Jalan Kelawei – an update


Update: Apparently, there are no plans to widen Kelawai Road. What’s happening there is a lot of work on drainage improvement and the laying of common trenching for utilities.

Those who see any illegal tree-cutting should report to MPPP.

Meanwhile, the Council is still considering proposals for a one-way system.

Some folks have just sent out this email alert. MPPP should clarify.

Jalan Kelawei is of course the site of a few high-rise and high-density projects in the pipeline.

Watch out – are they cutting trees on Kelawei?

The huge beautiful ancient trees on Kelawei Road seem to be in danger. On 30 November heavy machines were digging the roots around one of them in front of the Gurney construction site. Of course this caused traffic congestion but it should cause much more: worries about what plans are afoot for that shady avenue! One of the last ones left in Penang.

Instead of saving it by turning Kelawei into a one-way street, city government might be planning to widen it! At most that would bring some temporary relief. There are rules about cutting down ancient trees. Are they being followed? Or are developers taking a shortcut and destroy before permission is granted?

Worried residents of Tanjong Bunga

Residents of Tanjong Bunga are also worried about a high-rise condo project that appears to be sprouting in the Lembah Permai area while Pykett residents are similarly concerned about what’s happening in their area.

Meanwhile, I hear Beach Street and nearby areas were congested this morning – parking chaos – as the Fort Cornwallis car park was taken over in preparation for some event.

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Syiok Syiok
Syiok Syiok
2 Dec 2011 11.21am

ai yah a lot of happenings in Penang some say this some say that (eg kao pei kao boh) so just sit back n relax and when voting use your conscience for the future of your children/gradchildren.

ngos always talk talk talk and it’s always Easier Said Than Done; like Shakatak (now in penang for tomorrow’s Jazz performance).

i can’t afford the ticket so i share their famous song with you all :

Swatow Peng
Swatow Peng
4 Dec 2011 10.27am
Reply to  Syiok Syiok

Good song!

1 Dec 2011 5.45pm

Not all the trees are worth keeping. I was nearly killed a year ago walking on the sidewalk there, when a branch heavy enough to kill or cause serious injury dropped less than 3 feet in front of me. In good weather, mind you. A split second more, and I wouldn’t be in this world any more. I lodged a complaint with the MPPP, the officer was nice enough to respond to me – surprise ! Some of these trees are considered dangerous because they drop heavy parts of branches regularly. They have been earmaked for culling but “ada pihak… Read more »

1 Dec 2011 6.15pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

It’s easy to blame the trees when they have no eyes to see which ghost is passing by.
MPPP should do the job of regularly monitoring these trees unless some insurance companies in Penang decides to sell death by trees insurance.
Next the hills with super-condos will crumble to cause death or injuries and some blokes will say let’s remove the hills!

Bowen Liu
Bowen Liu
2 Dec 2011 11.03am
Reply to  Anil Netto


I was in Singapore recently. While at Orchard Road I managed to take some pictures of the authority pruning the branches of the trees lining the shopping belt. Let me know how I could upload the pictures to show to your readers.

1 Dec 2011 8.57pm
Reply to  kittykat46

kittycat, am glad that you are not harm or hurt in anyway, thank God !!!

Ya, a foreigner was killed in Botanical garden some years ago by the falling branches.

Indeed, MPPP must be attentive and do their job well.

I love tress. One big tree = 10 airconditioners

1 Dec 2011 9.24pm
Reply to  kittykat46

kittycat, thank God you were not harm or hurt !!!

Remember, a foreigner was killed in the botanical gardens when he was hit by the fallen branches. I hope tragedy like that will never happen again.

MPPP, please be attentive, thank you !!!

i love tress . One big tree = 10 airconditioners

3 Dec 2011 9.56pm
Reply to  kittykat46

I agree with Anil and tunglang. Cities all over the world have huge trees lining their walkways. It provides good shade and greatly enhances the appeal of streets. People do not die walking under these trees because they are well cared for and the weak or dying branches are pruned so that they don’t pose a danger. The problem here is that the council doesn’t seem to act unless there is a complaint or accident. We shouldn’t blame nature when it is the fault of humans. We cannot be cutting down every tree because an old branch could fall and… Read more »

1 Dec 2011 4.32pm

I was thinking if Catholic Church didnt sell that previous piece of land, then, today Kelawei will remain a much peaceful area.

However, i heard that Catholic Church had no choice but to let go…

Yes, we need to protect the old tress, can be trim for safety but never chop down, no way !!!

Thank you for the watchful eyes, including Anil’s !!!

1 Dec 2011 3.49pm

This is the price of unregulated, unintegrated development. Cutting trees is the most convenient way to widen a road or an excuse for less maintenance (hard) work on old ancient trees. Do we smell the apparent lackadaisical culture of public work maintenance here? For whatever reasons, this is going against the policy of greening George Town for a cleaner, healthier air. And without these huge, shady trees, cycling is going to be a sauna affair. No use having cyclist lanes or demarcated traffic flow for safety of cyclists. After a huge ancient tree is brought down, one will see a… Read more »