Stop Lynas group commissions independent scientific study


The Australian press has reported that Stop Lynas activists have commissioned an independent scientific study.
From The Age:

An Australian adviser to one of the environmental groups, Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas, said the protesters would continue to push for the plant’s closure.

”They will continue to pursue the judicial review cases to get the court to revoke the temporary licence given to Lynas on the grounds that Lynas still has no safe solution to tackle their radioactive waste,” Lee Tan said.

Ms Tan said the group had also commissioned an independent scientific report, which suggested in preliminary findings that there were several environmental issues with the processing facility.

”The Malaysian government has to call an election by next year and the Stop Lynas group will utilise this issue to campaign for voters to vote against the current government,” she added.

via Lynas plant on line, protests to continue.

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Matteo X
6 Dec 2012 1.53am

The Chinese seem to want to spend a lot of money to stop the Lynas plant. An IAEA study and review is a very serious scientific analysis, and yet SMSL is out at all costs and are now admitting that this is nothing but a way for the opposition to get votes in the next election.

6 Dec 2012 9.19pm
Reply to  Matteo X

Pro-Lynas dudes like you keep saying that the anti-Lynas campaign is financed by the Chinese. I guess you have “IAEA study” and “very serious scientific analysis” to prove this allegation. If you have show it.
Also, when, where and which member of SMSL admit that “this is nothing but a way for the opposition to get votes in the next election” ?. Show it.
If you have no evidence to show these insinuations, you are nothing but are just spreading lies.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
5 Dec 2012 5.57pm

Wasting time. Lynas is safe according to experts.