Kuantan MP cooks up a ‘love dish’


That’s your energetic chopper-wielding chef, ‘Cik Wani’, rustling up a meal with a difference. Not for the faint-hearted.

I must say the folks out there are getting more and more creative.

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16 Nov 2011 4.43pm

Better be careful with the qualification of local chef. Recently one celebrity chef falsify his resume to look good on a TV cooking show.

16 Nov 2011 5.46pm
Reply to  Dian

Many cuisine nowadays try very hard to look good and designer styled, even chefs look good and gentle (not the iconic fat, grumpy Italiano ones but more like HK’s Chen Hong or softie Korean mama’s boy with gloss lip sticks). But alas, their recipe or art of gastronomy is far, far from what the humble Ori-Maestros of Penang STREET Hawker Cuisine can dish out to your heavenly satisfaction. And one more thing, the dining places also must look good AND overtly slippery cleaned! Just walk into the Great World Park food court and you had better Gecko-step your way avoiding… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
16 Nov 2011 8.33am

Fusion cuisine (australian/malaysian)
or nuclear fission cuisine (lynas/kuantan) ??

Samuel Sin
Samuel Sin
17 Nov 2011 1.10pm
Reply to  Phua Kai Lit

BN is bringing Bhopal tragedy to Kuantan.
Kuantan people can save themselves by voting out BN!

Andrew I
Andrew I
15 Nov 2011 10.53pm

We’re doing that to the chicken nowadays anyway, with the amount of lumpy fat we have to slice out to make it safe to eat.

The only vegetable that is considered relatively safe i.e. free from pesties is sayong chai because it’s grown in running water.

On the other hand, in bottled water we trust. Could anyone imagine paying for plain water 20 years ago?

15 Nov 2011 10.23pm

No Thanks, Cik Wani, I masih kenyang but I love your cara-cara to ‘detoxic’ which is good for getting rid of Barang Naiki Syndrome (kesakitan). This should be called Masakan Cinta Malaysia which if truly practiced starting from the household kitchens should do good for the minds of Malaysians for a truly fair, just and equitable Malaysia.
BTW, do you have shrinking ostrich head hot soup for a hearty Gelak-Gelakan get-together? Or Boh Hoot, Boh Moh chicken chops?

16 Nov 2011 3.04pm
Reply to  tunglang

If you do your own cooking, please be was was of the ingredients that you are using. Don’t just save money just because the products bought at Kedai Rakyat is cheaper. Already there is a report linking the chili sauce of KR1M to have high heavy metal content.