Greening George Town


You don’t have to wait for your local council to green your town or city. Here is what is possible. Photos taken along Beach Street in George Town.

Thanks to blog reader Roger Lim for the photos.

Except that you shouldn’t narrow the pavement so that it becomes difficult for people to walk or use wheelchairs.

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Super Senior

A song from Singapore’s children in support of green movement, ‘Save My World’, dedicate to all Penang folks:


This is shown on Singapore TV in its ‘Saving Gaia’ (saving earth) campaign.

However, on Malaysia’s TV you see ‘Save Umno’ campaign, latest ones featuring local celebrities Siti Nurhaliza, Aizat, Reshmonu, Hasbulah Awang… singing praises of present government under the guise of encouraging people to vote in the GE. These artists’ ricebowl is depending on Umno.


If our Rapid buses were mobile gardens?
Leave the maintenance mentality behind for awhile.


A sight to beholdl! Soothing and comforting to the eyes. Opposition states should emulate especially Selangor.

Also, Anil, would appreciate your help. Being an accountant, could you enlighten your blog readers on FGVH.

How about an article on the coming election. Rumoured to be next year?? Why??

Thanks and keep up the good work as always

aaron a

Lawatan Sambil Belajar :

Banyak yang boleh dipelajari.


tunglang should make a trip to singapore so that he has a better perspective (his current judgement kind of clouded by misinformation) for his future own blog writings.
we believe his can turn his negative rantings to more constructive ideas in turning Penang into a GREENER, CLEANER (not slippery) and SUSTAINABLE fun and lively place mixing the best of tradinational and modern values.


Thanks, Royston. Fttb, I am not able to visit SingLand to experience urban greenery. I have my own concept of green George Town that may be more natural to our heritage architecture & ambience. This is where the difference beckons. I may be wrong, but if time allows (in my busy schedule) I may present a mock up landscape of what a pocket of heritage GT will look like with sustainable greening. Also, the state gomen attitude esp. the tourist dept with the “No Money, No Talk” pre-ambled caution-line for tourism project proposal with free ideas from Penangites just pissed… Read more »

Sze Tho

Laughable. So busy yet you are able to fill up this site with your pointless gibberish?

For someone who has not been to Singapore in recent times, but who criticises the country and it’s model of development is rich….really rich.

Katak bawah tempurung syndrome. That’s you, TL ( in case you don’t get the drift)


You have yet to answer my challenge:
Meet me @ Speaker’s Square.
Otherwise, you are the Kay Boh Piao of! Get it?
Boh Lan Hoot ah?
Also, show us your IC to prove you name sake. Otherwise, don’t fool everyone here with your big talk from the foul mouth of real Tze Tho claiming to be himself the real persona bravo.
I am still waiting to see the real Tze Tho with MyKad at Speaker’s Square.

Super Senior

tunglang can book an AirAsia flight from Penang to JB on promotion fare now at RM24 (travel period Jan-May 2013).

Stay at Tune Hotel, JB (promotion rate RM 20/nite) – bring your own towel/soap.

Take Causeway Link CW2 bus from JB’s Larkin Terminal to Singapore’s Queen Street (Bugis Junction) only RM2.40 one way.

Can travel to Singapore cheap cheap to see the place for yourself, no need to wait for minister Subramaniam to release your EPF!


tunglang can also stay in the new hotel AmanSari on Jalan Wong Ah Fook, JB (opening offer RM77/nite).

While he is there he could witness one of the wonders of JB City: longest bus stop (or was it bus terminal) along Jalan Wong Ah Fook stretching 200 metres from Plaza Seni to Hotel AmanSari, where the bas pajak of JB q-ing to pick up passengers.

It is a wonder sight because it marks the failure of the new bas terminal at JB Sentral and the old one at Kota Raya.


Singapore is boleh boleh boleh but how come Sg never comes out with any slogan, not even one ?

