Kek Lok Si car-park receives stop-work order


A RM10m car park at the Kek Lok Si Temple has been slapped with a stop-work order.

The big question is why did it take so long for the MPPP to notice this car-park under construction at the ever-expanding pagoda complex in Air Itam.

The car park did not have an approved building plan.

A crematorium and a columbarium, however, has been approved in this ecologically sensitive area near the Air Itam Dam.

See theSun report here.

This is the fourth car-park controversy in Penang – on the heels of the uproar over the Botanic Garden car-park (part of the so-called upgrading), the poor work at the Victoria Street car park, and the controversial ‘Kancil’ car-park at the Penang Hill lower station.

All these car parks reflect our lack of imagination in promoting public transport and dealing with the congestion caused by the rising number of private motor vehicles.

Isn’t it time we take another look at public transport in the Air Itam area and imposed restrictions on private motor vehicles in this already congested area rather than facilitating even more cars here?

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Big Kepala

Tell me what have the Tan Sri Chief Monk do I think in his mind … cos he don’t have to generate $, all funds given by donors. I live neaby, I seem the monk very regularly he drives different cars …. Where to get the $ to buy these cars???????????? Is this the practise of the holy monk in Buddha teaching? Never see him come down with bare foot. Once I saw him came down to the car-park area inspected like “Big Kepala”. Hello Chief Monk have you forgotten your role you are not Big Listed Company Director Developer.… Read more »


This is people’s power, isn’t it?

However, I am more concerned with (a certain) chief Abbot … who drives around in his big Mercedes. Pretty much anyone, be it art/furniture dealers or andscape designers who dealed with …(the) temple have an axe to grind over his excesses! He is too rich, too powerful and is not afraid to flash his wealth. And he is even conferred with a Datukship recently.

Why nobody checks on his (alleged) abuse of power? Is he really so untouchable??


Just stop contributing your annual trip’s alms or what ever expensive roof tile’s ‘Tay Ean’ during CNY and see what happen to his Mercedes and his questionable lifestyle. Never trust any religious guy until the Judgement Day. Fallible men are created fallible beings, not gods to be worshipped or to be paid free monies to drive a Mercedes or Rolls Royce. Religious leaders should set good examples for others to follow and respect. It applies to all faiths. BTW, I do see monks walking around bare foot in the morning to collect food for their daily meals. Does anyone see… Read more »


Development or potential landslide at Kek Lok Si Temple ???


the root cause of the traffic/parking problems not being addressed.

kek lok si temple becomes commercialised at the expense of the modest teachings of being compassionate, being simple, and caring for the living souls and environment ?

if only people take public transport to the air itam or kek lok si comes up with more own genuine public transport to the foot of the hill, then we don’t see such bottleneck limited space in the area.

someone pls put on the thinking hats and not just car park here n there or road expansion here n there.

Ong Eu Soon

This problem can be easily solved using Park and Ride scheme as in

Andrew Aeria

Yawn..! So what? This is just a minor ‘time out’ for the developer for violating Council by-laws. A mere slap on the wrist. But in two weeks time, as sure as the sun rises, MPPP will allow the developer licence to do whatever they want to the car park and the local environment there. Business as usual with the local people and local environment be damned. This is DAP Penang’s standard operating procedure as they cosy up to developers. Pretend to act on behalf of the people of Penang but in reality, serve the interests of greedy property developers. We… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

What the same? There is a real change now, look at an expansion of road at Lebuhraya Thean Teik. The building’s setback to the road suppose to be 10 ft now reduced to less than 10 inch. All for developer, no safety for the residents. The setback from the building to hill slope suppose to double the height of the slope now reduced to a meter length. So close to the hill slope. Go and see for yourself what happened at All Seasons project at Lebuhraya Thean Teik. Who said no change? Change from bad to worst!


So another saying by Andrew that this famous international temple has become DEVELOPER making tonnes of money gaining time out. How come penang kias are all sleeping and never notice hill cuttings are carried out. All just arm chair critics waiting for someone to raise the alarm and jump into the wagonbond unlike Ah Soon Khor raise the matter on Thean Teik.

Fair play

I used to swim in the stream there. Now they are gone. That is the problem when you commercialised places of worship.


Thaliand has many popular temple, but how often you see the multi-layer car park next to the most famous and popular temple? Only insane and greedy people with no sense of beauty will do that.

Just wonder, the world most famous historical architecture, how many are “modernised” with multilayer car park?…


B’cos Satu Lagi Projeks have multi-layers to feed em cronies! Not surprising about carparks built with the sweat, tears and blood of kulis’ gaji towards Ah Kong’s everflowing monies.