Bukit Kukus: Timeline of degradation


Is this for property development or sand-mining? Notice how close this is to a residential area. Is this what we want for Penang?

Thanks to blog visitor tunglang for sending in these photos. The ‘scalped’ hill, he says, is at the end of Jalan Bukit Kukus. This botak-ed hill faces the parallel Lebuh Rambai 1 and is perpendicular to Lebuh Rambai 2, 3, 4 and 5.

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Imagine staying at Lebuh Rambai 1 vicinity with your backdoor immediately facing red earth & dust & daily noises of tractors digging. And huge rocks protruding from the scalped side of the hill. Imagine having sleepless nights when it rains cats & dogs. Imagine losing a once tranquil view of green trees & melodic burong merbok songs & nightly orchestra of cicadas. Imagine losing cooling fresh air to dusty arid air. Imagine having to bear with this backdoor environment disaster for 5+ long years while somebody profited from this (for more years to come?). Who would want to buy such… Read more »


Oh dear, that must be the worst we can ever see !

gk ong

Tunglang please take care of your safety unless you are using telephoto lens away from the site that could have gangsters guarding the secret of the illegal activities od sand mining.


Yes, don’t play play with those subversive elements.


Don’t play-play with God’s creation.
We now have El Nino for hot con & unpredictable storms.
Like it or not, we are now (collectively) living in pay back time.
May God be merciful & spare those who are innocent.


I am more afraid of Kuntilanak (Pontianak) & the disembodied entities of the Nusantara ancient rainforest than any other living things. Once in broad daylight in Mahang Rainforest while my fellow 4-wheeler buddies (all of them) went for an obstacle mission (to remove a fallen tree on a trail), I was left alone to jaga the camp site. As I was packing my stuffs onto my truck, the site suddenly became void of sound, much like a vacuum. No cicada, no birds, no nothing. My acute 6th sense alerted me I was being watched & surrounded by something from the… Read more »


Anil do take note of Botak Hills at Perai visible from 1st Penang Bridge as you drive there towards mainland.

Richard Ma

Got to know your site from the alert by Goh’s article on The Sun today.
Good to see that there is one good blogger like you in Penang echoing the views of Penangites.


Yes, you spot on! May be they clear mainland hill to fill the reclaimed site.
Heard opposite Queensbay Mall the seaside being fenced up, is is for reclamation to build Velodrome?
Appreciate if Anil had latest news on Spice People Park whether SP Setia has scrapped it. Looks like commercial buildings are up instead? Thanks


I think Anil should have his own column on The Sun.
Thumbs up if you agree.


The Chinese has a saying that a mountain cannot accommodate 2 tigers. The Sun has already got Nades. Anyway I give thumbs up for Anil.


Anil, the ‘scalped’ hill is at the end of Jalan Bukit Kukus. This botak-ed hill faces the parallel Lebuh Rambai 1 & is perpendicular to Lebuh Rambai 2, 3, 4 & 5.