Talk show: Sustainable urbanisation: Myth or Reality? (video)


A few of you were asking if this talk show, organised jointly with Penang Forum, on 24 February was filmed. Well, someone called Tong CK HO has done it and put it on Youtube; so here you go.

I thought the issues and views brought up were fascinating and highly relevant to Penang’s future direction. Check out the three videos…

… and share your thoughts below.

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george tham

penang will always be great because we have people like that who always sincerely have penang in their hearts


Trying asking dummo, gilKan and mca to organise one?


Zairil Khir Johari: “We have little choice…” Which means one sure thing – we (arrogantly) still push ahead with whatever environmental ills in the name of development. The ‘little choice’ has no heart for Penangites. It only has one sure thing – aiming for good looking CAT or NK’s political portfolio to show gleaming towers of expensive uninhabited houses, more traffic jams + bottlenecks, more floodings with more muds, more accidents@work sites, more state-centred development (instead of cooperative development with neighbouring states). Smart development (of alternatives) is a dirty word to CAT Gomen. A state gomen led by an accountant… Read more »


Ah pek talk here like tua pek kong and lau yar. Where is he in the seminar? No 1 when events are over. Just like yankee movies. All police cars arrive at the scence when action is all over.


More traffic jams and what is ah pek’s suggestion? No suggestion except more complain?


Penang’s only theme park, Escape, won the Malaysian Tourism Award for Best Tourist Attraction or Theme Park recently.

This is the first time that a tourist attraction in Penang was given this prestigious award.

Mah HS

On issue of sustainability, EU is to impose a single certified sustainable palm oil scheme for Europe-bound palm oil exports after 2020, and to phase out palm oil from the EU biofuel program by 2020, putting
Malaysia under great pressure.

The journey of palm oil from the rainforest through to your kitchen cupboard, in the eyes of the Europeans:

Ho Say Liao

Need to sustain the intensity of flames at Tanjong Tokong temple predicting economy of Penang. The prediction is based on the intensity of the three flames with each flame representing a four-month cycle. The strength of the flames was divided into three levels — good, average and fair. Poh Hock Seah Temple honorary secretary Lim Hooi Kooi said the first flame for the first four-month cycle was very good as the flame was as high as the urn. “The urn is about four feet high, so for the flame to reach the top is great, it even burnt the… Read more »

Penang Mainlander

Urban sustainability is different from Sustainable urbanisation. The former is happening to island Penang as more young ones seek employment in the city island, so urban programs indirectly plan with them in mind with millennial lifestyle concepts which many senior folks (including PForumers) may not necessarily can identify or live with. My suggestion is for those near 60 years old retiring folks to make plan to live outside the island. If not, the aging island population very likely to grumble more with being the the outlet t let go frustrations. Life outside the island, if you care to shift… Read more »


Retirees can check up Gem Residences at Prai.
New amenities like Ikea is coming up at Prai.
With Penang Sentral coming up, connectivity to Penang island via Feri will be improved.


Too old, neck stiff and oppose any development but keep up todate apple computer, 4wd, best sandal etc


No different from BeeEnders’ “Balik Tongsan”!
It is as if Penangites have no rights to demand as individuals/voters as if economic-social priorities for the young ones are sole paramount. How can you call that civilised society for everyone?
I believe Andrew as a Millennial knows the young ones much, much better than this Penang Mainlander who may be stuck in the slow-growth outbacks of mainland (due to No Choice of CAT Gomen?).

To say those who comment out of frustration is also saying Anil must be also a frustrated guy to start with this blog!


What did Salma khoo been doing? Did ah pek barred from attending and voicing his opinion? Otherwise ah pek is grumbling old man and loves to grumble to himself instead of voicing himself at the meeting. Rights and opportunities are given but you fail to exercise and yet ah pek complain here so much.


Bank Negara Malaysia estimates that the price of affordable housing in this country should not exceed RM282,000 a unit, based on the housing cost-burden approach.

However, according to its quarterly report released last month, the median price of homes was at RM313,000 in 2016, which meant it far exceeded the means of most households with an average household income of only RM5,228. It reiterated that the lack of affordable housing will continue to be a problem in Malaysia.


Truly fascist and delusional.
– What is the *median* income?
– What fraction of households can meet the requirement for repayment (disposable income after other expenses)?
– What do they do if hit by a critical emergency, to forestall the bank grabbing the house?
– How many developers have been *jailed* to reduce scams?
– What do those who are too poor do?


Clarification: by fascist and delusional, I meant the idea of sustainable urbanisation behind the talk.