TBRA calls for urgent investigation into forest fires


It looks as if things (fires and hill clearings) have been happening on the hills of Penang while the rest of us are under lockdown. This statement has just been released by the Tanjung Bunga Residents Association:

The Tanjung Bunga Residents Association (TBRA) is very disturbed to learn about the fires that destroyed 7.3ha of forests along Jalan Chee Seng yesterday evening.

We fear that this may be due to the illegal clearing of forests and lands by irresponsible hands for reasons that are unknown to us.

The forests are located close to water catchment areas. and it is most bizarre for fires to naturally occur in these areas.

We call on the state and relevant government agencies to investigate and explain what exactly went on and to take urgent measures to prevent such fires from happening.

We certainly hope that this is not the work of ‘invisible hands’ that have other motives for clearing the forests.

Urgent investigations and an explanation are needed from our state and local authorities.

Meenakshi Raman is the chair of the TBRA.

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TBRA should run for state election to get their voices heard and actions follow up.

TBRA need to share vision statements now to gain serious attention.


Bush fires like in Australia due to climate change?

Tanjung Bunga Residents must take the lead to reduce their carbon footprint, drive less or car pool to reduce CO2 emissions that create green house effect.


Sultan Johor: Chinese immigrants came to Malaysia as Tetamu (guest), not Pendatang. Ultra Umno folks must take note.



After what has happened to Malaysiakini, readers must be careful with comments here otherwise Anil may get into trouble. Anil will likely practise stricter censorship from now on?


Happy Niu Year to all!

Stay healthy and get vaccinated soon!


Kek Lok Si CNY 2021 Light Up

A sight for tourists who miss Penang.


Hopefully with the new DidikTV in place of NTV7 our students can learn the correct pronunciation of English words.


This Steven Goh may be the next Tunglang on island to continue the mission to promote Penang Syreet Food?



Penang Char Kway Teow business as usual on Chinese New Year, despite absence of outstation customers due to MCO 2.0


Another 10 years, no more street food. The older generation will retired. The young ones will go high tech or Sinkapore where $$$ are much better, See how little our RM has shrink? Why shrink and even less than LOS?

Mai Guan Tou

Singapore needs young Malaysians to inherit culture and ply the trade on the red dot. Many young Malaysian chinese have been getting their PR in Singapore just by becoming hawkers.


read star paper. covid naik lagi like naik harga. enough Covid? One need 2 jabs. Maybe after 6 months merry go round. See the praises given to dg is true or not?


Fine 0.5M more than 0.2M! What has anwar been doing? Where is the leadership quality? Uncle Kit is getting old and eyes getting tired and voice lost the roar especially without the Tiger of Jelutong around. The Rest are muzzled with cases like silencer pointing.


Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (Gerakan) has officially joined Perikatan Nasional (PN).


Lunar New Year boost for Dominic? Can he bring Penang seats to PN to boost Abah’s position?


Gerakan Ong Mali for PN

Abah needs Gerakan as sidekick to portray multi-racial alliance for PN, like MCA to BN.


Aftermath of T Thomas revealations in his book :


Many interpretations aand denials and the rakyat can get to the bottom once the matters go to court????


How to social distance at Pasar Malam?

Happy Chinese New Year to all readers!
May come vaccine come soon to end Covid 19.


No budget to have forest rangers to guard the hills flora fauna n wildlife?

May be land clearing for musang king or black thorn durians?


No lone ranger? but how about tonto? Malaysia mata very friendly. They sapu everything. So have about making report? They have all the ability and resources. Goi go go.


I just noted the new regulation that we must use the app at shops etc. instead of writing – “except where Internet is unavailable”. So, according to the gomen, everyone has a smart phone or can get one immediately. What about the impoverished? What about robbery or theft?


Gurney Wharf – a game changer for Penang and Malaysia?

Different people have different opinions on this matter.


Police report kau tim. EC. Here, anything, make report, then the investigation shows will go on. Report here is a standard practice like eating kachang putih. By their ability, it is sup sup sui as all kinds and many kinds of report have been made before,