What’s happening at Bukit Gambir in Penang?


Several people have been complaining about a hill-slope at Bukit Gambir near USM in Penang Island that has been stripped bare.

Photograph: Utusan
Photograph: Utusan

Have you noticed this bald patch? It is apparently visible as you approach the island from the Penang Bridge.

What do you think? Is this a risky Class 3 or Class 4 hill-slope? Should such a project be allowed?

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Hills in Cameron Highlands ‘raped’ at an alarming rate

Read this


This is virgin jungle and raped. Why is the idiot GK not commenting on this ???


There was a part gravel-laden, part muddy road being built in early 2000s from Gua Musang thro’ virgin jungles linking to a new winding but dangerous highway to Cameron Highlands. While off-roading this bone-shaking road (about 30-50ft wide), I could see heavenly misty rainforest all round with no signs of human habitation nor even met a single 4WD vehicle on that day. It’s like an abandoned half-built road destined to waste. Even followed rhino tracks on the mud road & heard its warning ruffling in nearby bush, which was like striking a Da Ma Cai! My estimate is more than… Read more »


Logging roads are usually about 20 ft width or less, even for huge timber trucks rolling on 5ft high wheels! And most are slippery mud + sand & not gravel-laden, a material which are suited for tar road building for normal vehicles use. My previous bone-shaking experience in the 90s was driving on such gravel-laden road (before it was tarred) off from North-South Highway to Teluk Anson. Another feature of logging roads is an eroded ravine in the centre of the path which 4WD vehicles astride until the ravine is too wide & deeply eroded over time. By then, you… Read more »

Ravi Vijaya

How sad it is that even such a critical environmental issue is viewed with a political perspective by most commenters here. The apathy towards the environment by Penangites is deplorable. It’s all about politics now. Not many actually give a damn about nature. The way I see it, politicians will come and go but we will never regain our destroyed natural heritage. Hills, beaches, rivers, forests, flora and fauna that give Penang its unique identity will gradually disappear while you argue about politics and defend politicians and their politically expedient policies. By the time anyone realises that Penang is no… Read more »

Gerakan K

Dap gomen can do whatever as it likes. Even, flatten any bukit. Who ask you to grant them power with super majority ???

Andrew I

Better than a gomen that can flatten a bukit of money.

Andrew I

…and somemore turn it into a crater

Sharke Norman

Who cares what happened in Bukit Gambir, m moving to Putrajaya anyway.


The picture you posted from Utusan is not the area concerned. It’s actually on top of the hill, which can be seen from Penang Bridge. Hope something must be done to preserve Penang’s green area…


The state govt is doing its best to preserve greenery in the state. For development you will have to level land and some greenery. This unavoidable. But the govt are planting 10 trees for every trees that are being leveled. I think that is fair enough.

Gerakan K

Don’t complain when it’s you voted out Gerakan out of Penang. Now go suffer another 5 years.


Who suffer. The poor and very poor that is so thankful for the handout not realizing that they will have to pay back 10 times to the Cheat.

Price of Gradenia bread now increased 40c in Sabah. Petrol will follow soon. It will soon have a spillover effect. Now the spillover effect has already been felt. All of you gonna suffer for crumbs

Haha development is what we want. Maybe GK can ask his Cheap PM to build houses and development with leveling land.


Hello gelak k you are still around !!! But gerakan dies a second time, painful isn’t it???

If today Penang is under BN I bet there won’t be any hills left !!!

Gerakan K

Anwar failed 2 times to win GE, painful isn’t it ??? BN uninterrupted since merdeka as gomen of Malaysia, painful isn’t it ??? By the way, judging from GE13 result, BN do not need support from the chinese to form gomen. No need to talk big about the Dap achievement in defeating Gerakan/MCA. You are fated to be defeated as long as you have PAS as partner and Anwar as your team chief.

Andrew I

Yeah, judging from GE result, Dino K.

Albert Goh

I think MPPP is not working. Just because it’s election time, MPPP also goes on holiday. This is so obvious, The bald can be seen coming from Butterworth via Penang Bridge. Penang state government, please do something instead of just relying on the slow motion MPPP to act. Nothing comes out from them.


Penang should build home underground.

Because cut hill slope or build high rise people all complain!

Ravi Vijaya

Maybe you and anyone else who doesn’t see the need to complain about the loss of our natural heritage should start living underground then, Zain.

Ravi Vijaya

It seems that the authorities can not even confirm if an EIA for the project has been done! Reportedly, no planning permission application was received but approval was given. What’s going on? Name and shame the authorities too.


Why the relevant council approve the development? Shaming is one thing, but the authority need to do their job right. We as consumers can boycott the development, and dont buy or rent.

buah pala

Name and shame the landowner and developer!