Trees near USM chopped; Peel Avenue palms tagged

Trees chopped along Jalan Sungai Dua

Before the controversy over the 21 trees chopped in Tanjung Bungah could subside, another half a dozen roadside trees along Jalan Sungai Dua near USM were chopped on the eve of Raya.

More trees having to be chopped to make way for road-widening? Or are they diseased – but half a dozen in a row all diseased?

Meanwhile, a worried resident was alarmed to see the stately palms along Peel Avenue and Pierce Road suddenly being tagged. What’s going on there?

Meanwhile, check out this argument that narrower streets actually make cities safer, if not more pleasant and calm.

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M Pillay

Blame it on the rise of motor vehicles. They pay tax to drive on roads so priority given over the trees?
Less private owned vehicles, less sacrifice to be made.
Those who hate tree chopping should give up driving cars to set example, otherwise deemed hypocrites themselves.

Siong Yee

Penangites love their cars more than the trees.
They prefer wider roads for smoother driving?
Otherwise there will be people hugging the trees.


You are right. Penance people including those from Forum will continue to drive til traffic congestion so public transportation has no chance.


Wider roads = speed driving = accident prone
Wider roads = kia su mentality = road rage
Wider roads = not safe for pedestrian & elderly road crossing
Wider roads = less trees = less shades for pedestrians
Wider roads = more asphalt surface generating more heat = more heat in the atmosphere
Wider roads = no domesticated dogs + cats will survive any road crossing
Wider roads = loss of green grounds to impermeable asphalt surfaces = more rain water run-offs instead of seeping into soil

Still fancy wider roads?


Narrow road burn more petrol and cause global warning
Narrow road spend more tine on road and reduce effiency and productivity
Narrow road split famlies. By time cond they have to go to bed


Did you shout for wider road when you were in traffic jam while sending your daughter for her exam?


It’s not about wanting a wider road but a smooth flow of traffic which was & is the norm, heavy traffic or not.
That day, 2 accidents happened at the idiot kia-sus just left the vehicles in the middle of the road causing massive jam. Not helped by the absence of traffic polis.
So, who was wanting a wider road just b’cos of kia-su accident > traffic jam?


Ah pek, why do you help to push it to one side? U muster some rambos or call pg forummers for sos


I move to mainland years ago cannot stand traffic congestion on the island!


The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) urged the people to engage in cultivating organic plants in an effort to increase consumer awareness about the benefits of organic crops.

Its education officer N.V. Subbarow said CAP was aware that the issue of fake food has led many consumers to have doubts about the food.

Plant herbs if cannot plant tree.

Daryl Deng

Every landed household must plant a tree, make it a law.


Keep calm maybe trees already got disease.


We are now suffering heat wave everyday & they are still at the recalcitrance of indiscriminate tree-cutting!


No, heat wave from air condition. Everywhere even in houses, cars and buses they wanted to be air conditioned


Use too much air conditioning end up heat is dissipated to atmosphere, simple thermodynamics, give rise to climate change.

Please use fan to be more environmentally friendly.


South china newspaper said that shenzhen is cleaner than hong land and new york. The public buses are almost 100% electric and has 3 times more electric bus than New york. Ah chan has advance and can sing elecrric dream


How dare they simply chopped trees without a consensus! Stand up, Penang Forum! Don’t you give out!


You ask pg forum to stand up but u sit down


Get the facts first before screaming and manipulate by those with agenda.

Tay Soon Poh

Big issue if the species are rare, endemic or indigeneuos species…

Tay Soon Poh

No big deal… Replant…. Not rare or endemic species… mostly alien species… in Australia, non indigeneuos species considered feral!!!