Tribute to the mountain guide heroes of Kinabalu


This is a tribute to the selfless mountain guides who participated heroically in the rescue of stranded climbers on Mount Kinabalu in the aftermath of the recent quake.

What they lacked in fancy equipment, they more than made up for through sheer creativity, improvisation and courage.

Meanwhile, Najib visited Ranau yesterday, four days after the quake, to inspect the damage. Here he explains why helicopters could not be used in the rescue operations. Clouds, etc…

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gk ong
gk ong
19 Jun 2015 2.16pm

Channel News Asia’s tribute to the Sabah mountain guides, Hearts of Courage:

11 Jun 2015 10.15am

Allow me to share my experience at Gunung Kinabalu. I twisted my ankle midway during ascend but my dedicated guide by my side all the way. Because of injury sustained, I took longer hours to reach Laban Rata. Next day during descent, also longer than usual time to reach ground. The point I would like to make is this mountain guide was dedicated although I asked him to leave me alone during descent so that he could make more money guiding others on that day. He insisted stay on with me and by the time we reached the ground he… Read more »

gk ong
gk ong
11 Jun 2015 8.28am

To most rural Sabahans, Najib is still their hero because he gives the BR1M to them. I help you, you help me.