Taiping listed in Sustainable Destinations Top 100 list

Lunar New Year sunset at the Taiping Lake Garden - Photograph by Elida Ong

Taiping has just been included in the 2018 Sustainable Destinations Top 100 list.

According to the press statement announcing the list:

For the fourth time the Sustainable Destinations Top 100 is unveiled. This list celebrates the efforts of tourism destinations for responsible and sustainable tourism.

The list is the result of open calls in newswires, social and business media. Nominators had to provide extensive information on their destination and its efforts to make itself and its stakeholders more sustainable for the benefit of visitors, local communities and the world.

Candidate destinations had to clarify what they have been doing to comply with the 100 globally recognized criteria of the Green Destinations Standard. Nominations were evaluated by the Sustainable Top 100 Team and by members of the Top 100 International Committee and country experts
The Top 100 initiative aims to recognise tourism destinations that have worked hard to make a difference and take sustainability seriously. Nevertheless, no destination is fully sustainable. In all selected destinations important issues remain to be solved.

What do you think? Does Taiping deserve the accolade?

What about George Town? Does its plan for six-lane highways hugging the hills of Penang, massive land reclamation and hill development hinder the path to sustainability? Batu Ferringhi? Malacca? Cameron Highlands? Kuching? Kota Kinabalu?

Which do you think is the most sustainable destination in Malaysia – or made the most effort to reach that goal? Are there any hidden gems you know? Let’s hear your choice.

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SJKC Yuk Chuen in Taiping only has 21 Students and All Of Them Are Malay in 2019!


“Some Malay families in the kampung are more than happy to have their children studying in a vernacular school. The importance of knowing Mandarin is one of the reasons why they sent their children to this school. The parents feel that by learning Mandarin, their children will be able to master three languages which would be of great help in their future,” the headmaster said.

Darren Lim

This is reported on NTV7 Chinese news, Malay parents sending their children to study in in SRJK Yuk Chuen school, no Chinese student now:


hehe…all Chinese moved elsewhere because find no job/business in mighty ‘ sustainable ‘ Taiping………….


My daughter also studying in chinese school and will take UTC exam. Can get jobs easier than those study in national schools.


I agree. Better learn Mandarin as PRC will control Asia’s economy soon.

Cygnus Knight

The National B40 Protection Scheme will officially commence on Jan 1, 2019, and will cover 36 critical illnesses including AIDS, Alzheimer’s, blindness, cancer and heart attack.

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said that the scheme, with an initial fund size of RM2bil as announced in Budget 2019, would benefit some 4.1 million B40 households.



LOL. Its “sustainable” because ITS NOT A DESTINATION OF MOST TOURIST..


Surely, a reporter or consultant parachuted in is wise. We should not question the Great White Father.

Cygnus Knight

A new champion rises, but can PPBM avoid Umno’s pitfalls?


The Bersatu VP still want government contracts for the division heads. umno 3.0 in the making with patronage privileges for bumi?


30% profit margin is the SOP?


Read the list…take it all with a grain of sand!!! Money, money, money all commercial!!!

That doesn’t mean Taiping isn’t beautiful…it is, and has a lot to offer

Cygnus Knight

Take it with a grain of sand, just like what Tan Kok Wing said to Tun M?

Anyway, Tan Sri @limkokwing has left the building!


which god says that 6 lane highway and land reclamation and sustainability is mutually exclusive …??


ya, right, Taiping is sleepy enough to be a sustainable destination…but can’t ‘sustain’ young people looking for job…hehe


Good place for Penangites to retire, cheaper cost of living in Hokkien community.

Be careful when walk past those old trees in Taiping Lake Garden, old branches may fall off and hit you!


Penang has been named as better place to retire, wonder why ‘sustainable’ Taiping not mentioned in the list? …hehe

Darren Lim

Please give some credit to beautiful Penang.


Malaysia made its place among the Top 10 The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2019 according to the Annual Global Retirement Index undertaken by International Living magazine.

The article, which was also featured in Forbes, showed Malaysia is in the fifth position behind Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and Ecuador.


it is best place to retire, a.k.a best value for money, not cheapest place to retire….BTW cheapest place to retire no have minimum wages of RM1800…hehe

Cygnus Knight

can’t ‘sustain’ young people looking for job – small town syndrome in Malaysia.


Taiping mrans peace. Can retire and start propagating humans in peace.

Street food affordable


Young folks deserted old town to cari makan in cities. Many young Chinese in Taiping now working in Singapore but staying in JB. Do their children no longer enrol in Taiping primary schools!