What’s happening to Sungai Kelian in Penang?


Back to earth. Independent filmmaker Andrew Ng was quick to try and trace the source of the teh tarik-coloured river water after a Penang-based activist noticed a change in the colour this afternoon. Over to MBPP.

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Where is lone ranger Teh?


Ask tunglang. He speaks very highly of him. Or now he abandons Teh? So easy to tickle some greenies. But at that moment, rakyat is concerned with dummo mismangement


Go get a job. Spinning is bad for your reputation. Esp. spinning from imagination! Bad job! Anyway, Teh was & will still be doing a good job of check & balance, which may cause irritation to your zoro-health! Otherwise, without Teh, more botak hills, more calamities, more deaths in Penang. You want CM Chow to ‘sin-s…’ (take over the s…)? Anyway, whoever that approved rampant hill cuttings in the name of grand development may not be in Penang to continue this ill-legacy. Hopefully, Greener & Cleaner Penang has more relevance & tangible rule of law for environment under leadership of… Read more »


Ah pek Oredi told you that is my job. You did a better job than teh kau beh kau bu . Spinning about death. The builder did not do a better jib in stabiling the man made slope.

Caméron Kang

Anil Netto no plan to activate FB instant article?


Andrew, the next time you go exploring the hills, do bring along a long hiking pole. My experience while hiking the hills off Air Itam Dam on my way (never done this trail before) to Sg Pinang – I came to a farm homestead where more than 5 dogs were barking fiercely at me & blocking my path. I immediately swung my 2 Komperdell hiking poles (with pointed tips) & charged at them like a mad man. You know what? They just scuttled back to the farm, some with tails in between their shaky legs! In such an encounter, my… Read more »


The owner must really have good dogs. The dogs defend their territory, doing their job and protect their master’s property. What are dogs for?
Otherwise report tunglang to rspca. Tunglang thinks animals have no rights. Humans only?