The ‘war’ on trees


This tree made me marvel at the resilience of Nature. It was one among a row of trees that were hacked down to make way for thoughtless road-widening.

But within weeks, from a hopeless situation, it had sprung new life.

In many ways, this could be a metaphor for us. We may think we are the masters of the universe. But Nature invariably has the last word.

This tree teaches us never to lose hope when all seems lost. As long as there is life in us, there is the struggle to live a full life, and trees (and of course sunshine and water) are at the very heart of an abundant life.

Trees inspire us to reverence. After all, it was under a tree that Buddha received enlightenment. In Christianity, Jesus compared the kingdom of God to a large tree providing shade for us and shelter for the birds. In Islam, humanity is regarded as the vicegerents or stewards of Nature.

But sadly, in many ways, society today is at ‘war’ with trees, which are at the forefront of Nature. Today, it may be road-widening, on another day, property development on hills, or logging and illegal land clearings.

The loss to our biodiversity will be hard to reverse as the ecosystem loses its balance. In the end, who suffers? We are only harming ourselves. Nature will carry on with or without us.

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Is it a metaphor for MO1 mounting a comeback at Cameron Highlands as BO55KU?
Make sure kleptocracy is uprooted once and for all by denying BN-Umno by hook or by crook!


They promised Botak Hill will revert to forest within a few years.
Now, what can you see of Botak Hill from 28th Floor Komtar, CM Sin Chow?

Qing Xiong

Gerakan can initiate tree planting at the Botak Hill? A good chance to rebrand its image.


Oredi told 28 flr is not high enough. They see trees of apartment units


how come people don know where to throw rubbush


They know how to throw. Anywhere


Everywhere, the biosphere – including living things – is racing to evolve and adapt to human destruction. Derelict and polluted sites get a covering of green, and then some attempt to neutralise the poisons. Given half the chance, trees renew even the most barren sites, allow for crops, and subsequently improve even the local climate – as proven on at least 3 continents. Unfortunately, human depravity is too great. It seems the reset button has been activated.