Replacing roadside trees of Penang with ornamental bushes…?


Guest writers Ahmad Chik and Loh-Lim Lin Lee add to the growing disquiet over the MPPP’s plan to remove dozens of trees from Green Lane and supposedly ‘transplant’ some of them elsewhere.

The MPPP’s recent work in ‘pruning’ and ‘cutting’ trees at the Protestant Cemetery does not inspire confidence.

Lin Lee and Ahmad write:

Continuing the saga of MPPP removing dozens of full grown trees for road widening, may we use this very sad episode for a hopefully positive outcome? Speaking for Penangites may we impress upon the powers-that-be to note the following:

The success rate for removing and replanting full grown trees is not very high. It needs very skilled experts to do this and the Landscape Department has fully admitted it lacks this skill in the recent Francis Light Cemetery damage. Telling the public these trees will be ‘replanted’ is really just to pacify us. We know that this futile effort will result in most if not all the trees being lost.

Luxuriant, shady and full grown trees cannot and should not be replaced by ‘ornamental shrubs’ as suggested by a government official. We are fortunate in that our climate promotes rapid growth and a directive should be issued that new roadside trees must be planted immediately along new or widened roads.

No amount of road widening will help improve traffic flow as long as enforcement remains non-existent, slack or biased. To quote but a few examples –

a) Jalan Utama at the hospital section. Two-way traffic was made one way but the section remains chaotic due to total lack of enforcement for illegal stalls, parking on yellow lines etc.

b) Gottlieb Road where dozens of massive royal palms were removed to widen the road, but at school times, double and triple parking continues to hinder traffic flow.

c) Junction of Jones Road and Kelawei Road where all the food-stall customers park wherever they like, next to ‘official’ cars, and total disorder reigns .

Penang is very special and very dear to us because of its verdant and tree-lined roads; we take great pride in our trees and expect the authorities to take all measures to avoid tree cutting. The continuing increase in building density and the apparent lack of any serious efforts in pressurising the Federal Government to prioritise public transportation in Penang can only lead to taking the short-sighted view that our traffic situation will improve if we cut more trees and widen more roads.

Many cities facing our problems, instead use a multi-faceted approach of limiting cars with city entry fees, higher parking charges, traffic calming, improving and increasing public transportation and generally taking a long view that might not be immediately popular but will have more feasible results eventually.

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Sometimes, one of the enforcement officers would walk over to the biscuit shop where customers try to squeeze into the shop front small parking space. But he would just stand around seemingly ‘powerless’ to do anything about that jammed up road! The wheel lock is just for show!

Khoo NK

Can someone care to inform us the differences of single white line, double white line, single yellow line and double white line by the side of the roads ?
I kena saman and the officer would not tell me logically only tell me i kena ticket because someone complaint i am affecting the businesses (by not paying at paid carpark ?); then why VIP cars can park along those with line irrespective of colors ?

Ong Eu Soon

A single yellow line is a road marking that is present on the side of the carriageway indicates that parking or waiting at that roadside is prohibited at certain times of day. The exact times vary by area and are indicated by signs at the roadside. Stopping to load and to pick up or set down passengers is generally allowed unless additional restrictions apply. Double yellow lines mean no waiting at any time, unless there are signs that specifically indicate seasonal restrictions. A double solid white line indicates that the line may not be crossed, overtaking is permitted if it… Read more »


Is MPPP under the control of Federal or State government? Let this be very clear, otherwise only a handful knows, and the majority, including myself thinks, the state government is responsible. I also think this is happening in other town councils, in the quest to help Grade F contractors get some projects. Cut trees, plant shrubs.Already have TNB street lamps, still install ornamental lamp posts next to them. Can be seen in Seremban. Whatever it is, I think matured shady trees should not be cut down. Take a drive to S’pore using the second link, and you will see beautifully… Read more »

SH Tan

Another example. Drive along Burmah Road in the morning or afternoon to where the famous biscuit shop is. You will see 2 or sometimes 3 enforcement officers sitting under a shady umbrella chatting away. About 5 metres away from them will be rows of cars parked illegally in NP zone.

Ong Eu Soon

To pressurize the federal government, the state government need to come out with it’s own transport plans which are viable and sustainable. Using it as part of the strategies to compete for Putrajaya, BN will have no choice but to improve the public transit system in order to convince the people that it is more capable than PR. Unfortunately lgE only interested in building high rises with maximum density and maximum plot ratio to please developers.

Batu Ferrghian

The problem is tha lack of enforcement. People disregard traffic rules, park wherever they want, etc. This creates the chaos

MPPP on the other hand are too lazy and stupid. We need people with some ounce of intelligence in them.

I am so fed up with the MPPP.


It nice to read the article I agree wih Ahmad, never had a wiser man wrote the truth. Only way to improve traffic is by LRT, SO people can get from one place to another quickly Untill the Federal Government spend some money on Penang like they do elsewhere Penang will suffer