Dolphins in Penang


A couple of people have told me they have spotted dolphins off the coast of Penang. Can we try and improve our sea water quality to encourage more of these ‘angels’ of the deep to come and frolic in these parts?

This video was taken over a year ago.

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Angry and Fed Up

I’ve been working on the beach in Batu Ferringhi for the past 4 years and it is a usual thing to see dolphins swimming around. I’m glad that now many more Penangites realize how important it is to clean up our beaches and sea. Few months ago, I was on a boating excursion to Pantai Kerachut, saw many Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphines (greyish and pinkish) following our boat. FYI, those species are endangered so it was trully an honor seeing that up close. Anil, Thank you for sharing this..I really hope this is a start to creating an awareness amongst your… Read more »


I am still wondering whether the state gomen is just leaving the mud flat off Gurney Drive for all to see as a residue of Boh Hoot legacy.
Shouldn’t they ask the developers responsible for this sordid environment disaster to clear up the mud without delay?
Or to wait for Nature’s mangrove trees to take over which may take another decade of Coast-Mud-Politan for all to see & persevere!


It shows that Pakatan is dolphin-friendly.
Dolphins came along with tsunami 308!

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆

😆 I’ve seen many Dolphins many years back before at Teluk Tempoyak at PG Batu Maung sea and Dolphins are real AMAZING…watching swim + jump up in group…hahahahahahaha 😆

Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆


When I was young (early 60’s, I used to sit at the front of the ferry (vehicle section) watching the dolphins swam and diving ahead of the ferries in competitions with the speed of the ferry. They were lots of fun and I had since asked whether the dolphins ar still around. Now that I had seen it on your TV screen, I am so happy and let’s keep our waters clear and clean for our generations to enjoy. You know, I had to go to New Zealand to watch these dolphins to rekindle my youth. So, please Penangites, please… Read more »


I just came across a blog mentioning the encounter with dophin around Penang water by a Swiss tourist last week. See the link:

So ya, these ‘cuties’ are definately frolicking the Penang water recently!!


I personally plenty of dolphins in my recent boat trip to Pulau Aman
A sight to behold. These dolphins swam very close to our boat.
Yes, lots of them…


Penang has gotten less polluted since March 2008 after getting rid of all sampah masyarakat

Andrew I

Haha, they probably came back because LGE is in charge. Cleaner everything.

syiok syiok

even mammals like dolphins can sese a clean (bersih) government for them to visit the shores of penang :); what about you readers ????