‘Majlis Perbandaran Paling Perlahan’?


Another dose of hill-slope flooding(!) in Chee Seng Garden and noise pollution from a construction site near Straits Regency leave residents frustrated over the slow response from the MPPP to their complaints.

The hill-slope flooding at Chee Seng Garden occurred on 9 December 2011, the second time this has happened after an earlier incident in September 2008 at the same place.

Over at Straits Regency, residents are having to put up with the simultaneous noise from generator sets, rock drilling, excavators and concrete mixers from 8.00am to 6.00pm for the past six months. The drilling has also exposed hill-slopes and boulders.

The photos say it all.

The residents associations have complained to the MPPP but are still awaiting a satisfactory response. That has prompted the chairperson of the Tanjung Bunga Residents Association to dub the council as “Majlis Perbandaran Paling Perlahan” (The slowest city council).

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Its the same scenario all over , not just in Penang.
Nobody mention to have the 3rd vote / local council election?
All local rate payers must demand that their town mayor (datuk bandar
) be elected into office.


Thank you Anil for bringing this matter. I am a long-suffering resident of Straits Regency apartments. For the past 6 months we have not had a quiet day except for Sudays when construction is not going on. Everyday from 8 to 6pm the din from the construction site is unbearable. Almost every afternoon there will be blasting works going on. I have resorted to going to my office on Saturdays in order to have an afternoon nap. The greedy developers are building houses right in from of my apartment. The sliver of land is so narrow I fail to see… Read more »


If you are a towkay, isn’t it normal for a worker to work from 8pm to 6pm? Otherwise what working hours you you want them to work? Either you pay them the full rates or your workers going to quit if you pay them for just half a day’s work. If your …. pipes are blocked or no drinking water would you complain if they carry the in the late nights or building a dam, reservoir, treatment plant or a light rail line? All facilities are not free lunches. You are like living in Laos and Cambodia when China is… Read more »


MPPP can set a precedence in Malaysia by employing truly capable professionals (with no political baggage) with market standard salary (eg RM6000-RM9000/mth managerial salary per jobstreet survey scale).
in that sense they are less likely to be influenced by political masters or tempted by corrupted gains.

Angry and Fed UP

the question is ..

will local elections help in making MPPP effiecient and rakyat friendly?

this red tape…passing paper…tidak apa attitude is the product of decades of corruption and abuse by the previous government.

we voted for pakatan and now pakatan MUST deliver.


Delinquent Developers: “You scratched my back shiok-shiok in Tanjung Bungah Hills, now do you want me to stop scratching yours at Komtar?”

Now who has more gold-dusted finger nails?

Time for morning Kopi-O kau kau at my favorite kopitiam without the gold award of Global Brands of profiteering covetousness and brand-inflated price obsession.

Gerakan K

That is incompentency by MPPP. If pakatan struggle to manage small agency like MPPP, they obviously not qualify to talk about Putrajaya.


The melancholic longing for Gelak-Gelakan Ostrichism has no been totally obliterated from the minds of some MPPP Napoleons!
They should join the rank and file of the Supreme Backdoor Ostrich in Putrajaya.
And spare us Penangites the problems of Pasti Perlahan-lahan public service!


Incompetence I can forgive but not corruption where billions are being sucked out by cronies of AMMO. But then how competence is BN when cases of cow feed, Teoh Beng Hock, scorpene, altatunya etc etc etc etc etc etc still could not be solved


Yes, Yang, exactly, you are right !!! BN not only incompetent but utmost corrupted !!!

Angry and Fed UP

Maybe MPPP needs to sack the current president. This Hajjah Pathahiyah is pretty useless.

Then, they should fire 90% of the officers as they are pretty lazy to enforce ANYTHING.

Good example is how they have so called “regulate” the watersports in Batu Ferringhi. Pleaselah…accidents still happen..nothing changed.

Come on DAP..hire someone with b…. lah

Angry and Fed UP

I’d like to add that when I say “hire someone with b…” I don’t mean hire a guy..but hire someone who can get things moving for the better. All talk and no action only this lady. Hire a woman..or man..transgendered..I don’t care..just have people who can truly transform Penang to a efficient place lah..that’s all!


The worst to me is the Penampang District Council in Kota Kinabalu.


Anil, From my experience with MPPP – Call any dept, they love to keep telling you it is the responsibilty of another Dept. not theirs. Eventhough they all work for MPPP, you will be passed around from one dept to another finally back to the 1st who will tell you nothing can be done.
So I think MPPP should be called “Majlis Perbandaran Passing Pee” or “Majlis Perbandaran Passing Paper”


That goes for most government department not just MPPP

Boo Soon Yew

Hold on here..
If I contact the MPPP on certain matters that need rectification.. I’m heard and the matter is fixed, if not a.s.a.p. then in due time.

I believe it’s a matter of how we approach MPPP with our Aduan, and who we direct it to.. or perhaps who it should be properly directed to..



I believe it’s a matter of how we approach MPPP with our Aduan, and who we direct it to.. or perhaps who it should be properly directed to.. We are still trapped in this intriguing web of directing and redirecting for our voices/complaints attended to by public servants or state representatives. My friend (a Penangite) in Australia told me (from his bad experience with a YB here last year) this way of ADUN or Yang Bermat (en-titles of no useful meaning) handling of matters are unheard of Down Under. The Aussie public service system is clear cut and direct to… Read more »


No necessary. Developers have to kautim the council workers. After kautim them, everything is easier and faster otherwise, otherwise in future they are treated like Ah Soon, Samy and HaLim.


At Kuan Yin temple, one can see a few lions with open mouths for auspicious and good blessings. At council, one can reasonably suspect there are walking and negotiating Hor Chui (Lion’s mouths) to ‘feed’ so as to kau tim!


Revamp the CAT!
Which for its intended purpose has no teeth but mini claws to scratch the backs of big timers!
“Miao, Miao” don’t have negotiation edge over loud mouthed developers.
Developers are not the clergy type to talk sense or caring for anything.