the land surrounding your house is going to be develop one day when you bought it many years ago? Halooo….you bought just the house, not the whole hill. Owned up please. Be responsible for your own investment.

Gerakan K

Hello seage, I’m glad that you miss my comment and thus my comment will worth more value. I will highlight this to relevant people. Just bank-in my pay check for my work, so I have no time to comment. Anyway in this case, I do not think LGE administration will do anything to stop (even to pause a while for proper evaluation) because for them, Development Above People. It is sad to be penangite under current development crazy government.

Khoo Jin Hup

Hahaha……..I just burst out laughing!!! 20 years ago, residents along Jln Marie Pitchay, Jln Cheah Phee Cheok, Jln Haji Rafaie…etc were protesting again the hillside development of the “flats on stilts” in Pearl Hill. Of course, nothing happened and these flats were built. 20 years later, the residents whom are staying on the “flats on stilts” are protesting against development of houses below them on Solok Tan Jit Seng. Those whom are staying on hillslopes are now protesting against hillslope development!!!! Many of those who protested 20 years ago are now in another world and probably flipping in their respective… Read more »

uncle buck

You are right 101%. Who ask them to buy the property, from the very beginning those apartment looked so dangerous, everyday I look at it, I fear for the residents, just wonder how in the world could anybody could buy a unit and stay there and never fearing for their life with or without any development at the foot hill/slope.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil Sorry for going off topic. But I would like to post this list for people to consider: BRAINSTORMING FOR MALAYSIA Malaysia establishes a National Health Service (like the NHS in the United Kingdom) Malaysia starts a programme of “Healthy Cities” and “Healthy Communities” Malaysia introduces a programme to “green” its cities and towns Malaysia introduces a system of “fair price shops” to sell affordable basic foods to poor people (like in Kerala, India) Malaysia nationalizes its water, power and sanitation companies Malaysia introduces a Finland-style system of primary and secondary education Malaysia introduces a U.S.-style system of higher… Read more »


where is Gerakan K? He usually commented here on any articles on the first instance and quick to point out the fault of others with his sarcastic and non-constructive comments.