More citizens groups call for sustainable development


Apart from Penang Forum, other citizens groups are calling for sustainable development in Penang.

A new loose grouping of citizens groups, Penang Citizens’ Awareness Chant, has outlined a list of concerns that they they feel ought to be tackled urgently.

Some of these overlap with the Penang Forum’s concerns, but it is worth taking a look to see what people are concerned about in Penang.

Check out the the group’s statement on the Aliran website.

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coming back to Penang 3 days ago from S Petani, my present adopted home 🙂 Yea, Yang, I noticed Sungai Pinang though not crystal clear it’s now not dark water ! Syabas Penang Gomen ! The day will come hopefully where I can come back to Penang to enjoy my sunset cruise along Sg Pinang to Prangin area. With LGE & his capable team, this is a possibility. For 18 years under bohoot & hock none, I lost many of my youthful years missing on such development for normal rakyat like me. My fellow Penangites, be wise who you vote… Read more »

Albert Sim


What about highlighting the availability of low-cost
1) RM1 Breakfast (60 sen roti canai + 40 sen teh tarik)
2) RM4 Lunch
in Penang that is called 1Malaysia meal?

You can have a directory of coffee-shops selling such low cost food to counter barang naik phenomenon.

Then have your readers (tunglang can take the lead) to provide feedback on the quality of food,and whether they are really low cost or just a gimmick like 1Malaysia.


On TV last nite the owner of so called 1M budget food stall claimed that the cost of Roti Canai is 25 sen while kopi-o is 28-30 sen only. Wow, looks like somebody is making big profits especially those who employed lagi cheap foreign labour to serve us ! I look forward to RM2 breakfast and RM4 lunch in Penang Street Food, possible ??? I doubt so bcoz that day upon tunglang’s strong recommendation I spent RM4.50 for Assam Laksa (RM3.50) and RM1 (Teh-o) at that kopitiam off Penang Rd (where the tunglang’s & PCK’s favourite chendol is). tunglang, the… Read more »


My earthly recommendation is not based on creature comforts but on heavenly taste (quality), affordable price and heritage ambience. So to me, no slippery cleanliness obsessed food courts to date, if any in Penang has yet to satisfy my Tham Chiak Kui spirit for anything Ori-Maestro.
Some Ori-Maestros will eventually take advantage of popular demands by raising food price beyond my earlier pre-raised price recommendation.


Again, it’s Penang showing the way. Syabas!

The Government should enforce Sustainable development.
Take Spore for example. Despite the small size, they can have a modern city as well as preserving their virgin jungle.
They are also very proud of The Spore River, which is free of rubbish.
All is because, they plan their development, 25 yrs ahead.


Yes Penang is doing quite well on this. Have you notice the Sg Pinang river. Prior to 2008, it was always black but now at least on days I can see it is green. Syabas


Yes awareness. We should now really be aware of the most despicable tactics by UMNO & BN. Desperate, Dangerous and Dirty.

Allegation of sex against Anwar, then Mat Sabu and now Lim Guan Eng son. Umno in trying to achieve their aim, is now trying to wreck the life of a young innocent man with cruel and barbaric lies just to finish off LGE politically. Do you want such despicable, desperate, dangerous and dirty party and people to continue running our country.

UMNO and Najib must be (defeated) before they run our country down.

Ong Eu Soon

The Heng Ong Huat administration has approved the demolition of a heritage building at Lorong Burma near the Tenby International School. Is this the commitment of LGe in heritage conservation? The building is significant that it was the residence of the first Prime Minister of Thailand, Phraya Manopakorn Nititada. The decision has shocked heritage activists as well as historians from Malaysia and Thailand. SP Setia is reportedly to be the developer of Setia V residences. Take a look at the so called futuristic build comprising 67 luxurious condominium on a 2 acres land which go against the permissible maximum density… Read more »


All those who are favour teaching math & science in english please join this group.

Siew Bok

We hope to hear from Gerakan/BN or the so-called 3rd Force what is their plan to build low cost, low density housing on Penang island that qualifies sustainable development without turning it into a modern-day slum.

if they have viable option, then we will not vote for Pakatan.

The likes of Yang, Eu Soon. Gerakan K and Nazri Aziz could join force to approach these parties for clarification on their alternative yet viable housing plan.

Nk Khoo

A developer friend of mine disclosed his profit margin is 50%. He is a quite big player with 150 direct staff hired for his housing projects. The actual cost of houses is 50% of market price. If the state is running housing projects like HDB in Singapore, the selling price for houses in Penang can be 35% cheaper if 15 % margin is capped. On top of that, using manufacturing modular design to build house will further reduce 30% cost. The nutshell is RM200,000 house can be sold at RM91,000 with both strategies I mentioned above are adopted. And the… Read more »

Albert Sim

The time has come for Penang government to form a consortium with Singapore’s HDB to build high quality low cost flats for Penangites with proper estate management.

Don’t waste time and money invent new things when you can leverage from the best practices. It will help to bring awareness to local developers that there is an option to utilise foreign expertise.

Of course, those BN flers (and the … contractors) will cry foul that Pakatan is becoming PAP agent.


50% after the kickbacks.