Take a look at this map, and the severe floods may not come as a surprise


The blotches in red indicate forest loss from 2000 to 2012. Add in climate change and the urge to pour concrete and tar on any green space we can get hold of … and do we really have to look much further?

Deforestation 2000-2012: Click to enlarge
Deforestation 2000-2012: Click to enlarge

Now read this article: NASA detects surge in deforestation in Malaysia, Bolivia during first quarter of 2014

Forest loss in Peninsular Malaysia. Some of Malaysia's forest loss included replanting of existing plantations — the current version of the map does not distinguish between natural forest cover and plantations - Image: mongabay.com
Forest loss in Peninsular Malaysia. Some of Malaysia’s forest loss included replanting of existing plantations — the current version of the map does not distinguish between natural forest cover and plantations – Image: mongabay.com

Some serious questions should be asked:
– who is responsible for monitoring and protecting our forests?
– how are timber concessions awarded? who monitors this?
– is there corruption involved?

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gk ong

Anil should reproduce the front page photo of The Sun today showing ‘State of Devastation’ of the forests in Gua Musang, Kelantan, caused by unbridled logging and land clearing, that contributed to the serious flooding in Kelantan.

Picture tells a thousand words.


So much focus on Kelantan but not the logging world champions.


Why attention only on Kelantan? What about the other Malaysian champions? Or are the natives unimportant?


As waters slowly start to recede, the scale of damage caused by floods in northeast Malaysia is becoming clearer. Thousands of people have been left homeless. Rebuilding communities is expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Al Jazeera’s Karishma Vyas reports from Kota Bharu in Malaysia’s Kelantan state:


Some cowards and opposition don’t do any thing for the country, just sitting and criticizing, some heroes like the PM sacrifice for the country, those are truly Malaysia best.

Ed G

What did he sacrifice other than his holidays (which might have been financed by the taxpayers’ money in the first place)? Does sacrificing ones holidays and going around visiting flood victims accompanied by a delegation of subordinates, bodyguards and news personnel constitute to heroism? In any case, I understand that many ordinary Malaysians have at one time or other cancelled their holidays or vacations, which were paid for by themselves, due to the call of duties.


The 1Malaysia Airbus plane 9M-NAA had flown from Honolulu to Kuala Lumpur, going through the cities of Los Angeles, Indianapolis, back to Los Angeles, New York, Dubai and Bangkok. With the price of global jet fuel pegged at RM7.68 per gallon, the mystery passenger of 9M-NAA has racked up fuel usage totalling RM494,404.



If 1PM is on holiday, then he should not have used the 1Malaysia jet plane 9M-NAA. The 1Malaysia plane 9M-NAA has flown round the world from Kuala Lumpur to Hawaii, to Los Angeles, to Indianapoli, to New York, to London, to Dubai to Bangkok. 1PM must explain who were onboard and the purpose of this round-the-world trip on tax payers’ money.

Stylo Logan

A clear case of abuse of power?

Already many in the Umno camp are not happy and may use this issue to discredit Jibby.

gk ong

The environmentalists have claimed that clearcutting of forests for Kelantan’s controversial “ladang rakyat” (people’s plantation) programme was a cause of the massive floods that hit the state.

gk ong

Cheaper Thai goods fir the flood victims? Bakti need to stretch the Ringgit?

Dr Syam

2014 year end hot topics being flooding and plane crashing.

The new talk in coffeeshops and markets (personally witnessed) is the reality of “patrol turun barang naik” causing hardships to 90% in Malaysia !


If the food price is not reduced, the vendor should at least reinstate the portion of food affected by rationing when petrol price is hiked?


Also where’s Rosmah?

Dr Syam

To those who are concerned with Rosmah’s whereabouts, the article below throws some light. Apparently our 1st Lady could be sourcing flood rescue items in London, New York & Dubai. Do check out TV3 tonight welcoming her heroic return !

The government jet which Datuk Seri Najib Razak had used to fly to the United States landed in Bangkok, Thailand, today at 11.11am, after having been in London, New York, and Dubai.

gk ong

As we ushered in 2015, please ponder if the high income nation of Vision 2020 could be achieved.

Just look at this revelation:

1) the average Malaysian wage earner has to work 98 years to obtain the same earnings of an average CEO in 2011, according to the report, which was commissioned and published by the United Nations Development Programme.

2) Roughly one out of two Malays, non-Malay Bumiputera, Chinese and Indians also have no immediate liquid financial assets, making them vulnerable in the event of an employment or income shock.


any update whereabouts of 1st Lady Rodman? No sight of her leading Bakti ladies to offer semangat to flood victims?
Some say she is still at USS buying gifts for the flood victims but still no sight?

gk ong

Flood relief effort is not in the scope of Bakti?


Happy New Year to all. is the deforestation study done by University of Maryland as indicated on the map? Why our apex universities do not consudt such study? About time for Universiti Malaysia in Kelantan to undertake such study (asumming htey have the capability and know-how) and present the study to DPM, who should address the 3 questions posed by Anil (assuming DPM reads this blog). Already we have witnessed several landslide at Cameron Highlands lately claiming innocent lives. Penang should prevent such tragedy and keep the pristine vegetation of its hills. No botak hill for developers, please, for the… Read more »

gk ong

The top five “slush funds” in the Prime minister’s Department, namely development project, special project, people-friendly project, facilitation fund and development for five corridors, totalled RM7.8 billion (8 times the 2015 budget of the Penang state governmen). Surely Najib can repriotise and channel half of these funds to flood mitigation program. He may even win back Kelantan if he could show such effort to the Kelantan folks.

gk ong

Deforestation due to National Tinber Policy? Now rakyat is suffering because of the flood.

Najib told flood victims that flood mitigation will be addressed in 11th Malaysian Plan, PROVIDED the nation has the money.


Msia revenue 30% from Petronas, and 2015 budget is based on oil price above US$100. Now patrol 40% cheaper meaning some expenditure to trim down? If such the case, less productive bloated government civilians need to get pay cut?

gk ong

With depreciated Ringgit, likely to have supplementary budgets like before to spend more, but miraculously BN can still tell us it could narrow the deficit.


Tan Sri Dr Kamal Salih, an adjunct professor of Economics and Development Studies at Universiti Malaya has warned that the national budget for 2015 was unsustainable if it is not revised to account for the price drop in the commodity, of which Malaysia is a net exporter.


Less subsidy or more taxes is expected to make up for the shortfall?


The real reason for the Kelantan floods http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/highlight/2015/01/04/the-real-reason-for-the-kelantan-floods/ Except: The problem in Malaysia is that we allow men and women to play politics with our lives. We are held back by weak politicians on both sides of the political divide. Once we elect a man to office, we think that is the end of our problems. It is not. Politicians, like children, need to be constantly reminded of their responsibilities. Politicians are in office to serve the needs of the people. Our MPs have been elected to work, to serve us, to make our lives better; but if they cannot… Read more »


Correction: Excerpt.

Ed G

This is precisely why the right to freedom of expression cannot be taken way under the guise of preservation of national harmony or public order by loosely worded and discretionary laws such as the Sedition Act or the ISA.