Penang Forum: Green building incentives not eco friendly


This is a statement released by Penang Forum:

Where is the logic when sustainable energy initiatives are rewarded with higher density and non-sustainable developments elsewhere?

It is with incredulity that Penang Forum notes that incentives being offered in the Guidelines for attaining Green Building Index (GBI) certification in Batu Kawan Eco-City include a whopping 20-40 per cent increase in density and plot ratio which can be used by the developer on “projek yang lain dan boleh diguna diseleruhan negeri Pulau Pinang” (any other project throughout the state of Penang)!

Surely any policy-making with any breadth of vision would encompass an overview of the entire State and its direction towards sustainability. These incentives project a vision that is focussed only on a small part of the mainland – a ‘show case’ – while actually encouraging and emboldening the proliferation of massive non-sustainable and non-eco-friendly moves for the rest of the island and mainland.

Full statement on Penang Forum website.

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Jimmy Hwang
Jimmy Hwang
18 Jul 2015 2.39am

Transferring of density to elsewhere in the Island is not true.

gk ong
gk ong
10 Jul 2015 4.37pm

Anything interesting at Penang Property Fair this weekend?

10 Jul 2015 5.54pm
Reply to  gk ong

There will be a talk on affordable housings in Penang by a prominent YB at Gurney. I may drop by after witness the Transformers.

Magic Mike
Magic Mike
10 Jul 2015 8.35pm
Reply to  gk ong

Highlight of the Property Fair is Feng Shui talk by Master David Koh from the Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences. In his talk ‘External Environology (Feng Shui)’, he said the thinking brain is influenced by an unseen vibrating energy in the space where one worked and lived, which in turn influenced the thinking brain to think and decide. This is relevant when the right thinking Rakyat should know how to vote in the next GE given the troubles we are inflicted by 1MDB and GST.