Penang Forum concerned about Spice


The Penang Forum has released a statement expressing deep concern over the way the agreement for the Spice convention centre was signed without MPPP Councillors being fully briefed.

The Penang Forum represents 14 major NGOs in Penang including CAP, Aliran, Suaram, Women’s Centre for Change, Penang Heritage Trust and Malaysian Nature Society (Penang branch).

The statement, written by Tan Seng Hai on behalf of the Penang Forum, can be found on the Aliran website.

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Aaah! Just realised Ah Soon’s Blog has some really crappy Feng sui. That’s why no one is interested to hear what Ah Soon has to say
After having no more arguments – he is bringing feng Sui in.
One of the previous houses I lived in was suppose to have the worse Feng Sui, but all of us prospered in that house. hmmm…
One of my vendors had all the Feng Sui stuff done for his factory, and yet business went down the drain

Syiok Syiok

ah soon could be engaging lillian 2 to bring the world of wind water to bring anil’s charms to his webpage ?


SamG, this Ah Soon is a sore loser, pity him, bring in feng shui now.

Maybe he will listen to you, take him out for Sar Hor Fun la…

Ong Eu Soon

LGe is still unashamed over the price of LMC unit should not be less than RM75,000. Since the day he singing praise to SP Setia and ECO Meridian, he already told the press that it cost RM110,000 to build a LMC unit which led me to critise him for betraying the poor over affordable housing. In his blog, he still want to mislead Penangites by saying the price of LMC should not exceed RM75,000 while the agreement stated otherwise. LGe also tried to mislead Penangites on the RFP by saying that it is an open tender which he claimed “the… Read more »


SP Setia gonna be acquired by federal gomen linked PNB and whatever under the carpet (if any) during SPICE negotiations may surface soon ?

Ong Eu Soon

The deal is off! Too bad!


I fully agree on the need for more transparency and accountability from the State authorities on the financial and commercial deals surrounding SPICE. Such review can be done at a professional level without politicising the whole matter. This should be kept separate on the merits or otherwise of SPICE, which I feel has been overly politicised and hijacked by people closely aligned to political parties. I have lived within a strolling distance of PISA for years, and my children learnt to swim in the pool there years ago. Its continuing decay is obvious, and I can well understand why the… Read more »


KittyKat46 – fully agree with what you have said. See if Anil’s group can influence the State Govt to get an independent team to access the commercial aspect to see if it is a Win-Win Situation for SP Setia/MPPP and the rakyat in terms of a International class center. That will shut up the critics once and for all.
But I see that even if it is assessed to be a win-win deal for all, this anti development group will bring in some issue or another

Ong Eu Soon

With PISA’s bad Feng Sui what make you think that after upgrade it to sPICE it can sell. PISA is a good example that the no big no small sPICE will face the same fate and problem like it’s predecessor. What kind of sales expertise do we have that can sell the sPICE to the world? What kind of events that you can foresee will be held in the sPICE. Your LGe is so pessimistic that he said that at least we have it as a venue for wedding parties. So how can this sPICE bring profit when the guy… Read more »

Andrew I

I love youtube.

Andrew I

Off the beat:

We look forward to a similar offer from Wanita MCA to their boss.


Unfortunately Wanita MCA is losing its relevance with the emergence of WKS’s Beliawanis.

Andrew I

Never mind lah. Share-share.

Andrew I


Simple Simon

The concoction of hot bak kut teh and beer-lady-like Beliawanis at MCA convention really rushed the blood downwards (instead of going to the brain)….


That video is relevant to this topic? Suggest you delete it.

Andrew I

You suggesting Anil doesn’t know how to run his own blog? From what I hear from other readers, your blog needs some of your attention.


Anil – Use all the above group to call for an Independent Inquiry, consisting of Accountant, Lawyer and Engineer. Not to determine if we need sPICE or not, but if the deal was a commercially right for both parties, or lopsided.
This will put to rest the whole issue.
Don’t bring in other issues like Traffic Dispensal issues as anywhere in the world where there is a International Expo center there will be traffic congestion.
Lets not confuse the 2 issues. Commercial & Personal opinions on whether we need a sPICE or not

Ong Eu Soon

Where is your sense of justice?

Sze Tho

Agreed. Lets have professional run thru the deal and come up with an objective conclusion. The issue here is about the Spice concession and the proper conduct of the tender process.
Ah Soon….what justice ? Have you got all the facts in hand?
Facts….not half baked assumptions….


Sze Tho,
Just like many folks out there including the Great Anil, we have our own agenda. Let see how it develops from there


The sPICE agreement was signed secretively, even Nobel price winner cannot help Penangites to right the wrong thing…


SamG, you always talk sense !!!


I have no confidence in Penang Forum to address and resolve people’s concern.
Look at Penang transport system that don’t bother to care for the convenience of the public eg proper bus stands.

Gugu Zhao

This is black box operation. Nobody knows what has happened but the thing still go on. Why do these people in power always like that ???

Check the approval records and relevant documents and reveal the dark hand behind the scandal.

Expect more drama soon. And yes, this is Pakatan administration.

Gigi Lopez

Ya, more drama. No Pakatan, no drama created by you know who.