But look at Sg’s neighbour, Tanah Air Malaya, apa pun tak boleh apa pun tak jadi except tipu and rasuah but has the world record of most slogans like Malaysia boleh during the tenure of Apa Nama.

Now, we have OneMalaysia, OneCareMalaysia, 1Brim…


tan tanjong bungah

Hi Kee,

Singapore has one eye-catching slogan “A low crime rate does not mean there is no crime!”

There you have it, they don’t sweep things under the carpet, they still want their citizens and visitors to take care even though the crime rate is very low.

Here, in Malaysia, they try to hoodwink the people through manipulation of statistics, like CPI and crime rate being low (lower than what it should be!), economic data are boosted to show purportedly that our economy is robust and doing well, … .

Super Senior

Singapore’s top TV show The Noose – parady on crime busting CSI

Anak Pulau Pinang

Tan Tanjung Bungah, you forgot to mention that the Singaporean authorities even landscape the surrounding areas, providing paths for bicycles and even pedestrians.

They even have security in the apartments by putting army or ex-army or police or ex-police personnel and their families in strategic units to ensure maximum security for the dwellers.

I do not know about things now, but in the 1980s, I saw a snatch thief being suddenly surrounded by the people and the police patrol car came in almost record time to make the arest. Of course, I was impressed.

tan tanjong bungah

Hi Anak Pulau Pinang, Yes, there are paths for pedestrians and cyclists, even parking facilities provided for cyclists to lock their bicycles at MRT Stations! Moreover, motorists give way to pedestrians at road junctions, etc. Years ago I dared not cross the road junctions in Singapore when I saw vehicles approaching, but was pleasantly surprised these vehicles slowed down at the junctions and stop for me to cross the roads! Now, I visit Singapore frequently, about once or twice a month! Really enjoy the punctuality and connectivity of Singapore public transport, like MRT and buses, which normally arrive at the… Read more »

Sze Tho

How true!
My favourite spot in Singapore is the Botanical Gardens. Nice restaurants, common facilities even for prams and pet dogs. And a world class collection of Bromeliads and Ginger plants.

Even at Changi Airport, you will see lush greenery aplenty. Blossoming Bauhinias planted along the balcony and ledge of the buildings.


Super Senior

Butterfly Garden at Singapore’s Changi International Airport Terminal 3

Seeing is believing!


Good intention but bad execution. Now, what water you use to water the plant?

Super Senior

PCK said “use your brain’.
Certain plants no need too much watering, and can survice on occasional rain water, or the pee from stray dogs!


Greening of pavement sidewalks with aroma from street food – the best combo Penang can calls it exclusive in the region !!!
The plants can add value to the ambience so lacking in concrete cosmopolitan Penang, MPPP don’t wait any longer to make “Cleaner Greener Penang” a reality rather than a syiok sendiri campaign.
Roger Lim has initiated the call and let us support such activities !!!

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, With regards to greening the city, we should emulate what is done in Singapore. Despite having lots and lots of high-rise buildings, Singapore is very clean and tidy; tidy in the sense that it is so ‘systematic’ that you practically do not have roadside parking, almost all HBA apartments have their own parking lots away from the main roads! The HBA apartment blocks are so well planned that residents there would not have the type of feelings like, if you know what I mean, what you have in Rifle Range and Taman Free School! When in Singapore you… Read more »


Can MPPP do send a team (just take cheap AirAsia and stay at Tune DangaBay JB to save taxpayers’ money) to study the success garden concept in Spore and replicate it with local touches in Penang ???

Super Senior

Singapore’s green corridor that we could emulate:


People, all of you have great ideas and good intentions. But we have to understand that the congested and ungreen situation now is a result of decades of bad planning. Not one or two years of destruction. In singapore, the gov since, independence formulated and enforced strict rules which developers had to follow like the ratio of green space to built-up, the construction of sidewalks lined by trees, buffer zones from traffic etc. Everything was done once and done right the first time. In order for the gov now to transform and green Pg using Sg as a benchmark would… Read more »